Vintage Play Kitchen Sink

When the chicklets were very young, I created a little vintage play kitchen for them. I acquired a wonderful homemade wooden stove/oven and a darling wooden refrigerator. Looking for a sink to finish it off, I spied the perfect piece of furniture at a garage sale, a two drawer end table/night stand. I wish I had taken more photos before passing all the pieces on, but I was able to dig up one of most of the kitchen set up in Sarah’s bedroom from when she was 6.I created the little “sinkette” with shelving using a table with drawers and few items from the hardware store. Here’s how it’s made (you may need to click on images to enlarge):
Then, a good coat or two of white paint and a little skirt to hide the storage area.I added cup hooks to the underside of the shelf to hang the play skillets and pans and another to the side for the measuring spoons.

You may also notice the little microwave oven just to the left of the sink. That was made using an old wooden file box, parts of an old cell phone, a black piece of plastic from a file folder and a chrome drawer pull. Inside, there was a fake turntable made from a metal film reel canister.

I had so much fun over the years collecting little vintage kitchen dishes, pots and pans, a dish drainer, whimsical tea towels, children’s cookbooks and more to furnish the little kitchen. I even sewed the some of the play food from felt. Once on a roll, we had little vintage broom and dustpan, iron and ironing board, flour sifter and and compost bucket. Too fun, but again, wish I had taken photos.

Now, go check out an incredible all-in-one play kitchen repurposed from an entertainment center by Erin Woodward over at Sutton Grace!

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