Fun Times at the 2010 Maker Faire Bay Area!

We’re back from the Maker Faire, took Sunday to recoup and wanted to share just how awesome my experience was. My husband took an entire shift off work (the first since his promotion,) two kids bailed on scheduled baseball games and we packed up and headed to San Mateo, California. Ok, it’s only about 1.5 hours away, but we got a 4-star hotel for only $64 thanks to, the San Mateo Marriott. They were extremely accommodating and kind, considering we were the ultimate budget travelers pulling in at 10pm.

Out the door Saturday morning, I met Matt Wilburn, Chief Marketing Officer at Provo Craft and his two very nice young sons, Josh & Ryan, on the elevator on their way to the Maker Faire to demo their Yudu screen printing machines. There were totes to print on and I brought along some extra T-shirts for my kids to print! Thanks Matt & Co!

The Maker Faire was mind-blowing. It’s so great with my kids at this age, they could go off and discover things on their own. Two of my kids crafted handmade rockets and got to shoot them off. Sarah checked out lots of the hands-on craft demos and came away with some really fun stuff.

I hung pretty close to the crafty side of the Maker Faire. Here’s just a few highlights of my day:

• I met the dynamic Sarah Hodsdon, who somehow found time to sit with me and inspired me to new levels!
• Watched Mark Montano film his latest Yudu promotion.• Shopped Bazzar Bizarre and bought several rolls of cool Washi tapes from Tinted Mint.
• Bought an edgy skull head DIY-or-DIE T-shirt from the guys at Stuffed Misfits. How precious are their inside-out stuffed animals? As we were leaving the Faire, I saw a little boy clinging to his new misfit bunny. Too cute.• Visited with Kelsey Cooper of Kelso Doesnt Dance and drooled like an idiot over her handmade felt library cabinet display. How excellent is that thing?!• I snagged up two beginner LED sewing kits from Aniomagic.
• Spun the wheel to win a free T-shirt from the three super-nice Blick Art Materials Guys!• Had a wonderful long discussion with Catherine Steen of Quayside Publishing (Quarry Books).
• Met awesome Stefanie Girard, author of Sweater Surgery.
• Spent some quality time with Carolee Gilligan Wheeler of superdilettante, author of Good Mail Day. She is sending me a copy of her spectacular book and I can hardly wait to share it with you!• Met the very hip Lish Dorset of and My Vintage Kitschen.
• Introduced myself to Michael Wood of tinymeat who I’d just seen days before in THIS excellent video. My daughter showed me later that she had bought a TinyMeat purple FIETS wallet! She LOVES it!
• Checked out this innovative new Oliso Smart Iron demonstrated by Marketing Director, Janice Lee. You have to see the demo for yourself, HERE.• Ate delicious greasy county-fair food including, get this, a large paper cone filled with tiny, warm, glazed donuts. Uh huh. (Joining Weight Watchers this week, btw.)
• Thoroughly enjoyed working with CRAFT’s Editor-In-Chief, Natalie Zee Drieu who also writes the fashion blog Coquette. She set me up for my big demo debut, complete with face mic and craft cam! (Demo photos by Mr. Wonderful.)• One of the best parts of my experience was finally meeting my online friend from Austin, Texas, Rachel Hobson, aka: Average Jane Crafter, contributing writer for CRAFT. Rachel’s the one who encouraged me to go to the Maker Faire in the first place! Thank you SO much Rachel, I miss you already!I enjoyed this event so much, especially that it had something, many things, wonderful for everyone in my family. To request to be added to the mailing list for information and upcoming Maker Faire events, contact them at: or go to the Maker Faire website HERE.

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