for Father’s Day

It’s no secret that I use for business and blogging. It’s inexpensive and gives true meaning to instant gratification. It can’t be beat for having just the right photo for editorial purposes or a simple shot of a blank product to add a client’s logo to for reference. Their dollar bin is a cool place to find some great backgrounds. istock’s vector graphics can’t be beat for quickie art that can easily be manipulated for a custom birthday card or, in this instance, my husband’s Father’s Day gift.

Using the wacky istock illustrations from Doodle-machine, I modified some faces & their features to create a one-of-a-kind cafepress T-shirt for Jeff a couple of years ago.
Knowing we would be camping over Father’s Day that year (which was also his birthday!) – and when we do, he pretty much sticks to one shirt the entire week, (gross, I know,) I designed one that also included the kids and a few Father’s Day wishes from them. As a graphic designer, I work daily with Adobe Illustrator software and may have more advanced skills in manipulating vector graphics than most, but if you take the time, you will very likely find illustrations or images on istock that will work perfect for your project without much or any modification. However, if you plan to resell your work with their image, be sure to read the copyright and usage information on the website.
Now, 2 years later, his shirt’s quite worn and stained. I guess I need to get working on a new one, fast!
For some Doodlemachine FUN, click HERE!

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