ecosystem Notebook: Review & Giveaway

Recently, I was asked to be a part of the ecosystem Summer Challenge. They offered to send me a sketchbook to use for at least 30 days and share how I made it my own. Free sketchbook? Twist my arm! When it arrived, I had to laugh, because it is the EXACT sketchbook I had found at the bookstore weeks earlier and was LOVING! What a score- now I have two!!
I didn’t know anything about ecosystem until they contacted me, but after spending a bit of time on their website, you too will be quite impressed with their commitment to earth-friendly practices.
Here’s where it gets fun- you can build your own custom ecosystem notebook online, starting at $9.95. They offer small, medium and large, several great colors, choice of cover stock and different page options: blank, ruled, grid, or in planner form. There are also insert features and custom ordering options. My ecosystem notebook pick was small, black, blank. I haven’t altered or embellished it, I keep things pretty simple for my everyday sketchbook and this one is petite but beefy and tucks right into my small purse or tote. And because I’m always cramming it into a bag, the elastic band feature is awesome as it keeps my pages snug and neatly together as to not be crumpled by other objects. There’s even a pocket in the back of each book for tucking items into. I keep small random bits of ephemera I find in mine.I’ve gone through so many sketchbooks over time and by far this is my favorite, freebie or not! Beautifully smooth pages, not too heavyweight, just right.I fill mine with ideas for crafts and blogging as well as full page doodles. I’m a big doodler, especially in church. It’s how I listen best.And, get this, the awesome folks at ecosystem are offering a giveaway of one ecosystem notebook to each of THREE JSIM readers!

TO ENTER: Please visit the ecosystem website and leave a comment on this post of how you would build your custom notebook { 1. Style…2. Cover…3. Size…4. Color } or leave a notebook-related message. It’s that simple. One entry per person, please. Be certain to leave a way for me to find you if you win!

ENTRY DEADLINE: Midnight Friday, September 17, 2010. Winners will be randomly chosen and announced on the following Sunday.

To follow the great things happening at you can follow them on TWITTER or FACEBOOK!

Thank you for all the great entries and nice words! The winners of the notebooks are:
Dianamc, Joy of Sonoma and Nell. All winners have been contacted.

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