Happy Mother’s Day

Virginia Blanck Moore

They say nobody’s perfect,
And I guess perhaps that’s so,
But looking back across the years
On Mother’s Day, I know
That though she isn’t perfect,
The mother I hold dear,
There’s no one in the whole wide world
Who comes so very near.

The good she does is infinite.
She labors without end
To make this life a happier one
For family and for friend.
It is to her that others turn
At times when skies are gray,
An never are the needy ones
Turned unconsoled away.

I hope somehow that through the years
Her generous heart has learned
The love she’s given without stint
Is a thousand times returned.
I hope she knows this Mother’s Day
How deep is the affection
In which she’s held by those who feel
She’s not far from perfection.

I’m wishing all of you a beautiful Mother’s day, either in celebration or remembrance, or both. And to my sweet mother, I miss you dearly, hugs & kisses from your daughter. Thank you for being my mom and for gifting me your creativity.

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