Vintage Thread Nests

I hung onto all of the leftover colored thread from my wooden spool advent calendar project knowing they would make sweet little monotone bird nests. (And although at the time, it seemed like I was wasting thread that I could have sewn with, I was advised by the dealer that sold me my new sewing machine that sewing with brittle vintage thread was a bad idea.) As I unwound the thread I kept each color bunched together. Using basic craft-store acrylic paint, I used colors that matched the thread bunches or mixed paint to match and painted little wooden craft eggs.Forming the bunches of thread into bowl shapes, I placed each onto parchment paper lined foil and sprinkled embossing powder over the nest so the granules would fall between the threads. I baked each nest just until the powder melted and careful not to burn the thread, removed the nest and continued to press and form the bowl as it cooled. I used the acrylic embossing powder instead of glue so that there would be no shiny areas to the nest and this was the best solution I could think of that would reach throughout the layers of thread strands.I dipped each matching egg into a puddle of E6000 adhesive and pressed into the nest, careful not to have shiny blobs of adhesive showing. You can also use the adhesive to add a round of cardboard to the bottom of the nest for more stability, depending on your final project.Now I have lots of little nests that can be used for so many things!I’ll use some for gift box toppers. They can also be tucked into tiny cups or glasses for place card holders, or placed among the branches of your Christmas tree. Make a specimen tray of all the colors. Fill a jar with the nests like candy. Design graphics with like colors.Hide one with a note in a co-worker’s desk just to be nice.CLICK HERE FOR MORE THREAD NEST PROJECTS!

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