Retreat Crafting Spring 2010

I’m just back from another wonderful scrapbookers’ weekend retreat where a dozen of us lodged, laughed and created in the beautiful Lydia House of St. Dorothy’s Retreat at Camp Meeker, California. Beautiful lodge, beautiful weather, beautiful group of women.I was completely unplugged from phone and internet for a solid 72 hours. Although I was the only non-scrapper on board, as before, I was embraced by 11 other incredibly creative and darling women from all around our area. Movies, martinis, brainstorming, great mess-hall food, and lots and lots of belly-laughs along with many productive hours of craftiness.
I brought along my sewing machine and a few suitcases of vintage and random fabric. I also brought a few vintage toys on wheels to make into pincushions. There’s a previous tutorial I created on making unique pin cushions HERE, however, for these, I did a bit more sewing and less gathering of fabric.

I had a burlap bean bag that made great cushions for a trailer and wagon.This little yellow truck holds a cushion made from vintage feedsack fabric of an unfinished quilt piecing. This pincushion became a gift for our awesome retreat hostess and dear friend, Lori O’Donnell.My blog friend Karen, The Graphics Fairy, sent me some goodies recently, including a wonderful vintage, (but unfortunately stained) blouse, knowing I could make something from it. And of course, what better project for this pin cushion print than a pin cushion?!And the last one is a little red fire truck with a sweet floral print.I also brought some 12″ x 12″ free fabric swatches from a wonderful local furnishings store, Mayfield & Co. of Petaluma, and began another project by sketching out ideas for them.Luckily I had a few zippers and purse hardware in my stash.I made a unique cross-shoulder purse modeled here by one of the lovely scrappers on scene, Jennifer Simpson.Sorry, I won’t be posting a tutorial on this one, I have no idea how I made it and could probably never do it again. A stitch here, a seam rip or two there, all in all, completely winged. It’s one of those projects that could have gone either way. Luckily, it all came together. Each section of the bag was cut and sewn from a different swatch. The front flap was finished off with a vintage skeleton key for tucking into a little fabric loop.I used a two way zipper to keep contents from falling out. There’s also an inside “lip gloss” pocket.I added side pockets for a cell phone and keys. Scrapper friend, Jennifer Navarro, suggested I make an eyeglass case with some remaining fabric, brilliant idea!Once home I gave the bag to my daughter, Sarah, who just loved it.
HERE is my retreat crafting post of projects from last year. Kinda makes you want to retreat with a few of your crafty friends, doesn’t it?! So…make it happen!

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