Design: Grid Lettering

You’ve seen those fun hand-drawn typefaces making the circuit lately, a little bit robotic, a little bit indie, but definitely fun! Here’s an easy way to achieve those styles for your own projects with grid lettering.I found several resources of lettering from a book circa 1890. Yes, 1890! I’ve included some specimens of various alphabets below that you can either print and trace, or using grid paper, reproduce yourself.
Or, maybe you’d like to create your own! What? You don’t have grid paper on hand? Problem solved:For my “GRID” lettering, I traced over an alphabet using semi-transparent white paper and a fine point sharpie.You can add darkness to shadows either digitally or like I did by scribbling same-direction lines into the shadow areas.I took a photo of the drawing with my little digital camera, uploaded it into Photoshop Elements and had a little fun. You can create wording for greeting cards, blog headers, to place over your favorite photos, or just about anything you can imagine.This example should teach my son not to get goofy with my camera when I’m not looking! HA!

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