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Do you share your gifts? You know, gifts of humor, talent, intellegence, etc. If you’re reading this then there’s a pretty good chance that you do and the odds are pretty good that you’re passionate about it. I truly enjoy spending time on other blogs where authors share their parenting advice, beautiful experiences, not so beautiful experiences, travels, recipes, ideas and always enough daily inspiration to get my juices flowing. Blogging has become a very important part of my life and a wonderful outlet to share my gifts of creativity…globally!

But, do you ever mention the word blog to someone who’s never actually read one? Not everyone gets it, so I rarely bring blogging up in social settings. So, I was thinking, maybe it’s time I brought it up in a different way. A way to encourage others to start sharing their gifts if they have yet to find a way to do so.

I created a design that you can not only add to your next blog post to motivate and encourage, but that you can also have printed on a shirt, mug or sticker that could be seen by potential bloggers.

I’d never set up a Cafe Press shop before, but I thought this might be the perfect reason to. So, if you would like to acknowledge the fact that you blog and encourage others to share their unique gifts, pop over to my little shop and buy something. For myself, I’m going to order a tall coffee mug and a white tank for summer.

If you have ANY suggestions, would like to see the design in other colors or product styles, I would greatly appreciate the feedback!

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