Faux Engraved Jewelry from Acrylic (Polymer) Stamps

Happy New Year Everyone!
Here’s my first project of 2010 (East Coast Time!) -a unique twist on clear acrylic stamps- designed and painted to create the illusion of custom engraved jewelry! To make my pieces, I first ordered the sampler set of bezel settings from Etsy seller dasb56.When they arrived, I carefully measured the inside area of each bezel. I designed my images in Adobe Illustrator to size with the engraved area white and the raised area black. (There was a little space left to add my address for a traditional stamp which I flopped/mirror-imaged myself on the PDF.)Before committing to the sizes, I first printed the images out onto cardstock to place in the settings to make sure I had a good fit.
I then emailed a PDF file of the images to a local B&M North Coast Stamps (they also do web orders if you don’t have a local shop near you!) I requested the stamps un-cut. My order was ready the same day. Set up this way, the individual image/stamps averaged just over $3 a piece.When placing an order like this, be certain to explain what you are making and that you do not want the image mirrored as with traditional rubber stamps, since you won’t be stamping with them.
I cut out each individual stamp image, double checked their fit into their settings and trimmed as necessary.I used enamel paint to coat each piece, Krylon Fusion spray paint for plastic for the black and red and Testors paint for model painting for the blue and silver.Once dry, I used acrylic paint to enhance the engraved areas of some by filling the area well and wiping the surface clean.I gave each piece a final finishing coat of clear matte enamel spray and glued each stamp into its setting with Super Glue.
And here are the final pieces!
My stylized monogram pendant-An ornate vintage-postage-inspired family pendant-A simple reminder pendant (Psalm 46:10)-A cameo-style-silhouette girl pendant-My 3-initial monogram made from the Vine Monograms font-Of course, my ornate monogram-A silver floral HOPE design-And, I made two novelty blogging rings to share with my fellow bloggers! If you would like one, leave a comment to let me know and I’ll draw the two winners on Monday, January 4. (Deadline for entry is end of Sunday, 1/3/10. Be sure there’s a way for me to contact you!) Then, next time you blog, you can wear your official blogging ring to let others know you’re off in your special world.UPDATE/WINNERS: Thank you for all the fantastic comments everyone! I wish I could send you each your own ring. But since there are only two, here are the winners:

Bianca of Goodnight Little Spoon and Ann of House of Fowler / Catholic Runner

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