Work In Progress: Deer Head Mold

I found the coolest large deer head mold on eBay months ago. The hold-up in posting it has been what am I going to fill it with! Chocolate, for sure -one day. But in the meantime I’ve tried plaster of Paris- which completely failed because it stuck and cracked. Since then I bought the recommended silicone spray and some bags of papier maché. Never used either before, but I gave them a try.

I mixed up the papier maché yesterday, smooshed it into the mold, rested it in a bowl and set it out in the sun for the second afternoon in a row now and it’s still wet. I have no patience for such a thing, so I flipped it out onto a parchment covered cookie sheet a little while ago to help the face area dry. Lots of little air pockets pocking it, but when it’s dry, it just might be salvageable. I may try covering it with Mod Podge and fun tissue paper… I’ll think of something. Although, it’s kind of funky as-is, in a good way. I’ll try plaster again soon now that I have silicone spray. But I’m just so darn impatient while things dry. You know what I mean?

This could make a fun Jello mold, but definitely chocolate, one day.

If you have any fun ideas on how to use this mold, I’d love to hear them!

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