Birthday Party Placemats

Digging through some past art files, I came across birthday party placemats that I designed for my daughter, Jamie’s, 10th birthday bowling bash to use at the bowling alley a couple of years ago. I put a few games on one side and team logos to color in on the other. The team logos are modified designs found on her guests’ and our family’s names, as well as other party related words, I created a word search. Of course, I did it the hard way, turns out, there’s plenty of free word search generators online if you do a simple Google search. I also made a few word scrambles, tic-tac-toe grids, and a find-the-matching-logos puzzle.I created the placemat files as 11″ x 17″ images, saved to a disk and had them printed in black and white at the copy shop. I also made answer sheets (which I layed out 4-up, printed and cut apart.)After a break from bowling, each partier found the placemats and colored pencils at the table and enjoyed them while waiting for the pizza. Everyone got a kick out of finding their own names in the puzzle.

To see more on the bowling party, including the fun t-shirts, click HERE!

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