Drapery Ring Pendants

Button jewelry is nothing new, but when I found such a beautiful cupid-on-a-bird button the other day on Etsy, it arrived in my mailbox the same day as some vintage brass 1″ drapery rings I bought on ebay. They were a perfect combination for a unique pendant.I dug around my studio for other small round objects and also found an old brass drawer knob piece, yellow and purple plastic buttons, an old tool-check tag and a little bling from a broken earring.I bent some gold colored wire through the holes of the plastic buttons and using E-6000 Adhesive, glued the different items into or onto the rings.The shank of the bird button didn’t need trimming off when using the drapery ring, as it didn’t stick out as much as it would without the depth of the ring.Now, with a simple chain, I have cool, vintage interchangeable pendants for different outfits or moods.

I realize that vintage drapery rings like the ones I used are not a run of the mill item, so keep an eye out on ebay or bee-line straight to the garage at estate sales, that’s where I find the coolest junk. HERE is one seller with individual rings for sale. And, HERE is a website that sells new vintage-style rings. HERE and HERE are many more beautiful buttons from Linda, the seller I bought the bird button from, you can email her if you’d like to purchase any.

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