Vintage Monogram Giveaway No. 2

It’s time for another JSIM giveaway. And although I’ve done this one before, I think you’re all up to another shot at it. In fact, my first monogram giveaway was such a hit that I was commissioned to create monogram sheets for several non-winning readers after the fact.

Monograms are a wonderful mark you can keep and use for life with a multitude of applications. Remember those antique album pages I posted for the taking, they would make beautiful frames for monograms.

Create your own apparel. Add some bling as well!

Hang a monogram gallery in your home.

To enter my vintage monogram giveaway, leave a comment on THIS blog post and make sure there’s a way for me to contact you if you win. Only one entry/comment per reader, please. (I will need to delete any 2nd comments to keep the numbers fair.) If I receive over 250 comment/entries, I will create monograms for two lucky winners!
Winner(s) will be announced Friday, Sept. 25.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding vintage monograms:

Q: Do you actually draw these monograms?
A: No. I scour through my large collection of monogram books and find matching initial combinations from existing vintage monograms. Occasionally, I will combine vintage initials to create a monogram.

Q: Can you supply 3-initial monograms?
A: 3-initial monogram matches are hard to find, but on occasion I have found several and will include them if I do and they are requested.

Q: Can I request a certain style of monogram?
A: No, sorry, I can only supply what I find in my resources.

Q: How are the monograms supplied to me?
A: Whether you win the giveaway or commission a set, you will be supplied with one 8.5″ x 11″ file in black and white and color in the following formats: PDF, EPS, JPG

Q: I notice some of the lines of some monogram art are rough and broken. Do you fix that?:
No. I scan the vintage images as I find them. To clean up the lines would take many, many hours. Some will have a shabby appearance that gives them an antique look.

Q: I’m not very savvy with the computer, how can I use these?
A: You can have a graphic or print service pull an individual monogram from the PDF file for enlarging, or printing. You might be surprised to find you have friends that may know how to do that. You can also simply enlarge and adjust with a copier from a printed PDF file

Q: Do I request my first and last initials?
A: Initials for monograms can be either be from a first and last name, a combination of two people’s names, two initials of a company name. I supply only one pair of initials per page.

Q: What can I do with custom vintage monograms?
A: The possibilities are endless. Here are just a few things you can make or do with them:
  • Give a set as a gift
  • Custom stationery. Letterpress would be gorgeous
  • T-shirt Graphic, tote, apron, etc.
  • Frame the image of the set or large individual monogram or a grouping of several smaller framed ones.
  • Tattoo
  • Blog Header
  • Avatar
  • Sandblast or etch onto a glass window, door, mirror, wine glasses
  • Wedding invitations, napkins, favors
  • Make a monogram your logo
  • Rubberstamps
  • Transfer onto fabric to make a set of unique throw pillows
  • Have a monogram made into a vinyl adhesive image for your wall, or smaller one for the center of your car rear window or headboard
  • Coffee mug set, print online with cafepress, zazzle, etc.
  • Create your own patterned fabric on Spoonflower
  • Transfer to leather for a wallet, keychain, or patch.
  • Perfect designs for a little girl’s princess themed room, shabby chic room
  • Place one in a locket or glass encased pendant. Make several for a charm bracelet.
  • Use with traditional or digital collage


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