Three Word Thursday





Ok, I’m feeling a little proud of myself for pulling off these sweet animations for today’s post! I discovered some darling art in my library of turn-of-the-century books with instructions for building toy kinetoscopes, aka: zoetrope or spinning animation discs.I spent all morning searching the internet for tutorials on making Photoshop gif animations and finally was able to create my own from the vintage images. It was a tricky process, I’m not sure I’ll remember how to do any of it tomorrow, but I’ll keep practicing.

If you would like to grab one of the fun animations to add to your sidebar or at the very bottom of your blog, simply control-click or right click on one of them, choose “copy link location”. Open your blog, go to customize, choose to add a gadget, picture, and then paste the url address into the box marked “from the web”. Then save and drag the picture to where you want it on your blog. Let me know you’ve used it and I’ll come for a visit!

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