Cake Wrecks Book Giveaway!

Tell me you’ve heard of the Cake Wrecks blog. I know you have. If by some slim chance you haven’t, well, you’re in for quite a show. I can’t remember how I found Cake Wrecks, but I get the biggest kick out of not only the real damage a professional “cake decorator” can do to a perfectly well-baked cake -but the writing of the author, Jen Yates, completely kills me. She takes sarcasm to a whole new level. One of the best things about her blog is that, as adult humor as it can be, it is still always appropriate enough for my kids to read. (And, if you follow Jen enough, you’ll soon learn the fine art of using quotation marks.)
Now she’s got a book. The second I read on her blog that it was coming out, I was ready to run out and buy it. Then we saw that Jen was doing a book signing in our sweet little rivertown of Petaluma! What are the odds?So, Saturday, Sarah and I took a drive into town to the Copperfield’s Books for the big signing. I have to say, this may be the best book signing I ever attend. Jen and her husband, John, lit up the crowd, a performance complete with slide show. I say, big deal on the blog and the book, these two have a future in late night stand-up. What a couple, what a show. We had a blast. (Ok, you know what I mean, of course the blog and the book are a big deal, I was just emphasizing.) Jeff and I had company Saturday night and this book was a major hit for my blog-challenged dinner guests! It’s beyond hysterical.Jen signed some books for us and was even generous enough to share one with you. So let’s get this giveaway on! Leave a comment, cake related, and I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday, October 6. Then my people will get in touch with Jen’s people and the winner will get a free Cake Wrecks book! (I really don’t have people, but she really does.)

Be sure there’s a way I can contact you by email either by your blog link or put your email address in the comment.


There’s been an awful turn of events for Jen and John during their tour, please keep them in your prayers. More information is {HERE}

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