Vintage Youngster Yardstick for Girls

There have been a couple of occasions when a very thoughtful reader has sent to me a care package. Most recently my blog friend, Skitzo Leezra, shipped a treasure chest in the form of a parcel of little vintage goodies that she knew I would love. She was absolutely right! My favorite find in the box was a vintage advertising promotion for a bank. A folded growth chart. Possibly they gave these away to new customers or children who opened accounts. Oh, how I wish I could find the one for boys, I’ll be keeping an eye out for sure.I scanned the old “Youngster Yardstick”, cleaned up the artwork and lettering and created free files for you to download, print and put together to create your own darling growth chart for girls. How cute would one of these be folded and attached to a baby shower or little girl’s birthday gift? Click on the long image a couple of times to see just how darn cute this thing is.
Click on the images below to access the FREE PDF files in the original blue color and the instructions for putting it together, similar to my other growth chart HERE. And, I also made one in PINK for you as well! Be certain to double check your printed pieces to confirm their correct measurements, just in case.Thank you again, Skitzo Leezra!

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