Quick Kitsch Makeover

I purchased this funky plastic frame mounted-deer head on Etsy recently to go with my collection of deer decor. I’ve done makeovers to deer before on my blog, but seriously, can you ever get enough of “before & afters”? I love them! So here’s another one.

I disassembled the pieces.
Painted several coats of white gesso on the head and frame. Gesso works great, or any other very matte white acrylic paint. It gives the piece an alabaster or chalkware look. Spray-paint is good too, but sometimes, especially with white, it just looks, well, spray-painted.I cut two ovals out to go over the back plate, one of vintage wallpaper from The Graphics Fairy, and another out of a water stained French catalog order form.I reassembled the piece trying out both back plates.I could hang it in the bathroom next to the farmhouse-chic cabinet…Or in the living room near my other mounted deer head.But I have a feeling it just may end up out in my studio, we’ll see.

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