Your JSIM Craft Assignment

My order arrived yesterday, and in my shipment was one book I’d been very curious about since spotting it on the wwcw (that’d be the world-wide-creative-web.) It’s Kanzashi In Bloom, by Diane Gilleland of CraftyPod.

I just spent my lunch hour poring over all of the delicious pages of instructions and ideas and I can tell you for sure, I’m going to have a hard time sleeping tonight. I’ll be dizzy with ideas of how to take this flower craft to the max, which won’t be easy, as Diane has already taken it so far that I almost had to lie down from creative overload.

So, your assignment is to first: get your hands on a copy of Kanzashi In Bloom , it’s around $15, either HERE, your local bookstore, or borrow from your local library (if they don’t have it, be sure to request it,) second: make a unique Kanzhi project and third: meet me back here in a couple weeks and let’s all share what we made. Ok? Ok.

To send photos of your completed assignment for my follow-up post, please email me HERE

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