Great Blog Call for Entries

Next week I will not only be gone on vacation, but no where even close to WIFI. We will be camping at Lake Pillsbury, Ca. I can’t possibly leave my blog unattended, so I am planning just a bit ahead by asking you, my readers, to share one of your favorite go-to blogs.

I’ll be reading all of the comments to this post with your suggestion for a featured blog. Leave me a link to a GREAT blog and please write just a bit about it and why you like to visit it. Uniqueness counts! Once I’ve visited all the GREAT blogs I will arrange for my choices from those entered to post each day next week along with a link to your blog (if you have one and your submission is chosen), so please leave that info as well.

Then be sure to visit JSIM the week of June 22nd for
The Great Blog Search Show and Tell!

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