Collecting: Vintage Silver Baby Cups

I must have seen a display of vintage silver baby cups in a magazine many years ago that made me instantly obsessed with collecting them myself. Over several years, I have picked up enough for creating many different darling displays.Silver baby cups aren’t too hard to find, I’ve found them at thrift stores, flea markets, eBay (a great place to find multiples in lots) and have seen many on Etsy. I rarely ever find a Sterling Silver one, most are silverplate. I have a spending cap of $12 or less on any cup. Believe me, they’re out there. On Sunday, I found this Little Bo Peep cup nearly black from tarnish at the Alameda Flea Market for only $2.If you’re into collecting multiples of things like these, let your shopping friends and family know to keep an eye out for them, but be sure to mention the most you’re willing to spend.

When my cups are not on display, they are tucked into a shoebox to keep them from tarnishing. I love a collection that also has a practical purpose. I have used these cups so many ways. My favorite, of course, is for baby showers. By the photos above and below, you can tell they’d been boxed up after the shower with ribbons still attached. For one shower, I hung them from my light fixture with French ribbon and have also loaned them out to good friends for use as centerpieces clustered and filled with baby’s breath, (although, I never send out the sentimental ones that I couldn’t bear to loose.)They are gorgeous filled with dried hydrangeas.Here is my late grandpa’s Ralph’s pewter baby cup from 1911 with beautifully etched flowers.Some of my other floral cups that are so pretty.This unique pink enamel cup was being used as a scoop for vintage buttons sold by-the-bag at the local antique fair. The dealer was kind enough to sell it to me after the fair was over and most of her buttons sold.My favorite finds are those with names, initials or mongrams. Such pretty handles.I have two of my children’s baby cups that were gifts (not so vintage) and my husband’s sweet Sterling baby cup, (and to keep my husband feeling young, I’ll say that one’s not so vintage either.) Of course, his twin sister has the matching one. Even the clock face is engraved with the hands at the time of birth.I’ve tucked a baby photo of Bennett in his cup. I adore his little orange nose from eating so much carrot baby food. (That baby turns 15 this month!)Even the poor man’s aluminum baby cups are wonderuful to play with. (Little mushrooms from Meyer Imports.)Tell me about one of your favorite collections!

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