Mystery Box Giveaway Update

Today is the big day when the Mystery Box giveaway winner is chosen! Thank goodness for!! Googling around, I found a way to number the comments in my posts, but only from 1-200 then it starts over again at 1, and so on. I can handle that math.
I’ve been digging through my studio stash pulling out lots of fun things for crafting and I will be spending today photographing it all to share and wrapping each item to place into the box for the winner.

I can not believe the response to this giveaway and especially to the survey! I will post some of my favorite responses and a few of the stats soon, it’s been so much fun reading through them, but with over 1400, I’ve still got several more to read. You guys are the BEST!! Thank you, thank you!

I appreciate your patience and I will post the winner by the end of the day, which might be late, but I promise, before I head off to bed. No April foolin’!

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65 Responses to Mystery Box Giveaway Update

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