Organizing Business Cards: Blissdom Contacts

As I mentioned previously, I’m going to the Blissdom Conference next week, and from what I’ve read on many blogs so far is that I can expect to be taking home a lot of business cards from new friends and contacts. I didn’t really want to have a business card holder busting at the seams or fill a large notebook full of business card sleeves in order to remember who’s who. So I came up with a simple solution for keeping the cards a bit organized for very little cost.Allison Worthington was kind enough to allow use of the Blissdom10 logo for this project, thank you Alli! You can print the images at the bottom of this post to make your own business card/contact organizer. And if you’re not going to Blissdom, this is a great way to also keep cards you pick up at events such as The Renegade Faire or other shows.

Using a repurposed purse section, I transferred the front and back images to leather following THIS simple information. In lieu of image-transferred leather, printing to cardstock works great as well. Or, if you’re out running errands, take your front and back printed cut-outs by FedEx/Kinkos and have them laminated. For the front and back pieces, I hole punched then added colored grommets.
Print divider cards to cardstock, trim out and label.As you collect cards, (and once you’re back to your hotel room), punch holes in the top centers, careful not to punch out any important contact information. (Don’t forget to pack your hole puncher in you luggage!) Add small notes with a permanent pen or attach a small post-it note to remember important points about your new contact. Of course, you could do all of this once you’re back home, but if you are anything like me, with so many peeps to meet, you’ll forget a lot the important details of your new contacts by the next day.String your cards onto a long ball chain or heavy string, placing dividers between sections. Use other items to divide cards such as paper key-tags.When the event is over and your sure you won’t be adding additional cards, trim the excess ball chain length and hook together, or if using string, knot the ends.
How easy was that?! Click on the images below for your free PDF digital downloads.

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60 Responses to Organizing Business Cards: Blissdom Contacts

  1. #1 - Centsational Girl says:

    Ooh, yay, me first ! You are crazy brilliant. I'm going to hunt down your hole puncher if I forget mine. Love this idea !

  2. #2 - Lorrie says:

    wonderful organization!

  3. #3 - Jennifer says:

    Great idea! I posted this idea on a friend's facebook who IS going to Blissdom 🙂

  4. #4 - sweetjeanette says:

    (still pouting because I'm not going!) What a fantastic idea!!! I love it. thanks for all you share!!! you rock!

  5. #5 - indywriter says:

    One of my favorite grad school finds was similar to this… basically take blank cards this size or note card sized, punch a hole, and put them on a chain or on a ring. You can get rings like from a 3-ring binder (except round and hinged in the middle).

    I hadn't thought of keeping business cards like this… I would probably combine the two.

  6. #6 - Karen- The Graphics Fairy says:

    This is great!!! You're so organized. I would probably have loose cards every where… the bottom of my purse, in my suitcase, in my pockets. Not good!

  7. #7 - Wonder Mom says:

    Your creativity and generosity inspire me, so I gave you an award! Check it out on my site!

  8. #8 - pam says:

    Brilliant! And it certainly appeals to my organized mind! I have lost more cards than I can ever count – but I can see if I had used a system like this – I would have them all right now!

  9. #9 - Elaine A says:

    Cathe –

    What a great idea! Genius!

    Elaine Allen

  10. #10 - CitricSugar says:

    Fabulous idea.

  11. #11 - quelle says:

    this is such a great idea! thank you for sharing!

  12. #12 - Apron Thrift Girl says:

    Absolutely brilliant Cathe. So loved meeting you yesterday. Now I need to thrift a hole punch before heading to Blissdom next week.

  13. #13 - Charlene says:

    I am so very glad I found you!!!! I don't remember how or where I found you last week but, I AM SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY to have found you & your wonderful ideas. You are amazing! Have a great time at BLISSDOM 10 & gather LOTS of cards! Charlene

  14. #14 - Angie @ Many Little Blessings says:

    I had already planned to put together my cards like this (on a ring or chain), but I love the way you presented it and the additional ways that you organized it! Thanks so much!

  15. #15 - cindi says:

    So adorable and practical…I'm sure you are going to see a lot of others with the same little ring of cards at Blissdom. Have a great time!

  16. #16 - Tia says:

    What a fun and fabulous way to organize these! Love it! I am also really excited to see another CA Blissdom attendee!

  17. #17 - Creative Crafter UK says:

    You're so organized – love the idea!

    Thanks for sharing.

  18. #18 - My name is PJ. says:

    You're such a ROCK STAR! This is a great, great, great idea. You go on with your clever self, girl, yo!

  19. #19 - Donna says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your great organization ideas. As an organizationally challenged individual, I need all the help I can get and with your ideas, beauty can be part of pulling my act together. many thanks! D

  20. #20 - Kathie says:

    just yesterday as I was clearing the top of my desk, I tried to think of a nifty way to store miscellaneous business cards! Thank you once again for a stunning solution and your generosity!

  21. #21 - Sweetie Berry says:

    Thanks so much for the concept! Look forward to seeing you there!

  22. #22 - Jeannie B. says:

    That is so cute!! I love it.

  23. #23 - Melissa says:

    What a great idea. As a professional organizer and someone who loves crafts, this is right up there as the best idea!

  24. #24 - iHanna says:

    I love this form on the labels, I've been wanting to make labels like this too but I don't know how to make the shape, so a HUGE thank you for the lables today!

  25. #25 - Cathe Holden says:

    Thanks iHanna, but that's the Blissdom logo shape, made by them, not by me : )

  26. #26 - Digi Free says:

    Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the CraftCrave Blog Printable Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: [27 Jan 02:00pm GMT]).

  27. #27 - Createology says:

    How very clever of you to begin your conference organized instead of trying to remember or catch up after the fact when your brain is ever so full of new ideas! Brilliant of you. Keep creating…

  28. #28 - Monica says:

    What a great idea!!!

  29. #29 - Robyn says:

    I know you've got them coming out your ears, but a friend passed along some really cool blog awards. I passed mine on to you. Check it out.

    Hope ya like.

  30. #30 - ArtSnark says:

    cute idea

  31. #31 - Tania - Jet Designs says:

    I just love your blog – you always come up with simple ideas that look fab!

  32. #32 - susanc says:

    How absolutely brilliant is that?! Thank you so much for sharing – now I know what to do with all the business cards I have! Thank you!

  33. #33 - Anonymous says:

    Thanks again Cathe. I've used your leather technique for gifts, including a wrist band for my teenaged son – got the thumbs up. I tested a piece for 'wearing in the shower-ability' by soaking it water for many hours and the transfer did not come off at all! Made my sister a key tag with a transfered photo of us from 50 years ago on a beach. She loved it do much. Love all your ideas. Janet

  34. #34 - Obee Designs says:

    LOVING THIS IDEA!!!! I wish I knew about this a long time ago! It would have saved me so many headaches!!
    Thanks and have a lovely day!!

  35. #35 - Scentsy says:

    What a fantastic idea! I was just looking at all my business card contacts tonight trying to figure out what to do with them. Finally, a way to organize them. Thank you for the great tip.

  36. #36 - Fun FREE Giveaways says:

    Finally a way to organize all the business cards I have scattered throughout the house. Thank you for the great tip. Also, I love your work. It is beautiful!!

  37. #37 - Taylor says:

    Just came to give you and award! You can pick it up here

  38. #38 - Chloe' says:

    Hey Cathe!

    For all you give, this is for you :o)

    Take Care!

    Chloe x

    (love your blog to bits!)

  39. #39 - Zanna @ ZannaLand says:

    I stumbled across this post under the #blissdom tag, and thought it would be perfect for the upcoming #DisneySMMoms (Social Media Moms Celebration) the week after Blissdom. I just love this idea and will have to figure out a way to add some pixie dust for a Disney version. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  40. #40 - kat says:

    cathe! do you ever run out of ideas? soon i'll need a jsim file, for all the things i must steal from you.

  41. #41 - Mermaids of the Lake says:

    Fun, wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing it.

    Mermaid Debbie

  42. #42 - says:

    I loooove this! I so wish I was going to Blissdom. I'll have to mark it for next year. I'll be linking.

  43. #43 - Sara says:

    What a great idea! Never heard of Blissdom before. I'll be checking it out and at least dream about going. You are so full of such great information!

  44. #44 - jennster says:

    how freaking cute!!!! and omg, you are in petaluma?!??!!!!?????

  45. #45 - Jenn says:

    What a great idea, Thanks!

  46. #46 - Trendy Bindi says:

    What a great idea! You can do so many things with this…thanks so much for sharing!

  47. #47 - HopHopJingleBoo says:

    this is a great little idea! thanks!

  48. #48 - Design2Express says:

    Hmm nice to know you have some skills in graphic design for achieving good results in the printing.

  49. #49 - Tammy/ StitchnStudio says:

    You have a great blog with lots of great ideas and info. I look forward to reading more!

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  51. #50 - Charles says:

    Now that is some “outside the box” thinking. I love old-school solutions to problems. This beats my stack of business cards held together with rubber bands by a mile.

  52. #51 - laurie foster says:

    Hi, Was wondering if you could email me a copy of the PDF file for this download. The link isn’t working.
    Thank you so much.

  53. #52 - Redhat Linux says:

    Brilliant! I could use this method every time I was to travel for work. My business card rolodex is a total mess. Love love love the idea!!!

  54. #53 - Shara says:

    Hi! I love this! Do you happen to have one for 2012? 🙂
    Shara @ Palmettos and Pigtails

  55. #54 - Beth Drake says:

    Hi – love your site and all the great projects. I have a trade show coming up and wanted to try your business card collecting idea but the pdf download is not working. Any chance you could email the file to me?

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  58. #55 - Jonathan Hotston says:

    After an event, I normal have so lot of business cards. So I use to keep them. Only 1 minutes for store 20 business cards.
    You can access the contacts everywhere without Internet connection by using CardFila for Mobile (iPhone or Android phones)
    I keep more thousands of business cards on Iphone now

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  60. #56 - Precipice says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing but the PDF links no longer work. May I request new links please.