Pennant Rubber Stamp Roller

While at the hardware store the other day, this seam roller caught my eye. It’s a tool for wallpapering.Then, from my kitchen junk drawer, I dug up a grocery store produce rubber band and a new project was born. A pennant rubber stamp roller!

I cut the band and measured it to fit around the roller without stretching.Then trimmed one side straight and marked off the tops of my banner for the tops of the pennants, and drew a string line close to the edge to keep the pennants connected.Along the bottom, I marked in between the top mark measurements for the bottom corners of the pennants.Using a very strong spray adhesive, I adhered the strip of rubber to the roller.I trimmed out the triangles along the bottom of the band with my Xacto knife to create the pennants.I dug out my stamp pads and with several practice runs on scrap paper- I was ready to roll. Curve your roller as you slowly go to get a great draping effect. I was only able to get one really good length of pennants per inking. It also helped if after inking my roller I wiped off the edge of the wood rollers to prevent those edges from accidentally printing above or below the pennants.Use a pennant roller to add a sweet message to a letter, or a nice message on a shipping package.Other ideas:

  • Use the pennants to write your kid’s name on their lunch sack
  • Drape a “Nice Job!” pennant across their homework paper
  • Add a fun touch to your letters or invitations.
  • With a pen, draw along the top of the pennants adding little curls or bows at the ends to simulate the extra string
  • Run along a gift wrapped package to add the recipient’s name

Of course, you could make a cool continuous design other than pennants, depending on your skill or ambition level. Have fun with it!

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198 Responses to Pennant Rubber Stamp Roller

  1. #1 - Jill says:

    Wow- I can't believe you! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  2. #2 - anastasiajamin says:

    WOw, a great idea!

  3. #3 - WieberArt says:

    That was cool tutorial. Fun, fun, fun Thanks !

  4. #4 - Sadie Lou says:

    Wow1 That's an amazing tutorial-I think I'll share it with my audience-they'll love it!

  5. #5 - Leann says:

    Great idea!!!!!

    Thanks for the tutorial!!

    Please stop by The Old Parsonage anytime, I love company!


  6. #6 - everyday inspirations says:

    Love this! Great idea – can't wait to use it with my daughter and niece for fun projects – oh, and I'll have to make one for myself too 😉

  7. #7 - Christie Cottage says:

    Another great idea!

    Let me think…where are my seam rollers???? 🙂

    I blogged about making a ferret bank today. My grandson had a blast doing it!

    Have a great weekend and I hope you go to the flea market so I can see another COOL project next week!

  8. #8 - *The Beautiful Life* says:

    See… I'm just not sure you're even a mere mortal like we are… You are absolutely astounding in your ability to just keep coming up with these incredible projects!!!

    Really, really something! Makes me want to head up to Lowes!! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!!


  9. #9 - NicNacManiac says:

    Fun WOW!! What a cool tutuorial…think I'll try this one!!

  10. #10 - ren says:

    you are all kinds of genius. that's great.

  11. #11 - Christine says:

    oh wow. that is such a cool idea! tfs!

  12. #12 - Ashley says:

    That is the cutest thing ever! Great job!

  13. #13 - monica says:

    what a fantastic idea!

  14. #14 - Crafterella says:

    Awesome, how do you come up with this stuff! and how does your head not explode from all these ideas!

  15. #15 - Missie/Crafting with Cat Hair says:

    What a cool idea! I can't wait to go to Lowes this weekend and give it a try. 🙂

  16. #16 - La Table De Nana says:

    You are incredibly inventive.
    Really..kudos for everything you do and think of.
    So smart.

  17. #17 - Southern says:

    I love this. What a great idea. I could do this with a pizza dough roller that I never use too I guess.

  18. #18 - Barbara Bechtel says:


  19. #19 - Andrea - Faded Plains says:


  20. #20 - sjhackney says:

    Well Cathe, this is fab as ALWAYS! Thanks. Sally

  21. #21 - Carly says:

    If only rocket scientists had your ingenuity….

  22. #22 - colleen.simply. says:

    FABULOUS idea!!! I'm gonna have to give this a try 😉

  23. #23 - Lisa says:

    every post of your's is amazing, Thank you for Sharing your talents

  24. #24 - tabitha says:

    Very awesome idea! Kudos!

  25. #25 - PussDaddy says:

    I really like that package. It sort of looks like baseball stitching.


  26. #26 - Paul Overton says:

    Cathe – Again, fantastic. I'm off to put pennants on every surface.

  27. #27 - Karin says:

    Great idea!!

  28. #28 - Joyce says:

    wow that's awesome! very cool idea!

  29. #29 - Leslie says:

    You are my Crafty Goddess!! You keep outdoing yourself! Love this so much.

  30. #30 - Julie says:

    Super idea! I had some of those old rolling stamps from years ago, but none of them were ever as cute as this!

  31. #31 - Linda K says:

    Ok, BUT, can you make it aanimated?
    Just kidding…………this is so great because it is free and easy. But what a great idea!!!

  32. #32 - WW says:

    Wow…how cool is that!!
    I want to run right out and buy a roller!!

  33. #33 - Trish says:


  34. #34 - Sandy Toes says:

    Now that is such a wonderful idea!
    sandy toe

  35. #35 - FishStikks says:

    You come up with some of the coolest ideas!!

  36. #36 - AnnaBelleArts says:

    What a Great idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  37. #37 - Cheryl ~ZanyMayd says:

    How Clever !

    Just Love All Your Ideas…..

  38. #38 - Jeanne says:

    How clever this is….and simple. But the result looks like a million bucks! Thanks for sharing:)

  39. #39 - Deb says:

    So very cool! Thanx for sharing.

  40. #40 - sea-blue-sky & abstracts says:

    What an imagination! That's so clever.

  41. #41 - sea-blue-sky & abstracts says:

    What an imagination! That's so clever.

  42. #42 - Nancy says:

    How do you sleep? Your brain is constantly creating, it is amazing! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  43. #43 - CheekyLemur says:

    This is the first time I've happened upon your blog, def be back for more.

  44. #44 - Sherry'sPaperie says:

    Very innovative! Great for just about anyone.

  45. #45 - Diva Kreszl says:

    amazingly clever!!!

  46. #46 - says:

    You are a crafty genius.

  47. #47 - Elizabeth says:

    That is beyond clever and adorable! Great idea!!!

  48. #48 - Wraylee says:

    What a crafty ingenious idea!!! I do believe I'll give that a try, thanks for the great idea!

  49. #49 - Sara Hopp Harper says:

    This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  50. #50 - Sara Hopp Harper says:

    This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  51. #52 - Heather says:

    Oh my freaking goodness! You're a crafting genius. I just adore your blog…

  52. #53 - Suzanne says:

    You are so much fun! What a great idea. I just love your blog. Thank you, Cathe!

  53. #54 - Kathleen says:

    You are so clever!
    What a great idea.
    I don't think I have the fine motor skills to pull it off though!

  54. #55 - laurie -magpie ethel says:

    You never cease to amaze me. Great idea…now to get a seam roller…..

  55. #56 - chicroses says:

    How do you think up these great clever ideas..??? Im always a copier. Love your blog..have I said that before??Sally

  56. #57 - Sheri Howard says:

    I love clever people…and you are one of them!

  57. #58 - marie says:

    Wonderful idea!

  58. #59 - Esther says:

    That is really clever, simple and effective !!

  59. #60 - Mel says:

    Is there no end to your creativity??!!

    Hope not!!

  60. #61 - My name is PJ. says:

    That's it! I WANT TO MEET YOUR MOTHER!!! The mystery of your mind is heretofore un-solve-able,so I'm thinking its quite possibly genetic.

    This is pretty darn cute!

  61. #62 - edie3 says:

    what a great idea!! I hope you don't mind that I shared this on, a scrapping and stamping website.

  62. #63 - Wendy @ The Shabby Nest says:

    That is so stinkin' creative and cute!!! Thanks for the idea!

  63. #64 - Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking says:

    What a cute idea! You really are so creative!


  64. #65 - Heather at Happy Chippy Junk says:

    What an amazing talent you are!!

  65. #66 - Heather at Happy Chippy Junk says:

    What an amazing talent you are!!

  66. #67 - elsiee says:

    OK, that is just insanely crafty!!

  67. #68 - The Missus says:

    What a completely fantastic project!!!! I love it!

  68. #69 - Colleayn says:

    You are so creative!

  69. #70 - Crafty P says:

    i just love this idea! thanks so much!

  70. #71 - marysworkshop says:

    Your wonderful ideas using such ordinary materials are very inspiring, Cathe, and keep us eagerly waiting to see what you'll think of next!

  71. #72 - Lissie says:

    How clever! Thank you for sharing! Have a great day! :O)

  72. #73 - floatingink says:

    This is just brilliant. Isn't the hardware store the best place?

  73. #74 - Amy says:

    You know, I carve stamps all the time, I love the process and I love the outcome, but it can be time consuming sometimes! This is completely brilliant in its simplicity and the cute quotient slays me :).

  74. #75 - Sam says:

    Simply brilliant 🙂

  75. #76 - bastisRIKE says:

    what a great idea!

  76. #77 - lunatepetal says:

    what a fantastic roller stamp!
    i love stamps, so I have to try it someday :)!

  77. #78 - bonFlourish says:

    Too clever for words!

  78. #79 - Julia says:

    You amaze me with your creativity! I love all your projects!

  79. #80 - Margo says:

    You have inspired me. Now I want a pennant stamp of my own. I wonder if I could get a scallop effect the same way? I am thrilled that the supplies you used will be so easy to come by. Thank you for a great idea.

  80. #81 - Denise says:

    Absolutely brilliant!!!

  81. #82 - The Redhead Riter says:

    Is it possible to absolutely admire someone's talent and be jealous as hell at the same time…LOL! You are too cool! You remind me so much of my Mom and daughter (they have all that creative stuff). Apparently, they have so much, I have been left with zero!!! I really liked this tip. Way cool. I need to quit my job so I can stay home and do all the things you tell us about…LOL. Have a great day!

  82. #83 - jen jafarzadeh says:

    this is so clever! love the idea. I would have never in million years thought rubber stamp from a rubber band — so fun!

  83. #84 - Fafa says:

    stunning idea!

  84. #85 - Jodi-o says:

    Hey – if you had an old roller stamp you don't like – you could rip it off and make this on it – and it'd be self-inking!

  85. #86 - liannallama says:

    what a fantastic idea and your projects are adorable! TFS!

  86. #87 - Chibi Chan says:

    What a fab idea!especially for kids crafts, we have all the tools and are going to make one today! Thank you! and i am going to keep an eye on your lovely site regularly.
    Regards Sandy.

  87. #88 - Mod Podge Amy says:

    Cathe! You rock! You are so inspiring. . . .

  88. #89 - A Happy Heart Blog says:

    Absolutely Brilliant!

  89. #90 - Wendy says:


  90. #91 - says:

    SUCH a great idea! You're so creative! I'll be linking.

  91. #92 - Erin says:

    you are fantastic!! i totally love this and will be making one shortly. thanks!!

  92. #93 - Girlfrog says:

    Well now that is just adorable! I love it! (Love the red on the craft paper!)

  93. #94 - Kelly says:

    Found you from Julie's link. LOVE this idea! I can't wait to explore your blog some more! Oh & believe it or not, I've been to Petaluma! 🙂

  94. #95 - Milly says:

    Oh i love this, you should sell them! i blogged an entry about it, hope thats ok 🙂

  95. #96 - Sandra says:

    This is so creative!! Will definitely be doing & my head is spinning with ideas. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  96. #97 - Diann says:

    Brilliant !!

  97. #98 - Σοφία says:

    Great idea!!

  98. #99 - Kami says:

    Darling! Thank you for sharing the How To!

  99. #100 - Melissa says:

    Love, love, love this! You are amazing. I had to share on my blog. Thanks for being so generous!!!

  100. #101 - Caity says:

    AWESOME! *looks around in her house for cheap alternative to unobtainable seam roller* – aaaaaaaaaaaand it works (temporarily!) if I use an empty kitchen paper tube – wooo hooooo!

    THANK YOU for your generosity in sharing this!

  101. #102 - Holly says:

    This so rocks! Thanks for sharing your always FANTASTIC ideas.

  102. #103 - samsstuff says:

    A cute idea. I saw this in Craftzine & decided to stop by. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  103. #104 - Kloth & Bolt says:

    Brillant! -kb

  104. #105 - Kloth & Bolt says:

    Brillant! -kb

  105. #106 - Halo Hill says:

    Now THAT is an -awesome- idea!

    Thanks for the inspiration Cathe!


  106. #107 - Lia says:

    That's an absolutely wonderful idea!!!

  107. #108 - Ambrosia Girl Jenn says:

    You are so smart. I wonder what it is like to think the way you do. Love this.

  108. #109 - Miss B says:

    Oh gosh Cathe, your creativity knows no bounds this is quite possibly one of the sweetest projects of all time!

  109. #110 - Laura says:

    This is so ridiculously cute that I'm having a hard time unclenching my teeth. You know that feeling when you see the cutest thing on earth (i.e. baby pandas, coco the gorilla, your boyfriend doing the laundry, BUNTING STAMPS) and you clench your jaw to keep from exploding with glee?

    That's what your stamp does to me. LOCK JAW

  110. #111 - smileybella says:


  111. #112 - Clementine says:

    Holy cow that's brilliant (since I saw this over at Blah Blah Blahg, I managed not to swear in your comments section–I got all the initial holy -otherthings out over there 🙂
    Thank you so much for this!

  112. #113 - rachel says:

    Okay, you're a genius. So glad I found your blog!

  113. #114 - Stefani says:

    Great idea. I can't wait to make one of these pennant rubber stmaps. I need to get some produce! I will make one change instead of attaching it to a roller I'll attach some cling mount to the back and use an acrylic block.

  114. #115 - courtney says:

    This is such an awesome idea! Thanks for posting!!

  115. #116 - Susan says:

    What a winning idea!!! I absolutely love it. I have been stalking your blog for a while (sorry about that!) and I am just enamored with so many of your ideas. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  116. #117 - Lenetta @ Nettacow says:

    Ah, so *this* is why I can't throw away broccoli rubber bands! :>) Thanks so much for sharing – I linked to this on my weekly link roundup. Post can be found here.

  117. #118 - dbunk902 says:

    wow, I love new ideas for using other tools and "throw aways"….I am a packrat of sorts and this is just one more reason why I hate to throw somethings away. I look and say "I know there must be something else I can do with this…." You know it's great because you have taken one more item out of the trash heap (the rubber band) and given it new life. Fabulous!

  118. #119 - Sonya Nimri says:

    I am going to make one of these for sure! Thanks for sharing

  119. #120 - jen t. says:

    omg! i love this idea!! i am running to the hardware store now to try it out! 🙂 thanks for the inspiration!! jen t.

  120. #121 - ellen s. says:


  121. #122 - Katie K says:

    OMG this is AMAZING!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!!!! I can't wait to try it!!!! xo!

  122. #123 - The Little Fox says:

    What a lovely idea! (And what a wonderful blog, so happy to have found you!)

  123. #124 - katrina says:

    this is the greatest idea!

  124. #125 - Audra Blair says:

    Hi Cathe! Just a quick note to say thank you for posting this GREAT idea! I took your idea and taught it to a group of my friends last night to amazing results. Thank you again for a fun and easy project! Audra Blair (

  125. #126 - Westside Wedding says:

    WOW!!! I love this!! I am going to make it this weekend.

  126. #127 - Kristi says:

    I am so doing this – what an amazingly cool thing!

  127. #128 - Melo says:

    How clever!!!
    I want to try this, it looks so fun to do!

  128. #129 - Dihtri says:

    Such a great idea, how simple and easy to make! Thanks for posting an awesome DIY 🙂

  129. #130 - juju says:

    Great idea! You're so crafty and creative! <3

  130. #131 - Atticelf says:

    LOVE this! I need to go make one…

  131. #132 - Deb - Two Cheeky Monkeys says:

    What a simple but amazing idea! Thankyou so much for sharing, it's going to make me and my kids very happy 🙂

  132. #133 - ichen says:

    wow! this is so very brilliant! and i am going to make mine. 🙂

  133. #134 - seemommysew says:

    That is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

  134. #135 - GirlWithCurls says:

    How About Orange posted about your Pennant Rubber Stamp Roller and I gotta say… its so cool! Thank you so much for sharing!

  135. #136 - shery says:

    very good idea, thanks for sharing it

  136. #137 - Collage Picture Frames says:

    Wow however did you think of that, what a creative brain you must have, love it…

    Cheers for sharing this great how to 🙂


  137. #138 - Ashley says:

    Love it! I'll be using this one soon!

  138. #139 - Michael - Innkeeper says:

    too freakin' cute! love it!

  139. #140 - Tiff says:

    What a neat idea! I'm going to have to try this!

  140. #141 - mon says:

    This is so clever! Going to have to try to make it soon! Thank you!

  141. #142 - Martys Fiber Musings says:

    Best idea I've seen a while. Thanks for sharing this roller technique!

  142. #143 - Sara&Eva says:

    Love it!!

  143. #144 - Sara&Eva says:

    Love it!!

  144. #145 - Tante Tee says:

    Great idea! Thank you! All I need to do right now is find me a roller like that…

  145. #146 - Tammy Moore says:

    LOVE this idea! So glad I found your site!

  146. #147 - jo_annie says:

    such a GREAT idea!!!

  147. #148 - Danielle and Clint says:

    What an adorable idea!

  148. #149 - jamie says:

    hi. just had to say WOW. i saw this on whipup and my mouth dropped open. so cute. so.very.cute.

  149. #150 - robotfieldday says:

    I love this idea, just saw it on whipup, too. I linked to it from my blog, hope that's okay!

  150. #151 - Karen says:

    Your ideas amaze me!

  151. #152 - parallel-botany says:

    This is great! I just drifted over here from the Storque article on Etsy. I've often wanted to make a roller stamp, but wasn't sure how to go about it. Thanks for the information!

  152. #153 - Julie says:

    Oh my goodness! This is so unbelievably cute and clever! Thank you for sharing!

  153. #154 - Julie says:

    Oh my goodness! This is so unbelievably cute and clever! Thank you for sharing!

  154. #155 - Littleclouds says:

    this is so clever! Looks so professional too 😀

  155. #156 - Ruthie says:

    LOVE IT!!! DEFO making my own version!!! 😀

  156. #157 - Mina says:

    What a great tutorial, thank you for sharing !!

  157. #158 - Ann says:

    Good grief this is a fabulous idea!!!! Can't wait to make my own – thanks so much for sharing.

  158. #159 - jackie kersh says:

    great project.

  159. #160 - Bridget says:

    so cool!

  160. #161 - Natascha Rosenberg says:

    Wow! That's wonderful!

  161. #162 - petalbelles says:

    Now I thought the pennant stamp itself was ingenious. Then I got to the part at the end where you mentioned making other designs with that rubber band–Brilliant! I'm off to sift through my garbage for the rubber band that came with my broccoli. Thank you for the tutorial!

  162. #163 - Torrie says:

    Looooooooooooooooooove this. I MUST MAKE ONE so I can really go crazy with pennants! Thank you for sharing!!

  163. #164 - For Me, It's You says:

    This is amazing! I have been looking for something like this and now I can make one myself! Thanks!!

  164. #165 - ♥SimaG Personalized Jewelry♥ says:

    This is so very brilliant & i'm going to make mine. 🙂
    Thank you for all the inspiration!


  165. #166 - hannah says:

    GENIUS! Must go get seam roller NOW.

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  168. #167 - angie says:


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  170. #168 - sally miller says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I would like permission to make and give to my daughters as birthday gifts. I would include a stamp and a box of Thinking of you cards.

    I would even put a small sticker with your name as you are the crator.

  171. #169 - Joan Fraley says:

    This is such a neat and unique idea! Thank you so much for sharing and for your blog. Love your ideas!

  172. Pingback: a banner tutorial from Cathe « Whimsybeams

  173. #170 - Serene says:

    Hey Cathe, I am in love with banners and was delighted to find this. Just to let you know, I linked to this tutorial from my blog 🙂 Thanks so much for this idea!

  174. #171 - c says:

    splendid !!!!

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  176. #172 - Nell says:

    I don’t know if someone asked this already, but what kind of spray adhesive did you use? The spray adhesive I have at home isn’t very strong so I’ve been trying every glue I have in the house and nothing is holding this rubber band on! It just peels right back off like there was nothing on the other side trying to keep it in place!
    This is such a great idea and I’m dying to try it. Now if only my glue would cooperate.

  177. #173 - Andrea Padilla says:

    Now this is brilliant! Thanks!

  178. #174 - b00kmark says:

    Genius little gem of art! Love it!

  179. #175 - Angela Cole says:

    Very nice!!!! I love your creativity!! Thank you for sharing:)

  180. #176 - Victoria says:

    This is fabulous!! Thanks so much for the tutorial!! I love it. I featured this on my blog today:

  181. #178 - Jessica says:

    This is just great.

  182. #179 - Nathaly says:

    Amazing! How do you come up with this wonderful idea?! So great. Nathaly

  183. #180 - Kaat says:

    wow. just the idea I was waing for! thanks!!

  184. #181 - Deanna says:

    This is so cute and clever! I can’t wait to make my own!

  185. Nice blog you have.I learn a lot from your blog regarding posting and maintaining blog.Keep sharing and updating your blog with lots of rubber stamps topics.

  186. #183 - Robin Kelley says:

    What a clever idea! You rock!

  187. #184 - Lilimeertibly says:

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  189. #185 - NinNH says:

    I have to say, YOU ARE BRILLIANT! I’ve been going through some of your freebies and DIYs and I’m in awe of your creativity and resourcefulness. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!

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  191. #186 - maptiteacademie says:

    Super idée ! je me suis inscrite sur ton site .
    n. gailing

  192. #187 - Freckled Fawn says:

    This is the coolest thing I have ever seen! love it!

  193. #188 - Vicky says:

    It’s a lovely idea! An extra suggestion – just so that you won’t have to wipe of the edges of the rollers each time, why not double over the rubber band and adhere them together before doing the cutting and adhering it to the roller? It’ll raise the rubber part of the stamp higher and perhaps prevent the edges of the roller being inked. 🙂

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