StitchCraft and the Sewing Machine Review

One of the fun things about having my blog is the occasional free product in exchange for promotions, reviews or text links. I don’t mind such barters if I can find something I think my readers will appreciate knowing about and is a reasonably affordable item. Recently, I agreed to add an affiliate-sponsor link/promotion in trade for my choice of product on any of the over 200 CSN Stores websites. Based on the agreed upon price, I chose to receive a product that related best to crafting with the promise to review the product once received and used. I picked out a Singer sewing machine for my 13 year old daughter, Sarah.

But first, to learn all about her new sewing machine, I enrolled Sarah in Nicole Vasbinder’s StichCraft sewing class in town. She’d taken her first StitchCraft class two years ago and made the cutest reversible skirt with Amy Butler fabric. On Saturday, we brought in the new machine and manual, and Nicole taught Sarah all the ins and outs of this little fun Singer.
The Product:
Singer Inspiration Basic 5-Stitch Sewing Machine
The Features:

  • 5 Built-in stitch patterns
  • SureFit Bobbin™ – only one way to insert the bobbin (the right way)
  • NoError Threading™ – the easiest threading system ever conceived
  • Variable stitch width adjustment
  • Automatic 4-step buttonhole
  • StayBright LED Light™ – long lasting illumination
  • Free-arm sewing
  • Built-in accessories storage
  • Carry handle
  • Limited 25-year warranty

The Review:
For a beginner or occasional sewer in need of a low price machine, it fits the bill. It’s easy to transport and set up. Is very easy to thread, and has a needle left, center and right position, which is pretty darn cool. The price is right for around $150 for the type of sewing Sarah will be doing. If you’re looking to do a lot of sewing other than the occasional project, this may not be the machine. But for the occasional crafter, Halloween costume or mending of clothes, this machine is perfect. I would not recommend trying to sew multiple layers such as denim inseams with this model.

Nicole had some concern over the presser feet that come with this machine, although the main foot is metal, all the rest are plastic. It’s a little difficult to get the feet off and on, and that could lead to snapping the plastic. The feet are not standard and are unique to this machine, unlike many other sewing machines that have standard fittings and can use various store bought feet. The bobbins, as well, are specific to this machine and not standard.

Sarah still has some difficulty controlling the acceleration of the foot pedal, but I’m certain she will work that out with time and practice. There is no speed control other than her own foot, so I have suggested a few things to help her better control the acceleration of the motor, such as turning the pedal around and pressing on the high end like I do with mine.

Overall, I think that this machine is the perfect model for Sarah. She has already made two darling elastic-back headbands thanks to patterns and instruction from Nicole and using some awesome fabrics from Nicole’s scrap bin and my random pieces of material.You can find lots of Nicole’s gorgeous fabric online in her the StitchCraft Etsy shop. If you’re in Northern California, check out the StitchCraft classes for some great sewing opportunities, as if meeting Nicole Vasbinder weren’t enough of a reason to visit Petaluma! Can’t make the trip? Then head over to the StitchCraft blog!

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