Rethinking Eyelets!

The other day, after making my luggage tag tutorial, I was showing my daughter, Jamie, how the eyelet pliers worked to squish the eyelets. I pressed one, not attached to anything, and let it drop to the desk. Then I sat there and stared at it, for something like 30 seconds. She thought I was off my rocker. Guess I’d never seen a squished eyelet that wasn’t stuck in something. It looked pretty cool and I decided I had to make something out of it. (This is how my brain works.)

So with a pile of vintage enameled eyelets, (or grommets…same thing?,) I sifted through for the pretty blue ones, pressed a bunch and linked them together with jump-rings. I connected the ends with a lobster clasp and made a bracelet, finishing it off with a little scissors charm.

Eyelet/grommets are sold in most every craft and fabric store. I found my pack of 300 in a sewing supplies pile at an antique store for $3.50

Ok, maybe not the craftiest of crafts, but seriously, I’d never thought outside the box with these little buggers before. Gosh, you could mix up the colors, weave them into a mesh using jump rings, connect to make flowers, add beads strung between the hole…there’s so many ways to go! I think this would also make a great kid craft project!

I can’t decide which side of the eyelets I like best, the smooth or the peeled.

If buying supplies for this project for kids, be sure to get soft metal jump-rings for easy opening & closing for little hands.

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