Free Antique Album Images

A few years ago, my antique dealer friend, Rose, acquired an 1800s photo album that I insisted she let me scan before she sold it. I just remembered today that I had these images hiding in my computer files. I pulled them out and filled in the photo areas to remove the portraits. Enjoy these digital images free of charge and make something beautiful!
NOTE: You may notice that there are two duplicate floral designs, but each were scanned from different pages of the album.
Here are just some ideas you do with these great graphics:

  • Use as mats for photos before framing.
  • Use as a frame for a beautiful poem.
  • Create a unique birthday card for a friend.
  • Add photo or wording and print onto fabric to create a family quilt or photo pillows.
  • Add photo or wording and decopage onto a serving tray.
  • Add photos or wording, adhere to cardboard, tape or stitch each together creating a freestanding accordion-fold piece
  • Crop floral images for use on many projects including blog headers, greeting cards, scrapbooking and collage.

Leave more ideas in the comments section!
Click on any image to enlarge.

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