Collecting: Crests and Monograms

You probably know I’m really into vintage monograms. And you may know that I’m a logo designer by trade. So it’s a good chance you’ll appreciate my recent purchase from the UK of this incredible collection of Crest and Monogram Albums (c. 1930) and understand how a collection like this makes my head spin. If you’re a graphic designer, or simply adore vintage ephemera and design, I know you’ll enjoy this just as much. CLICK HERE for an interesting bit of history on Crest and Monogram collections.
These are the kinds of books that could keep me happily locked away in my studio for hours simply enjoying the details of each piece. Such incredible illustrations, designs and inspiration in both the art of the monograms and crests as well as the albums themselves.There are hundreds of engravings in this collection.Pages and pages and pages of crests and monograms collected and neatly cut to fit into the framework of the illustrated pages of the albums.The intricately engraved detail gives me goosebumps.Not sure I’d risk opening an envelope addressed to me with this particular engraving on the flap:This is my favorite of all:If you’re in the printing business, no doubt you’ll appreciate the tight registration of ink to engraving on this piece:There are also many envelopes full of crests and monograms that had not yet made their way into the albums.To appreciate even more the skill and artistry put into the engraving plates used for printing these fine pieces of art, check out THIS LINK to the website of an artisan who engraves similar work by hand of family crests for jewelry.

Because not all the pages of the albums are filled, those pages I happily share with you for use in your own projects– Enjoy!

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