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It’s time for more fun blog elements! I found a whimsical, hand-hewn typeface in an old Speedball magazine circa 1940s. As it’s not a font that can be typed, so I scanned the alphabet, outlined the image and spelled out each word individually by dragging letters around in Adobe Illustrator to create some fun typographic images for your blog.If you have Photoshop, you can easily change the colors to suit your blog by going to IMAGE> ADJUSTMENTS>REPLACE COLOR. Otherwise, they’re pretty fun as basic black and white, (and I think it’s kind of obvious that’s a combo I favor.)

The following instructions are specific to Blogspot/Blogger for the Page Elements section of your blog.

For linking buttons, add the image as a PICTURE gadget then add the specific link for each.

Non-linking graphics, (just a simple floating message,) add as a PICTURE gadget with no link.

To add an email button, follow instructions HERE.

For link list headers, (a graphic to float over a list,) add the graphic as a non-linking PICTURE gadget and add another LINK LIST gadget just below with the corresponding list.

Encourage your readers to continue past the current page. Make a bottom of the page non-linking graphic to remind them to keep going by adding this as a gadget and drag it to the very bottom of your blog layout.

Want more free blog stuff and placement instructions? Click HERE and scroll through the fun.

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