Sharpie Tattoos by the Lake

Just back from a fun week at Lake Pillsbury with family and friends. Last year I brought my black sharpie to the lake to ink a few campers. This year, I brought out the big guns: COLOR Sharpies in two tip sizes, books of hand lettering and tattoo flash images for visual reference and a couple of clip art books. There was something for everyone. Who knew Sharpies could be so fun.Jeff’s FAMILY tattoo, what a cutie! Drawn in color first, then outlined in black fine-point.The Led Zeppelin angel from T-shirt reference. I’m not the best with drawing the human figure, so I sketched with a light grey pen to start.Froggy tat from black & white clip art reference.Another FAMILY tattoo for this little princess.Faux henna work with a brown sharpie.The patriotic camp host.A young man’s family rose design.His little sister’s flower of choice.A tribal dragon from tattoo flash design reference.A family star.When the star faded, a family crest design taken from a tiny gold pendant she wears.Sarah’s custom design of choice, a yin yang with pink wings.Love script with a fleur de lis, her favorite symbol.Even my cheap blue ball cap was tattood!

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