The Boy Mechanic

I found this wonderful old book at a garage sale over the summer. It is a great reminder of the independence, ingenuity and motivation of our grandparents when they were young. Not to mention lack of safety standards. The Boy Mechanic, 700 Things for Boys to Do is full of hundreds of projects and illustrations for everything from building a model steam engine to rigging up your dog to a cart to push you up and down the street, pocket knife toss games, building your own glider for jumping off of tall hills to some of the more moderate-yet handy projects and ideas such as a few of my favorites below.
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Every crafter needs a quick funnel now and then, how simple is this?!Man I could’ve used this trick last week, no kidding.This string and bag trick is just plain handy. Gets me thinking about advent bags for next Christmas. Could also be used for craft show packaging. Lots of ideas with this one!Love this perfume project! I’ll wait for the lilacs to bloom.I’ve always used this technique, it’s still the only way I can tell the days in a month.You can still find copies of this book on the internet and a free download of (a version of) The Boy Mechanic HERE.

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