Ziploc® Bag Organizer Tote

Spring break is over for us out here in Northern California. All my kids are back in school today. We had a nice week filled with baseball, church camp for the girls on the Santa Cruz beach, and just plain laziness, because, well, it was Spring break! But Monday’s here, time to get’er back in gear!Here’s a cute project to start the week- A fun little organizer tote made with Ziploc® Bags. Check out my post with tutorial over on SC Johnson’s Family Economics by clicking HERE!

We’ve been having plenty of April showers lately -looking forward to those May flowers! How’s your Springtime shaping up?

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26 Responses to Ziploc® Bag Organizer Tote

  1. #1 - The Monster and Me says:

    oOo this is great! thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. #2 - Nia B says:

    This is really cute. I could use it for so many things myself. Thanks for the post.

    Tc, Nia B

  3. #3 - the gypsy magpie says:

    I love this! I'm grabbing a gift bag off my desk this very minute and making one for myself. Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  4. #4 - Sharon says:

    Such a clever idea.

  5. #5 - SmitoniusAndSonata says:

    That looks brilliant ! Might get even me organised .
    As for Spring . I vaguely remember last year's but here in Friesland still haven't seen any sign of a recurrence this year . Smitonius has at least seen the sun in London . WOW !
    Sonata .

  6. #6 - Dad is in the House says:

    It is great! I love me some brown gift bags. I get them at the dollar store. Cheap and cheerful…

  7. #7 - Rachel Ann says:

    Neat! I think I could use a larger gift bag with gallon sized ziplocks to hold 6 lessons at one… much more organized than my current tote. :0)

  8. #8 - Lisalulu says:

    way cool, I've done something like this with a pot holder, folded in half with snack zip locks for an emergency kit in the car! Great Minds think alike, haha, I still say YOURS thinks overtime!

  9. #9 - Elaine A says:

    Hi Cathe –

    This is neat! Heading over to your tutorial now.

    Elaine Allen

  10. #10 - Patty says:

    Spring break is over for us also. What a neat idea with the ziploc bags. Thanks for sharing.

  11. #11 - Dawn says:

    Clever little idea!

    love Dawn xx

  12. #12 - My Life Under the Bus says:

    Only you could make ziplock bags sassy and vintage looking !

  13. #13 - TypsTatting says:

    Just found your wonderful blog and al of your great craft ideas. Just love it!!!!

  14. #14 - Prairiemaid says:

    This is really a neat idea. Going to head over and checkout the tutorial. Thanks!

  15. #15 - Miss Marple says:

    I simply love this organizer, I hope to find the time to lift it!
    Tahnk you for sharing! – Irma

  16. #16 - Shandell's says:

    I have to pull out my sewing machine for this. Fabulous, love the red and white with the kraft paper bag, making it look wonderfully vintage.

  17. #17 - My name is PJ. says:

    Holy Cow, Cathe! This is brilliant! That's why you're a Rock Star!!!!

  18. #18 - Abbie says:

    this is such a neat idea. Thanks Cathe!

  19. #19 - PRDivax5 says:

    Hey, Lady! I see you're still leading the way with the SCJ posts. Loved working with you and keep up the fantastic work!


  20. #20 - Laurie (Wally) says:

    What a cute ide TFS

  21. #21 - CraftCrave says:

    Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [13 Apr 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  22. #22 - Jenn says:

    Wow! I love Ziplocs and I love this idea! Gotta give it a try… Thanks for sharing! Love your blog.
    Jenn 🙂

  23. #23 - momma-o-minnie says:

    I found the arachnaphobia a bit compelling as well as the tufted rib. I would enjoy using either in my entry.

  24. #24 - Valley Art Project says:

    Great idea. I love your blog. Thanks!
    Springtime is beautiful in the mountains! I just received 80 bulbs that I have to plant.

  25. #25 - studying says:

    i just found this and would love one made for me? any chance?

  26. #26 - Saundra says:

    this is amazing!