Making Changes: Me & My Blog

It’s still me.

I’m hoping you won’t comment that you like the blonde better, there’s nothing I can do about it for at least 6 months or more without risking baldness. We’ll all get used to it, you’ll see. (What? I look happier as a blonde? That photo was taken on my birthday, everyone’s happier on their birthday!) And might I mention, I’m a natural brunette. Did I have you fooled?

Uh, huh. I’m wearing specs full-time now. The miracle of Lasik eye surgery only lasts so long. Mine gave me 10 fantastic blur free years. Now, it’s time to pay the piper.

And, yes, my blog is getting a bit of a makeover as well, nothing as drastic though, just some rearranging.

What changes have you made lately?

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