Kanzashi Cluster and Homework Assignments

Here is my final Kanzashi flower project. Today, I made something special for one very important gal in my life, someone who spends a great deal of time with me in my studio and I’ve become quite fond of: My dressform. {LINK}Using the pages from the same old book that I Mod Podge’d her with I scanned them as well as some other book graphics and added square (cheater) cut lines.I printed them out onto Colorfast Ink Jet Fabric sheets and trimmed out each square.Using the instructions in the Kanzashi in Bloom book, I folded, pinned, trimmed and threaded the petals into 3 flowers.I added some funky vintage black buttons to the center of each.For the Kanzashi with the 12 petals, I pulled and pushed alternating petals to create a more dimensional flower.And here’s my final cluster of book page Kanzashi flowers on my special gal.Now, for those readers that turned in their assignment, THANK YOU! You each receive a big fat A! Here they are:No. 1 : by Cheryl of Artsy~Fartsy is made from dotted Swiss fabric. Kee-yoot! No. 2: Put on your sunglasses gang, these juicy Kanzashi are all made by Suzie of Suzie Button Creations. Awesome holiday themed flowers!No. 3 : again by Cheryl of Artsy~Fartsy. The first one is made of paper and the flowers in the second photo are made from black netting! Clevaahh!
No. 4: Sweet plaid flannel flowers, by JSIM reader Molly, are made from baby quilt project leftovers with felted ball centers. I love that!
No. 5: Purse embellishments by Suzie of GeorgiaPeachez. Who does she think is, the teacher’s pet? She gets a shiny-sticker-star attached to her forehead for this fantastic job!

Thanks again to Diane Gilleland of CraftyPod for writing the book that started the frenzie!

Here’s a little “Behind the Scenes” shot for you. You know, the stuff you’re not supposed to see… Those fabric ink-jet sheets once printed were so tough to stick a pin through when folded that, after bending up several pins and killing my fingers, I resorted to using a hammer & nail to create a starter-hole in the petals before placing my pins in to hold them.

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