Burrito Booty-Load

When the problem is solved the solution is simple. (That’s my husband’s signature saying, I’ve heard it a gajillion times, and you know how things rub off.)

THE PROBLEM: Three insatiably hungry teenagers constantly on the prowl for snacks.

Sandy Coughlin, The Reluctant Entertainer’s brilliant burrito post on SC Johnson!

Sandy is a lifesaver. I took her super easy idea and changed it up just a bit by mixing in refried and pinto beans with the meat and cheese instead of rice. It made a nice thick goop for filling.And since I already had snack-size Ziploc bags in bulk, those worked great for bagging.
Now my freezer drawer is stocked just like Sandy’s and there was just enough funky junk (filling) left over to make some killer nachos today!

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