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How can I become so engrossed in our big wonderful blog world and not even realize that a fellow creative blogger is living right in my little town? Spectacular Kate, aka: CentsationalGirl, and I began corresponding lately after she alerted me to the fact that we are from the same town, and we agreed we should meet for coffee. So yesterday morning it was shop talk at Peets. What a wonderful visit, part one in a series of many more to come. We are both looking forward to keeping in touch every week or so over a cuppajoe. Check out her blog for some unique and amazing tips & techniques for decorating, refinishing furniture finds and exciting before & afters…and jawdropping photos of her own home.

And speaking of fabulous bloggers, one of my favorite recently discovered cool blogs is DudeCraft, by my new friend, Paul Overton. His blog is one you’ll be glad you bookmarked, as it is full of mind bending art brought to you from around the world on a daily basis. Today, Paul is sharing a Halloween freebie by yours truly! LINK

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