JSIM Unused Design No. 1: Cowgirl Up

As a graphic designer, I have zillions of (what I think are) perfectly good designs created for clients that, once passed over for another choice, were left behind with no chance of being seen, let alone used. Well, it’s time I gave a some of these designs new life by sharing them with readers. I will be posting unused designs from time to time for you to grab, use, modify or just to be inspired by. Use them however you would like in your projects, personal and commercial. FREE! (Just please don’t sell the art as digital downloads or clip art for purchase.) Click on Image To Enlarge

The first free image in my Unused Design series was actually for a project I was toying with last year for my own Western themed apparel company. I never got the biz idea off the ground, (read: What was I thinking?) but thought it was still a fun design for Posters, T-shirts, greeting cards and more.

To download the PDF version, click HERE!

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