JSIM Birthday Mystery Box Giveaway and Survey!

The big day approaches marking two years since the launch of the Just Something I Made blog. So, please indulge me while I reminisce just a bit…Just Something I Made wasn’t the first blog I ever created. My first was a design blog, Farm Fresh Creative, a place to expand my online logo portfolio. It’s still around, just a bit dusty.I even started a WordPress blog that I named Cathe with an E (with a sweet Easter photo of my siblings and bald me.)That never got off the ground, not even one post. Wasn’t sure what to write about, but I still keep it around to one day revisit. Then it occurred to me that blog readers might enjoy seeing stuff I make around the house, for the kids and what not. I could show them how I made the stuff. Turns out, readers did enjoy visiting for creative juice refills. And so I posted and crafted some more and before I knew it, I started collecting readers. And lots of really, really nice ones.

Then that day came when I actually needed my readers. And they delivered. One of the hardest moments in my life was last November, and there was one particular time on one exact day that I needed the strength to put one literal foot in front of the other. I remember the moment as if it were happening now. And in that moment of great grief, I felt complete calm wash over me knowing that so many readers were lifting me up in prayer. I physically felt it. So all craftiness aside, the relationships that have been built over the last two years with so many of you, that I continue to correspond with and even those who I don’t even know your real name, have become so important to me. Thank you.

I have been so blessed to have had my project featured on many other blogs, big giant popular blogs, and blogs with only one or two followers. I try to find them all through my blogtracker or Google Alerts so that I can thank each one personally. If I missed you, please let me know!

Enough rambling…let’s get to the prize! Last year, I put together a giant box of destash craftiness. You can see the contents below. It was won by Katie of Katie’s Nesting Spot, and she blogged her winnings HERE.But THIS blog birthday, I’m packin’ an even bigger & better box of fun! Since I don’t make a lot of the same crafts twice, I’ve got a LOT of extra crafting goods. Vintage things. AND several crafts I’ve made and posted on my blog! Even stuff I used to sell in my Etsy shops! The box contents will remain an exciting mystery until I get ’er all packed, but it just might be the biggest and best creative giveaway ever.

TO ENTER: This giveaway has a catch! You have to take my blog survey. (I hope you like surveys, I love taking them.) Your input means a lot to me. So please answer the questions anonymously and come back here when finished to comment that you took the survey. It’s completely on the honor system, because I trust and appreciate all of you! Good luck, and thanks for a terrific 2 years!


To post a comment, please click on the wording “123 COMMENTS” (or whatever the number is) if it is just below this paragraph. If that is not clickable and the previous comments are shown, please scroll to the very bottom of them to the words “POST A COMMENT” just below the last comment. The fantastic response of this post is throwing things off a bit, sorry for the inconvenience.

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