Car Window Painting! Class of 2009

I painted our van with pictures of my son’s 6th grade promoting class two years ago. I dug out the bottles of window paint I used back then and had kept in a zip-lock bag and would you believe they still worked? So here I go again…

Using a class photo for reference, I doodled each kid in Jamie and Sarah’s class all over our Suburban. It helps to have that much window space and a class size of only 19. (You can click to enlarge photos.)
I wish I could remember where I purchased the bottles of paint, but I remember seeing them or similar ones in Target recenly. They’re a bit too fat-tipped to get any real detail, so you kinda have to keep the art loose & chunky.

I will surprise the kids when I pick them up later today, but in the meantime, I had to get some photos…looks like the rain’s coming : (

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