ecosystem Notebook: Review & Giveaway

Recently, I was asked to be a part of the ecosystem Summer Challenge. They offered to send me a sketchbook to use for at least 30 days and share how I made it my own. Free sketchbook? Twist my arm! When it arrived, I had to laugh, because it is the EXACT sketchbook I had found at the bookstore weeks earlier and was LOVING! What a score- now I have two!!
I didn’t know anything about ecosystem until they contacted me, but after spending a bit of time on their website, you too will be quite impressed with their commitment to earth-friendly practices.
Here’s where it gets fun- you can build your own custom ecosystem notebook online, starting at $9.95. They offer small, medium and large, several great colors, choice of cover stock and different page options: blank, ruled, grid, or in planner form. There are also insert features and custom ordering options. My ecosystem notebook pick was small, black, blank. I haven’t altered or embellished it, I keep things pretty simple for my everyday sketchbook and this one is petite but beefy and tucks right into my small purse or tote. And because I’m always cramming it into a bag, the elastic band feature is awesome as it keeps my pages snug and neatly together as to not be crumpled by other objects. There’s even a pocket in the back of each book for tucking items into. I keep small random bits of ephemera I find in mine.I’ve gone through so many sketchbooks over time and by far this is my favorite, freebie or not! Beautifully smooth pages, not too heavyweight, just right.I fill mine with ideas for crafts and blogging as well as full page doodles. I’m a big doodler, especially in church. It’s how I listen best.And, get this, the awesome folks at ecosystem are offering a giveaway of one ecosystem notebook to each of THREE JSIM readers!

TO ENTER: Please visit the ecosystem website and leave a comment on this post of how you would build your custom notebook { 1. Style…2. Cover…3. Size…4. Color } or leave a notebook-related message. It’s that simple. One entry per person, please. Be certain to leave a way for me to find you if you win!

ENTRY DEADLINE: Midnight Friday, September 17, 2010. Winners will be randomly chosen and announced on the following Sunday.

To follow the great things happening at you can follow them on TWITTER or FACEBOOK!

Thank you for all the great entries and nice words! The winners of the notebooks are:
Dianamc, Joy of Sonoma and Nell. All winners have been contacted.

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271 Responses to ecosystem Notebook: Review & Giveaway

  1. #1 - Lacretia says:

    Awesome giveaway! I probably won't win, since when does post #1 ever win? But I LOVE notebooks and will definitely be checking ecosystem out. I HAVE to have a notebook on me at all times, to doodle, flush out my brainstorming ideas, and keep track of my to do lists (otherwise I forget – I have the memory of a fish!) Thanks for the chance to win!!

  2. #2 - Dianamc says:

    I love the idea of a small notebook, but truthfully, I use up other small books, filling them endlessly with doodles, etc. After looking at the site, I have to say I would go for the flexi artist book in watermelon or grape. LOVE the idea of doing up the outside as well.

  3. #3 - HollowSquirrel says:

    I heart grid paper, so I'd lloooove the 1. architect with 2. a flexi cover in a 3. medium sized with a gorgeous 4. lagoon cover.

    and to-do list pages, too? My heart is aflutter!!

  4. #4 - Jess--Sugar High says:

    Haha, I love your doodles!

    I would love to have a new sketch book, I use them to draw up ideas for new cake designs. I love how eco-friendly these ones are.
    I'd have to go with something simple, also. I'm loving the kiwi color 🙂

    Great giveaway, Thanks a lot!


  5. #5 - Heather says:

    I love sketchbooks and notebooks too! I was just looking for one last night around my house. The only (mostly empty) one I could find was HUUUUGE and hardcover. If I were building my own on the ecosystem website it would be artist > flexi cover > medium > kiwi. (Although graph paper is fun too, so the architect one might be neat to play around with.)

  6. #6 - Michele says:

    I only recently discovered Moleskines and I fell in love. These look even fancier!

  7. #7 - julie says:

    Your post was so inspiring to me. I love the idea of carrying around a small notebook for doodles and craft ideas, but I'm never able to find one that will tuck nicely into my bag. Maybe an ecosystem notebook is exactly what I need 🙂

  8. #8 - ELLIE says:

    what a great giveaway – I would choose artist lay out because I love to doodle…medium size with a hard cover and in the color of grape – how so awesome that would be!!!my notebook is almost filled so this would be awesome to win!!!

  9. #9 - CJ says:

    oooOOOo, lovely!
    1. advisor weekly (because i need all the help i can get staying organized)
    2. hard cover (for easy lap writing and to stay safe in my mary poppins bag)
    3. medium (cause that's the kinda gal i am)
    4. clementine (nice and bright so i don't misplace it)

    i like your doodles, cathe- i listen better when i doodle too.

  10. #10 - Kirsten Holen says:

    I have a thing for notebooks/sketchbooks but it's hard finding something portable and durable. These look fantastic. If I were to choose, I would get: Artist – Flexi Cover – Medium – Kiwi. That shade of green is yummy!

  11. #11 - melody says:

    I love all of the options! One for everything! lol. Right now, I'm most in need of the large advisor (love the full page for notes) with the flexi cover in black.
    Fantastic giveaway! And on the off chance that I actually win it…You can contact me via my blog. 🙂

  12. #12 - Courtney says:

    I would choose the author book with a flexi cover, size medium, black. Keeping it simple!

  13. #13 - Mollie. says:

    So many choices! I was a little disappointed that you can't get the architect style in the clementine…and it's crazy, but the color would be more important to me…so: Artist, Flexi, Medium, Clementine. Yay!

  14. #14 - Michelle says:

    I love this for my artist children. I love the med artist one is a hard cover in onyx for my artsy one or the lagoon for my earthy one. I so see these as stocking stuffers in the future!!! I see it as the constant doodle pad for one, whose doodles really aren't doodles. For the other I see it as a sketch journal of his adventures in nature.

  15. #15 - Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy says:

    I love notebooks, magnetic lists, journals etc etc. I have so many and they are all full! I would love to make one ecosystem author, small or medium ruled hard cover in clementine! How pretty!

  16. #16 - Marianne & Clayton says:

    Wow. Your doodles are incredible! If I did something like that it would be framed.

    I love moleskins. I would love to win an artist large in Clementine. What a fun giveaway.

  17. #17 - Melanie says:

    I have seen ecosystem at BN! I would go for the artist, medium, flexi cover in grape!

    I kind of wish you could mix paper types … how cool would that be???

  18. #18 - jknapp00 says:

    Wow! If my doodles looked like yours, I would frame them! Amazing. Oh, cute little sketchbook, too.

  19. #19 - Kelly J. R. says:

    I would definitely have to build my notebook with the architect option. I'm a sucker for order, neat lines, and graphs.

  20. #20 - Melanie says:

    Well, DUH! I just realized that is what the insert is for! Perfect!

  21. #21 - Rebekah says:

    I would pick the medium sized, artist with the grape cover! the perfect size to keep stashed in my purse the jot down just about any and everything!

    thanks for the chance!


  22. #22 - Made in Persbo...Carina says:

    What a nice givaway! Love your doodles by the way!
    If I win a notebook (hope it´s ok to join the givaway here from sweden???)…I´d like it to be a flexi covered artist book in medium size and onyx colour.

    Wish you a lovely evening!
    Hugs, Carina

  23. #23 - annina says:

    Hey! I'd go for [1] the artist style (because I like to draw my own charts, lists, tables and sketches), for [2] I'd go for a flexicover, as I need my notebook to be flexible just like I am. I'd prefer medium size [3], as its pages need to be large enough to contain information, but the whole thing must be small enough to stuff in any bag. As a colour [4] I'd go for Kiwi – I have great memories of New Zealand and it would also match my business cards for GIRLS CAN BLOG… for which I'd then come up with new concepts I'd jot down in my notebook.. Yay! 🙂

  24. #24 - Apryl says:

    very nice though my doodles and serial killer-esque scral aren;t nearly as nice to look at as your lovely doodles

    I would chose..

    1. artist
    2. flexi cover
    3. medium
    4. onyx

  25. #25 - sylv says:

    Decisions, decisions!!

    Style – artist
    Cover – flexi
    Size – medium
    Color – kiwi

  26. #26 - sweetpea23 says:

    I just love notebooks and these look like a perfect one to leave on my coffeetable so it's always handy. Hope I win.

  27. #27 - jdavissquared says:

    artist, flexi, small, kiwi

    and, I love your doodles! Doodling's the best.

  28. #28 - oddharmonic says:

    My trusty in-use notebook (a spiral-bound graph paper notebook from the dollar store) got left behind when I had to leave my home on short notice. I like to imagine it sitting where I left it on my sewing table, a binder clip holding the cover and used pages together and a sticker of the bear sitting in a bowl from Slop Goes the Soup covering the bar code.

  29. #29 - VegKat says:

    What a great looking notebook! I design cross-stitch patterns so: Architect, flexi, medium, lagoon!

    katlollar AT hotmail DOT com

  30. #30 - Bobiwash says:

    since I'm always looking for a new notebook, this is perfect! I can make it look like I need to. I love the colors as well (clementine is my fave!)

  31. #31 - Cory Brinkley says:

    That's so funny! I was just at a bookstore and they had a display of Ecesystem merchandise there. 🙂

    Also, I saw your doodle with Casting Crown lyrics on it. I love them! They are so uplifting and comforting to me when I need it. That just brightened my day 🙂

  32. #32 - (lia) says:

    I just took on a volunteer position that's requiring a TON of on-the-go planning & coordinating. It would be great to have a place to keep everything together.

    Mine would be:
    Blank (cause I have lists but also have to sketch out ideas & maps!)
    Hand cover (cause it's gonna get beaten up for sure)
    Small (cause it has to go everywhere)
    Watermelon (cause even planning tools should be fun)

  33. #33 - BecomingDomestic says:

    I would definitely get a small watermelon artist notebook…these are adorable!

  34. #34 - Nicole Chamberlain says:

    Pretty neat! I wish they had an option for manuscript paper to write music. 🙂

  35. #35 - MafiosaGrrl says:

    Wow- great giveaway! I love ecosystem, high quality and ecofriendly. what more could you ask for?

    I would love, love, love to win one. Preferably a medium artist's style with a flexi cover in clementine or lagoon. Just dreamy 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. #36 - kate says:

    i adore these notebooks and agree that the company sounds great – especially the detailed instructions for recycling the used notebook….although i usually hang onto my notebooks/sketchbooks…

    i would choose:
    flex cover
    clementine 🙂

    thanks for turning me onto this company!

  37. #37 - BellaLovesPink says:

    Oh Cathe – I love your doodles! You need to turn those into cards I can find at Target!

    I'm a fan of the small/med, flexi, artist book in watermelon.

    Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  38. #38 - Apron Thrift Girl says:

    Okay, I'm loving this notebook but seriously how can you call your doodle just a doodle. I have been drooling over ART like that on etsy. I so want to buy some of your doodle art (colored of course) to frame and hang in my office. You are such a gifted artist Cathe. truly.

  39. #39 - LKP says:

    i'm a medium gal. doesn't matter the color….definitely blank (don't try to keep this girl in the lines, man!)…i'm totally swooning over the elastic band btw, i need that in all aspects of my life to help me atleast feel somewhat kept together & minorly tidy.

    also, i love your doodles! that's how i best take notes & keep 'em permanently in my noggin'. =)

  40. #40 - ASH says:

    Like many others here, I love your doodles too. 🙂 I don't doodle quite extensively as you do but I do notice them when I go back through my notebooks.

    I would choose: architect – flexi cover – medium – lagoon

  41. #41 - Nicole-Lynn says:

    Very nice! I would love to win this.. it'd help with my wedding planning and staying organized with school too.

  42. #42 - Jmom says:

    I like the artist paper, you can doodle or write on it. I would pick the flexi cover in medium to cut down on the weight because my diaper bag is heavy enough! The grape or the clementine are my favorites.
    reggity at sbcglobal dot net

  43. #43 - MiA says:

    Wow! I'd love to have a sketchbook to kick me going with zentangling doodles 🙂

    I'd design mine as
    – artist
    – hard cover
    – medium size
    – watermelon

    You can reach me at

    Xing my fingers!

  44. #44 - Leika says:

    I would choose the 1) author style, with a 2) hard cover, 3) medium size, in 4) lagoon!

  45. #45 - Tony says:

    1. Architect – I love taking notes on graph paper.
    2. Flexi Cover to better fit in my laptop bag
    3. Medium size
    4. the onyx cover looks cool.

  46. #46 - kimberly says:

    i've seen these and love them! i would do the artist with the soft cover in the lagoon…i bet the large size is amazing, but i think the small size is more practical 🙂 let the doodling begin!

  47. #47 - Betsy says:

    Nice! For the practical me I'd want a medium flexi cover advisor in watermelon. For the fun me I'd want the large flexi cover artist.

  48. #48 - Caseymini says:

    I love the one that you have chosen. The only difference would be the architect type paper. I use that kind of paper for miniature furniture designing. I am way down on the list of people that want to be in the drawing, but that won't stop me. Even if I don't win, I just went and looked and there are some stores in Tucson that carry them. Thanks for the chance to win, Cathe!

  49. #49 - Vindiciti says:

    I'd SO get this for my second son! He has autism, and has a hard time taking notes. I'd get him a medium flexi artist book in whichever color he preferred, since his favorite color (yellow) isn't an option. Awesome! I'm SO USING YOUR IDEA for taking notes in church for him!!!!!!


  50. #50 - Amanda R says:

    I have been looking for a sketchbook and this seems to fit the bill. And the fact that it is customizable is great. I would choose artist, hardback, medium in kiwi (or watermelon, love them both!). Thanks ecosystem!

  51. #51 - Colleayn says:

    I would love to win this- It sound perfect to have so I don't have little idea pieces of paper all over the place.

    1. Artist
    2. Flexi cover
    3. Medium
    4. Watermelon or grape
    To-Do pockets would be great to add.

  52. #52 - Megan says:

    Awesome! I would go with:

    Architect (love grid paper!)
    Flexi cover

    I would mess around with the outside, too. Those notebooks look GORGEOUS!

  53. #53 - Kate says:

    Great giveaway! I tend to be extremely tactile when it comes to picking sketchbooks. I need to feel the tooth of the paper to know if it's going to work for me. Too smooth and it's not picking up lead in the right way.

  54. #54 - marie says:

    I love these little notebooks ~ you're right they are perfect for tucking into a purse.
    I'd choose the blank artists book with a Flexi cover in the small size with an Onyx cover.

    Keeping a notebook near by is so handy to jot down pictures or ideas that my old mind might otherwise forget.

    Thanks for the chance at this giveawaY!

  55. #55 - Pearl says:

    { 1. Architect…2. Flexicover…3. Large…4. Kiwi}

    that was fun.

  56. #56 - Susan says:

    Awesome company…if I don't win I am definitely snagging one for myself 🙂 My BF and I use a notebook to write down recipes (we switch off cooking one nice meal a week) and we post little pictures and sidenotes as we go along. I like: 1. Author style 2. Hard Cover 3. Medium 4. Grape or Clementine!

  57. #57 - campblsoupgrl says:

    I would get the purple flexi-cover grid pattern. That grid pattern is perfect for making little check boxes for lists and, really, who doesn't love a grape purple??

  58. #58 - Janice says:

    I love having a little notebook in my purse at all times for design ideas, things I need to remember, or just what I need at the grocery store! I use little colored paper clips that indicate where I keep a certain type of notation – the pink clip is sketches, the blue clip is store lists, green clip is dates to remember, etc. It helps keep me sane!
    janiceihg AT hotmail DOT com.


  59. #59 - dearkatestudios says:

    I'd definitely want an artist in watermelon, flexi cover. Preferably small. Cute books!

  60. #60 - iHanna says:

    Thanks for sharing this, I love notebooks and I love having peeks into other people's notebooks like your pages. I hope you will share more of those in another post, they look yummy! I have a whole category on my blog about diary keeping and notebooks… it's a passion!

  61. #61 - Michelle-esque says:

    I am attending an art school right now. I don't have much money to purchase a smaller sketch book considering I am still in the process of repaying my student loans and my parents are unable to help me out. By winning this giveaway, I would be able to work on my sketches for fashion (I am a fashion design major). To customize it, I would probably use my sewing machine and sew on a heart fabric on the cover of it with my initials on the center of the heart. I would also doodle across the pages with my designs and label them accordingly.

    The book looks so organized and perfect to carry around in my canvas bag. 🙂

    xo, Michelle Huynh

  62. #62 - Mel O'Drama says:

    i would probably go with an
    1) artist
    2) flexi
    3) medium
    4) lagoon

    i am obsessed with notebooks and may have to spring for one of these even i don't win! thanks for the chance!

  63. #63 - Sarah A. says:

    I would choose the artist with a flexible cover in medium and in green. I like all the colors, though! But green seems the most soothing.

  64. #64 - Lelainia N. Lloyd says:

    Cathe, I live in what I lovingly refer to as the land of Peace, Love & Granola (British COlumbia, BC, Canada) where we're all tree huggin' granolas. This journal has ME written all over it-I am an incurable journal junkie!

    My Ecosystem journal of choice, if I were lucky enough to win would be a medium flex cover Kiwi coloured advisor with the personal info insert. I'd used this journal to track the art projects, jobs and exchanges I do all year round. (I'm a full time mixed media artist & writer.)

    I'd plan and keep track of all the stuff I mostly juggle in my head and jot on post-it notes which are plastered all over my studio in that journal. It sure would make my life easier!

    Thanks for posting about it. I believe the every day things in our lives need to not only be beautiful, but earth friendly too. If I don't win, I will have to bite the bullit, pay duty and have one shipped to Canada.

    *fingers crossed & wishing real hard*

  65. #65 - Jersey says:

    this is awesome! i need a new planner/notebook SO badly and would love to give them a try.

    i think i might do the advisor with a flex cover in medium or large. i love the kiwi or clementine colors.

    *fingers crossed!* (and thanks!!)

  66. #66 - Ramona Burke says:

    i LOOOOVe the Lagoon color, and would probably be interested in the artist, flexi, large….
    I might need to do some xmas shopping….

  67. #67 - plo says:

    LOVE IT! I wonder if I would love it more than my moleskine?

  68. #68 - TK says:

    wow my doodles won't look as great as yours!
    1. artist
    2. flexi
    3. medium
    4. clementine

  69. #69 - Emily says:

    What a great giveaway!
    I would have to say as far as their notebooks go, I would choose the same style/size/paper you did but I would go with the watermelon color. Its is too gorgeous to pass on : )

  70. #70 - Collette says:

    Okay, I love the notebooks, especially the orange and grape but may I say that I'd really like the doodles! The ability to do those doodles that is. Even your doodles are artistic! Pretty amazing, girl! (See? I can't stop with the exclamation points I'm so excited!)

  71. #71 - Garner says:

    1) artist 2) hard cover 3)medium size 4) black …would love a free one, thanks!

  72. #72 - Anna says:

    1. architect (obsessed with grid paper)
    2. flexi
    3. medium
    4. lagoon blue 🙂

  73. #73 - emmy jay says:

    Oooh! I am such a sucker for notebooks. I write and draw, so if I was buying I'd probably get one with lines and one without; if I had to only get one it would be the Artist. Small, so I could always get it in my bag; hard cover, because I use both sides of the page; and Kiwi … because I love it.

  74. #74 - edina says:

    1. architect
    2. flexi
    3. medium
    4. lagoon

  75. #75 - Anne B. says:

    Very cool…..thanks for the chance to win!
    I love the medium artist with a hardcover in onyx. Thanks for all the inspiration your site provides!


  76. #76 - Milissa E. says:

    I have been searching for the perfect notebook to start a garden journal. Most journal/notebooks are smaller than 8.5 x 11, which is what I need.

    I would pick the lagoon color cover, hardback, with artist blank paper.

    Just perfect for attaching seed packets, doodles on my dream garden.

  77. #77 - Milissa E. says:

    I have been searching for the perfect notebook to start a garden journal. Most journal/notebooks are smaller than 8.5 x 11, which is what I need.

    I would pick the lagoon color cover, hardback, with artist blank paper.

    Just perfect for attaching seed packets, doodles on my dream garden.

  78. #78 - Lydia says:

    These are great notebooks for sketching down quick ideas when you're out running errands around town. I currently have a small sketchbook (hardcover with polka dots on the cover and an elastic band to keep it in good shape) that I constantly pull out of my purse to jot down a grocery list, a gift idea that pops into my head, etc. I would prefer to have a:
    1) artist (blank so that you can be free as you scribble on the page!)
    2) hardcover (that way it doesn't get messed up in your purse)
    3) small (I don't need to add any more weight to my already heavy purse)
    4) kiwi or watermelon (too bad these colors can't be combined in someway! that color combination would be to.die.for!)

    Wonderful giveaway! Love it!


  79. #79 - kiddo says:

    I would chose the artist with a flexi cover in medium, lagoon. I go through way to many notebooks and journals!

    kiddomsg at gmail dot com

  80. #80 - The Venturas says:

    This is a rockin' giveaway! I'd never seen these before and I am now in love-will probably buy a couple if I don't win. I'd get a weekly datebook and an architect book-both in medium sizes and complimenting bright colors (LOVE the colors!).

  81. #81 - Cris de Sales Lobato says:

    My ecosystem:

    Flexi Cover
    Size: Small

    So cute! :o)


  82. #82 - other-option says:

    What a great giveaway! I'd go for:
    Style: Architect
    Cover: Hard
    Size: Large
    Color: Clementine
    Love these!
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  83. #83 - Riechan says:

    cool giveaway!
    My style would be
    Artist (I love sketching although Architecture would be good too since I'm an architecture student :D)
    I love hardcover books so a hardcover it is.
    Medium size and a watermelon colour, as I love pink! ^^
    my emailadress is riechanster[at]gmail[dot]com

  84. #84 - greetingarts says:

    Oh, those are gorgeous! I'd choose architect flexi cover in medium with lagoon (or watermelon, I can't decide)!

    greetingarts (at) yahoo (dot) com

  85. #85 - Debilou~Mississippi Mama says:

    I love notebooks, and almost ALWAYS have one in my purse or bag. Sounds like ordering a cappucino but mine would be . . author, flexi, medium, watermelon.. Hope I win.

  86. #86 - Monica says:

    I would choose a small lagoon colored architect book with a flexi cover but I would honestly be happy as can be with anything! I love your doodles. I wish I could get the pictures in my head to translate that well on paper 🙂

    mmhemsley AT gmail DOT com

  87. #87 - baglady says:

    I love them! The notebooks remind me of the little moleskin notebooks but with more choices. I always keep a small notebook in my purse or workbag for notes and "to do" lists- need to keep organized when you are a working mom. I would order the small author style with lines in a fun color-maybe watermelon but its hard to choose. I think I will order one right now!!

  88. #88 - Maggie says:

    These are beautiful little books! I constantly use a sketchbook to keep track of ideas and projects. I'm an extremely visual person, and it helps my planning to see each step of a project sketched out. My custom book would be a medium, kiwi-colored, flexi-covered, blank artist book. Ooooh, I hope I win one, and if not, I'm ordering a few!

  89. #89 - Julie says:

    I love notebooks!

    I picked: Artist/Blank – Flexi Cover – Small – Lagoon

    I would use it for doodling as well (LOVE doodling) and jotting down ideas

  90. #90 - Hannah says:

    ooo!! Lucky you, getting one of these for free!

    My choices are:

    artist,flexi cover, medium,grape


  91. #91 - Bryssy says:


    This would fit perfectly in a diaper bag or purse and I am always needing a small notebook to write down info I get in phone calls from students (I am an online teacher).

  92. #92 - rachael says:

    I find it really hard to find sketch books that i like. so many, unless you go for an actual sketch book, have nasty lines all over them!! i just want good quality plain paper so my ideas can flow more freely and not in a straight line.
    My perfect combo would be 1. artist 2. flexi 3.small (lots of little ideas before they get turned into big ideas :-p) 4. clementine

  93. #93 - Dawn says:

    awesome sketchpad ~ I always have one with me too. I would go with Artist, med, black…love that you can create your own
    (your pages were phenomenal…mine don't look like that! impressive)

  94. #94 - Karyn says:

    Well if this is your favourite.. I'm sure it's going to be everyone's favourite!
    My choice would have to be
    Style – Artist
    Cover – Flexi
    Size – Small
    Color – Clementine
    and I'd create my own monthly calendar inside 🙂

  95. #95 - sana says:

    oh how i love notebooks!! i used to think when i got my smartphone i'd be set… but notes and planners just aren't the same when it's on something i keep forgetting to charge. i would totally get a medium flexi advisor in CLEMINTINE (my new favorite color!)

  96. #96 - Arrica says:

    I built mine as a Hard Cover Medium Grape Artist. I think I would (am going to) build another small one as an Author with a Flexi cover in Clementine.

    Love your site. Such an inspiration.


  97. #97 - Immi says:

    I would choose flex cover, medium size, artist style, watermelon color (clementine would be great, too!)

  98. #98 - Kari says:

    I would get the medium hard covered kiwi artist. It is a good size for my travel journal and strong enough to stand up to my abuse.

  99. #99 - Elizabeth says:

    That elastic band just gave me an idea for some keepsake/planners that I am making – thanks! Love the eco notebooks and seeing all of your doodles makes me realize I need to get back into the habit of carrying one around. Love the artist notebook, and the kiwi colour is wonderful.

  100. #100 - Lorissa H. says:

    I would pick an artist-medium-hard cover-watermelon! I LOVE notebooks!

  101. #101 - Meghan T. says:

    I think I have seen these in the book store but will definitely be looking at them the next time I go in.
    I would do the author book, in kiwi, medium size with the flexi cover.
    I write more than I doodle although I do like to doodle but NOTHING like how you doodle. It's gorgeous!

  102. #102 - liz @ bon temps beignet says:

    Cathe, i *LOVE* that you doodle!!!
    You drawings are awesome.
    It -kinda- reminded me of the ones I posted here (scroll waaaay down)

    I would love a nice book to doodle in!

  103. #103 - jocelyn says:

    I'd go with a large hard kiwi architect!

  104. #104 - deanna says:

    Oh boy. I LOVE notebooks. I'm addicted.

    1- Flexi Cover
    2- Blank
    3- Small
    4- Clementine

  105. #105 - Melissa says:

    wonderful giveaway. I am always going through journals. and in need of more!

  106. #106 - Mrs Soup says:

    I am a HUGE doodler too! It is the exact way that I listen better as well! So I totally hear you on this! I lovelovelove these notebooks as well. They are fantastic!

  107. #107 - lynner says:

    really great gift:
    architect, flexi, medium, and boring black.
    Thanks so much

  108. #108 - Eyespiral says:

    Any journal-related post is one I am in love with! And being enviro-conscious is just a bonus. I am a writer so I can never have enough notebooks. I love ecosystem's little bookbuilder on their site, it's great. I reckon I'd have to go with a medium sized flexicover watermelon number, but blank so I can sketch ideas I haven't put to words yet! 🙂

  109. #109 - Sadie Dodson says:

    I love these notebooks. I am always making list and notes of things I need to get done and the small ones are the perfect size to take along anywhere.

  110. #110 - marsha says:

    They are wonderful, I like the small flexible one – weekly planner in kiwi. I love your blog – so much talent in one person!

  111. #111 - Christine says:

    I love this, fantastic giveaway! I would chose the Artist, flexible, medium and in the color lagoon.

    Thanks for doing this!

  112. #112 - Jackman Clan says:

    I love notebooks, especially eco-friendly ones! I think I would go with the architect, medium, flexi in watermelon…or onyx.

  113. #113 - Devi says:

    I've just started sketching daily and have been on the lookout for a nice book to carry with me. If I were to get one (and I'm seriously considering it now), it'd be an artist with a flexi cover, medium, in kiwi.

  114. #114 - mizdarlin says:

    What a nice idea!
    Well, just to throw a wrench in the works, I'd be most happy with a combination artist/author/architect book-because at various times, I'm all three-and it would be so great to have a book that allowed for that-those three styles of pages in equal sections..-a medium in lagoon..
    And if i had to pick just one for the give-away, guess it would be architect-easy to write and draw on the graph paper!

  115. #115 - danyelle says:

    What great otebooks! I'd like a flexible lagoon artist

  116. #116 - Carla says:

    what fun- medium, Flexi, grape artist!

  117. #117 - Debb says:

    I'm a notebook groupie… I can't help myself… office/school supply section … I'll be there… cute, pretty, simple if it speaks to me it's mine… although, sometimes I have trouble writing in them… If I win… I promise… I will write in it every day… just a word or two… a thought, dream or doodle… thanks so much…

  118. #118 - Rachel says:

    I'd love a medium hardcover in watermelon- the style would be the hardest part to choose, I'd have to go with artist. Total freedom to fill it with anything!

  119. #119 - Olivia says:

    I never heard of Ecosystem notebooks either but I love they are made w/ 100% post consumer recycled paper! The colors are great also. I would custom mine to a Medium size artist journal w/ flexi cover in the color clementine.

  120. #120 - Learning Spanish at 41 says:

    Loving these notebooks, the elastic band feature, and your doodles are great, Cathe. I need a notebook because I'm starting fall term at college again, and, being an art major, a blogger, and a wanna-be interior design geek, I really should be one to tote a sketchbook for ideas.

  121. #121 - Brianne says:

    I love notebooks! I would definitely get the medium hard back in watermelon! Even if I don't win I'll definitely be getting one.

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    brianne.aumack at

  122. #122 - Vicki Holdwick says:

    Wow! Cathe, What a great giveaway.

    I'd choose an artist style with a flexi cover in a medium size and clementine in color.

    Sure hope I win.

    Thanks for the chance,


  123. #123 - KateB says:

    as a scrapbooker, i think a large, paper covered architect book in
    lagoon would fit in my huge mommy bag quite nicely. tfs !!

  124. #124 - KateB says:

    as a scrapbooker, i think a large, paper covered architect book in
    lagoon would fit in my huge mommy bag quite nicely. tfs !!

  125. #125 - Oh, My Darling says:

    I'd do the advisor style, with a flexible cover, medium size, in lime green! omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  126. #126 - madrekarin says:

    What a cool giveaway! I would choose a medium sized architec with a flexi cover in watermelon. I am imagining all of the quilts I could design and keep safely tucked away. 🙂

  127. #127 - VintageCrafter says:

    I LOVE the different choices and colors. I think the artist style, medium in the bright lagoon would be perfect for me:)

  128. #128 - Roberta says:

    Last year they were selling these ecosystem notebooks in Barnes & Noble and I picked up a couple. I really like them better than "moleskins" because the papers are thicker and the prices are lower…but better yet, I like their eco message. I would love a new one in kiwi with blank sketch book pages for an Art Journal.
    Great giveaway, fondly, Roberta

  129. #129 - Mal says:

    awesome notebooks! I would get:

    – medium
    – flexi
    – watermelon
    – blank


  130. #130 - a. (aka Amanda) says:

    Love, love, love your doodles! Makes me think of Zentangles! Very inspiring!

    I would love either the small or medium size artist, flexi cover, in lagoon! 🙂

    A lot of my sketch books come in black and/or white… this would throw some fun into the mix!

  131. #131 - Jane Jeffress Thomas says:

    Architect, Paper Cover Essay Book, Medium, Onyx is the book I would build.

    jane1 at cp-tel dot net

  132. #132 - Katie B. says:

    How cool! Love this product. I'd definitely get the Advisor Planner notebook in medium kiwi. Flexi cover. Thanks!

    P.S. Your doodles are awesome.

  133. #133 - Nicole Austin says:

    i love these journals! i would pick the artist, hardcover, medium, kiwi one! 😉

  134. #134 - Grimmy says:

    I would love to get a monthly advisor in medium or small and any color is great!!!

  135. #135 - Valerie says:

    These are awesome! I've always noticed them at Barnes and Noble but have never bought one. I would choose the smallest artist notebook in Lagoon so I can keep it in my purse. I always have ideas for my Etsy shop and don't have anywhere to write them down when I'm out & about.

    Oh, and I absolutely LOVE your doodles!

  136. #136 - Laura Solomon says:

    You are just so brilliant and deep and COOL. Your doodling ROCKS.
    I am going right over to that website— I would get a GRID book, make it some funky color like purple…

  137. #137 - night_child80 says:

    I already have 2 notebooks, but am always looking to add more to the collection since I scrawl and doodle all over them.

    My custom ecosystem book would be the artist (cuz I doodle everywhere), flexi cover (my current ones are hardcover, so would love to see how the flexi works for me) in medium (cuz space is always a plus, but not too large that I can't fit in my handbag) and in clementine (cuz it is bright and cheery!)

  138. #138 - My Journey to Hope says:

    Wow, your doodles look so… professional! I love notebooks, big or small. I journal, write lists, draw art ideas, etc. in them, so I have tons of filled notebooks around the house. I would love to win one!

    🙂 Michelle

  139. #139 - jen says:

    If I collect anything, it's notebooks! I love grid paper; there aren't enough notebooks with it! (: Thanks for sharing, Cathe!
    Btw, looove your doodles. Would you ever considering scanning those? Esp love the Casting Crowns one!

  140. #140 - Crazy Mom Tats! says:

    cool ! must have!!
    Paper Cover Essay Book – Ruled in medium onyx

  141. #141 - DK says:

    It's been ages since I got a new notebook. I've never had one with grids in it, though; I really like that idea!

  142. #142 - LynnL says:

    I would love a medium grape artist journal with a flexi cover. I have been journalling for many years and recently discovered art journals. I need a new book with a pretty purple cover to inspire me:)

  143. #143 - Stephanie says:

    VERY cool giveaway! Um, I would choose…

    Hard Cover

    I Love notebooks. Thank you for the opportunity!

  144. #144 - Anna Galvas says:

    I would get a small, black advisor in hardcover. I love planners…and this would be perfect!

  145. #145 - muffin says:

    i am always trying to find a notebook i like, but it is so hard…i have made due with moleskins, but they were just never enough

    crossing fingers!


  146. #146 - Rachel Marie says:

    what yummy books! i'd do an author with the flexi cover in medium and the grape color!

  147. #147 - youngmi says:

    oh my, your doodles are incredible! i'm really liking graph/grid paper these days so i would go with Architect/Grid – Flexi Cover – Medium – Lagoon.

  148. #148 - Mellisa says:

    Oooh, a large hardcover artist journal in Lagoon…divine!

  149. #149 - Elizabeth says:

    oh the styles and colors… I could never decide. If only my best artwork looked like your doodles. But a notebook would be a constant go to for artwork. and these ecosystem ones are really great. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  150. #150 - Debbie McIntyre says:

    Artist flexi med kiwi!!! Great giveaway.
    Love your doodles…you are the master.
    Thanks for the chance to win

  151. #151 - Amy says:

    These notebooks look so cool! I'd either get the artist one, flexi cover, medium, in lagoon.

  152. #152 - Tensasgal says:

    The ecosystem notebooks are fabulous. Choice of cover, paper, size – and a pocket and inserts, too! I'd love to have an artist style hardcover in kiwi. Wait, maybe I'd rather have the architect flexi cover in lagoon. Or perhaps the….

    Great product. Thanks.

  153. #153 - Anonymous says:

    I love having a small notebook wherever I go! It's an easy way to keep notes, jot down ideas and to do lists. I'd be lost without mine! Color and style dont matter as I'd most likely collage over the cover and pages. Great giveaway!

  154. #154 - ~Barb~ says:

    Not only is it a great looking notebook (journal) but knowing that you've put your stamp of approval make it even more worthy of my wantonness. LOL Please count me in, I'd love to try them out. I'd go for the Artist, large in Lagoon. Yum!
    Peace & Love,

  155. #155 - Martha says:

    I love these little books too! My favorite I think is the kiwi colored flexi-cover. My only regret is that they don't have perforated pages. Sometimes its the only paper at hand for jotting a grocery list to send my husband to the store with or to jot a note or phone number to give to someone.
    I was thrilled to hear someone else say they listen best while they are doodling; me too! Though my doodles don't look like yours.
    Thank you for offering this giveaway. The last set of "purse books" I bought at B&N are about used up. I found a snazzy set designed by Jonathan Adler at Christmas.

  156. #156 - Melodee, says:

    I have a real weakness for journals/blank books. I like to fill them with doodles, notes, reminders, lists, pictures I like, ideas from magazines and on and on and on. I used blank books for my notetaking in church because I seemed to remember messages better after I "drew" my notes (complete with stickers!) If I could have one of the Ecosystem notebooks, I'd pick the kiwi-colored one with a hardcover and I'd fill it with unlined pages . . . and maybe some pockets. I'd fill it with "leftovers" from my head because, with my ADDishness, I need some additional space for thoughts and such. I'm not sure if I'd go with a small, medium or large one as I could use any size! :o)

  157. #157 - Anonymous says:

    I need a notebook to sleep at night. Otherwise, all my lists keep me awake!

  158. #158 - Kalyber says:

    Those are doodles? They look like fine finished work to me. I like the kiwi soft cover but the inside could be anything as I see lines as just suggestions.

  159. #159 - Laurie says:

    I love the grid pages! I'd love to try out a new style of notebook — I keep lots of different types of sketchbooks.

  160. #160 - Jerry says:

    I saw these in BN a while back but they didnt have what I wanted – Architect, Medium w/lagoon flexi cover.

    They say they use all environmentally friendly products, which may mean the covers can be laser etched. Moleskin's have pvc in them and cannot be lasered. If these can be, then WOOT!!!
    I'll do my own cover art.

  161. #161 - scrapbookprintables says:

    I am always making notes on random bits of paper and carrying around a to do list so one of these would be perfect.

    I would go with a small sized architect, flexi cover in kiwi, with a to do list in the tucked in the back.

  162. #162 - Donna Nguyen says:

    1. Artist
    2. Flexi
    3. Medium
    4. Watermelon

  163. #163 - Bounty Huntress says:

    Oh, how wonderful! I'm loving the medium Advisor in Kiwi with a flexi-cover! Does it come with doodling lessons?

  164. #164 - RavenJoolz says:

    Hi. What great books! I may have to order anyway. I am torn between Architect>Flexi Cover>Medium>Grape or Artist>Hard Cover>Medium>Clementine as I would use both. The Architect to do doodles with the squares which I do a lot but have only ever had big pages or Artist to design embroidery or take nature notes when I am out and about. My fiance would be horrified at more notebooks though as I am a collector….

  165. #165 - wilmi says:

    I love your doodling about finding in the storm.. I like notebooks, have one myself and made a cover of fabric.
    I would choose a medium, black hard covered one.

  166. #166 - papelhilo-l'araignée says:

    i love the artist notebook, medium siez with a mandarine flexy cover !
    great giveaway !

  167. #167 - Found & Made Designs says:

    oh boy, do i need a new idea book. i doodle all of my future projects on pieces of scrap paper right now because my current book is full. if i were to pick one of these books it would definitely be the artist with the soft cover, medium, in kiwi. {{{LOVE}}}
    *crossing my fingers*


  168. #168 - Sheena C. says:

    oh wow! I'm due for a sketchbook and ecosystem looks like it would be a great fit. I'm an art teacher and am always toting around a sketchbook for lesson ideas. It would be nice to have a high quality sketchbook for that purpose 🙂

  169. #169 - Anonymous says:

    Now I have to add "learn how to doodle" to my bucket list! I've always thought that embellished moleskins were great, but a fancy colorful notebook? Wow! I'll wait until next week to hit Barnes and Noble – just in case!

  170. #170 - annekap says:

    Let me try this again,…..Now I have to add "learn how to doodle" to my bucket list! I've always thought that embellished moleskins were great, but a fancy colorful notebook? Wow! I'll wait until next week to hit Barnes and Noble – just in case!

  171. #171 - Donna VW says:

    I love your doodles! Do you pray in color? We started a group this past spring for a lenten devotion where we read Sybil MacBeth's book "Praying in Color". It has changed my prayer life.

  172. #172 - Robyn *Ü* says:

    I love this kind of thing. I use these types of notebookes as journals and to draw out quilt ideas. If I was customizing I'd go with a small hardcover kiwi plain pages with an inset of grid pages (for my quilting ideas). Thanks for a great giveaway.

  173. #173 - Rita says:

    beautiful notebooks!
    my favourite is: artist, flexi cover, medium and grape!
    thanks for this chance to win!!

  174. #174 - Tony R. says:

    I love notebooks like these! I've always been a huge fan of moleskin but i have no idea what the company's footprint is like. I might just be switching over the Ecosystem.

    I "built" the Author, hard cover-ruled, medium, onyx

    Not bad for only$16

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  175. #175 - Letterpress says:

    It's been fun to scroll through and read other people's comments about their notebooks and/or plans for notebooks.

    I visited the ecosystem website and think that small/hard cover/lagoon. And the style? Since I'm a quilter, and love to draw new block patterns, it would have to be grid/architect for me.

    It wasn't until I explored their website that I realized that I've seen them at Barnes and Noble–one of my favorite haunts. I could use a new notebook–my old one is thrashed!

    BTW, I really enjoy your website–one of the ones I always read in my Reader.


  176. #176 - Julie says:

    Love this! And, I am in need of a calendar for next, I would opt for the advisor in flex and kiwi!


  177. #177 - Noelia says:

    I always use old notebooks, it doesnt matter if the pages are yellow, everything works and i use some coloufull fabric and felt designs on it to inspire me every day … i like to recycle so 😀

    I have one now that its TOO big, so i would love the idea to have a small one to carry with me all the time 😀

  178. #178 - floatingink says:

    OMG–make mine a medium, kiwi colored, flexi covered artist! I'd love to find a dozen of these in my Christmas stocking!

  179. #179 - Collaborations says:

    Oh—I DO love these!u

  180. #180 - LiLi says:

    Super-cool! For a patchwork quilter, definitely the architect, paper cover, in kiwi if they offered it, but it doesn't seem to be available, so good old black for me!

  181. #181 - Kristi says:

    I have a slight obsession with notebooks and notecards. I stash notebooks all over – my car, my purse, my house…if I was able to build my own it would be an author styled, flexi-covered, small kiwi bundle of happiness! 😉

  182. #182 - Caty says:

    wao! great idea!

    cover: an acrylic painting (it would be a small book to do some card ideas with paper, colours, etc)
    my first pages will be to write and then to collage ideas

    black one and small would be my choice


  183. #183 - poppy says:

    I would chose artist, medium, flexie, kiwi! so many options

  184. #184 - R says:

    Awesome giveaway! I can't run away from notebooks, planners or journals. I would love the medium flexi advisor in clementine or kiwi.


  185. #185 - Anonymous says:

    I am such a notebook junky and I can't believe how inexpensive these are. I would love the artist notebook in Clementine for my 10 year old that is obsessed with all things orange and artsy. She has a birthday coming up!


  186. #186 - Marta says:

    Great giveaway, super useful. Something to have allways in my bag. Reminders, notes, lists, draws,…a big mind-organizer!

  187. #187 - O. says:

    I love the colors! I'm going to go swing by barnes and noble tonight and snag one up, I won't turn down another one if I win 🙂

  188. #188 - Campbell says:

    Hard Cover

    Love the ability to build my own journal-and love it even more to use as gifts for my journal happy friends!

    Thanks for offering this giveaway through JSIM!


  189. #189 - Stacie says:

    I love, love, love notebooks! I have so many half filled ones laying all around my house!

  190. #190 - Barbara says:

    I've been picking these up and touch them every time I go the B & N. I certainly would love to win one.

  191. #191 - Barbara says:

    I have benn looking at these every single time I am at B & N. Would love to have one.

  192. #192 - asuka says:

    I've an odd fascination with notebooks and all sorts of stationery. But then again, I like to write – to rant all overt he pages – so I suppose it's understandable ^^

    If I were to build my own, it'd be an author one. Medium, hardcover. And the color… hmmm… lagoon! 🙂

    so.kitsch at gmail dot com

  193. #193 - Lisa L. says:

    Oh I would love a notebook -great for holding little details. These are beautiful. Lisa L.

  194. #194 - starrkisst says:

    this is such a fun giveaway!!! fingers crossed, broken wish bone, and shooting star that i might win.
    1. artist
    2. flexi
    3. medium
    4. lagoon

  195. #195 - SAlden says:

    I would definitely choose the 1. architect 2. flexi 3. small 4. clementine book! And if I don't win… I might just have to buy one anyway 🙂
    P.S. Your doodles are awesome!

  196. #196 - Miss Jess says:

    I'm not really leaving a comment to enter the contest, but I just want to comment on your doodling in church – I do it too! I always have, and I usually get a lot of dirty looks because of it. But honestly, I've ALWAYS been a better listener when I'm able to doodle away. I thought it was very cool to hear about someone else doing it, it makes me feel better about my own little habits.

  197. #197 - Ms. Zimmer Teaches in Math Land says:

    Awesome find of a notebook! I am a crafter, writer and teacher. In my sketchbook goes my doodles, my inspirations, recipes, and travel notes. I love the post-consumer recycled paper of the ecosystem. Thanks for turning me on t their site.

    Amy in Sebtown

  198. #198 - Suzanna says:

    I love having a notebook in my purse for random thoughts, lists and doodles. I usually go for Molskine kraft notebooks because I like to put pictures on the front, but I would love to try something new!

  199. #199 - EmraldeKat says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! I would love Advisor / Hard Cover / Weekly / Meduim / Lagoon. Love the products!

    EmKat_Creations at hotmail dot com

  200. #200 - Deseree says:

    1. artist 2. flexi cover 3.small 4. clementine times one for every bag I own plus both cars and my work desk.. it is so hard to find a pretty orange notebook and orange is my FAVORITE!


  201. #201 - Lakshmi says:

    What a lovely set of notebooks! I really like the weekly style with the calendar on the left page and a space to make a list or doodle or write down ideas/thoughts on the right (I'm a listmaker!). I would choose the clementine in the advisor, hardcover, medium size and carry it with me everywhere – I think I have a handbag that'll fit it just right! I love going back through notebooks/calendars like this years later and recounting fun memories.

  202. #202 - Lbeck says:

    1. Author 2. Flexi-Cover 3. Medium 4. Onyx. But it would not be for me. My fiance is a playwright, and almost EVERYTHING he writes goes into a notebook before he types it up on the computer. He goes through dozens of notebooks a year. How great would it be if those were eco-friendly notebooks?! And I love the idea of the pocket for all his little inspirations.

  203. #203 - Joy says:

    I found your blog through Apron Thrift Girl today!! (you are having coffee together!) And if I win a flex-covered, small, watermelon sketch book, as a result…well, there is truth in the stars aligning, to be sure!!

  204. #204 - Robin says:

    I'd choose an artist with a flexi clementine cover – size medium I think.

    I just started doodling in church and it's done wonders for my attention.

  205. #205 - Elizabeth says:

    I have an ecosystem notebook that I use as a travel journal. I ADORE it but would love another for day-to-day use!

  206. #206 - Virginia says:

    I would love to have the weekly calendar with the flexi cover in grape. Ahhh, that purple is so perfect! And the pocket in the back would keep all the scrapes of paper organized and they would not fall out every time I pull the calendar out.

  207. #207 - Cathy says:

    artist, hard cover, small, kiwi. I love journals! Thanks for the opportunity.

  208. #208 - Nell says:

    I have a sickness when it comes to notebooks. It's like an addiction. I just love them! Mine would have to hard cover though. I didn't see the dimensions of the notebooks anywhere though. Also, I would love to have a custom stamp on it, but the site says it only does that for a minimum of 50 notebooks. Sad face. Either way, these look great! I think I'd have to splurge for the pink, since I usually stick with black.

  209. #209 - Bridgette says:

    1. artist 2. hard cover 3. large 4. onyx. Hardcover seems important for on the go sketching, although I wish the hardcover came in more colors than just onyx.
    Do you think they could make half author/half artist books?

  210. #210 - Jessica Stier says:

    1. Artist
    2. Hard cover
    3. Medium
    4. toss up between Lagoon and Watermelon.
    I love these and really want one!!! A great way for mom to start the school year! 🙂 The kids aren't the only ones who need new supplies…

  211. #211 - nan says:

    mmmm me a good notebook.


    I write everything down that I can. I doodle my ideas, make lists, reminders, cool things that I see… I am ALWAYS looking for fabulous notebooks to keep track of these things. Ecosystem is definitely on my list now. Thanks for the introduction!


    p.s. Your doodles are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  212. #212 - Sue says:

    I would choose the artist style, flexi cover, watermelon color, med. size:) Great notebook!

  213. #213 - Caroline says:

    I've been obsessed with notebooks since I was young. Right now I've been using Japanese notebooks that I keep lists in (not as amazing as those great full-page doodles), but I love the elastic bands that go around the ecosystem books because I always keep the notes in my bag. I have three kids at three different schools, a husband who travels a lot, and a business that keeps me busy. I would like to use the notebook to write down one happy thing that happens a day. I think that my kids would really love to have them when they are older as an insight into their mother and our days together. We have a great time, but it's a busy day and it might be nice to see what made me happy in those busy moments. Either way, thank you for the site. It's great how many ideas you have. CVF156[at]yahoo[dot]com

  214. #214 - Caroline says:

    Ugh I had to renter the comment and when I pulished I had not readded the kind of notebook! I'm Caroline from below: 1. Architect 2. Flexi-cover 3. Medium 4 Clementine or Kiwi or lagoon. Good luck to everyone!

  215. #215 - Elisabeth says:

    Artist, flexicoer, medium (I have big, loopy handwriting :-)) and lagoon – a relaxing color that sounds as good as it looks!

  216. #216 - Marisa says:

    I practically collect notebooks and have always wanted to customize my ideal one! I would love a large, hardcover, artist in watermelon. The perfect notebook for collecting inspiration.

  217. #217 - Holly says:

    Ooooh How exciting! I'm an avid doodler myself! With the weather changing I've been doodling lots of leaves I see on the ground as well as the tractors that go by my house. The "clementine" color is perfect for doodling Halloween costume and pumpkin carving ideas! Love this contest!

  218. #218 - Sara says:

    I love notebooks… The "artist" plain paged medium sized flexi cover in grape would be a dream.

    thank you for the chance 🙂

  219. #219 - Into Vintage says:

    I'm a ginormous doodler as the random scraps of paper around me will attest to. My choice would be 1. artist 2. flexi 3. medium and 4. clementine (so it will stand out if it becomes buried in a desk avalanche.) Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  220. #220 - shoutingforha says:

    I always carry a notebook with me. I am horribly forgetful and need to have a pen and paper ready to jot down ideas for blog posts, crazy things that my son says, lists of things to do…

    By the way, I love your doodles!

  221. #221 - Harper says:

    I'd want a medium author with a grape flexi cover. Love those narrow ruled pages. And for working out things, an insert of graph paper.
    However, the small paper-covered essay style looks like it would be perfect to use for individual projects — in each color!

  222. #222 - Maria Gridley says:

    Oh my goodness, youre "doodles" are AMAZING!! Works of art.. I was in awe! LOL Gorgeous. Im jelous of your skills. LOL I doodle kinda like that all the time.. but they look nothing like that! WOW. Just had to say. 🙂

    I just found your blog, and am now a new follower!!

  223. #223 - jennifer says:

    wonderful giveaway! you know I saw an article about someone using and architect notebook for journaling and I loved how it looked. she used it with floral rubber stamps and such and it made a wonderful sketch book….if I had a choice (and that is hard) it would be the architect in lagoon with a flexible cover – they look pretty awesome! queendragonfairie at

  224. #224 - bloomingheather says:

    1. artist 2. hard cover 3. medium 4. onyx. Lovely notebooks! Thanks for the giveaway. If the to-do list insert is an option, I'm a big fan!

  225. #225 - says:

    Oh, wow! Another addiction, just waiting for me! I'd go with the artist style, with a grape-colored hard cover in the medium size. How cool is the whole idea of being able to "design" your own! Thanks for the fun!

  226. #226 - Amy@OCD: Obsessive Creative Disorder says:

    I love the watermelon color notebooks! I also just love new, clean, fresh notebooks so full of potential!

    lucky_march_girl AT yahoo DOT com

  227. #227 - Tammy says:

    This is so great! I doodle all day in class – it's my way of listening, too, and I've been considering participating in the Sketchbook Project.

    If I won I think I'd take a blank medium sketchbook with the pockets. But what color – I'm not sure yet.

  228. #228 - Rachel says:

    I constantly wish that I had some sort of notepad in my purse for those ideas you know you'll never remember between dropping kids off at school, walking the dog, errands and everything that falls in between. I've tried drugstore brands and they just don't stand up to the abuse inside my purse. This little guy looks like the answer to my problems! Win or not, I have to own one of these 🙂

  229. #229 - NanaBeast says:

    I really love the kiwi color, but since I want the large size artist flexi cover, I have to settle for lagoon. Why no kiwi in large I wonder? Anyway, this is a truly great looking notebook. By the way, you doodle beautifully.

  230. #230 - Lynn Osborne says:

    Architect, flex, watermelon, medium would be my favorite!!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  231. #231 - Mrs. Fank says:

    I love a good blank book! If I were building my own, my ideal would be a medium sized, flex cover, artist book in Lagoon!

    Great giveaway!

  232. #232 - Kahri says:

    You have the most beautiful doodles!!! I would love a grape advisor with blank pages (in a medium size) they sound so awesome! b

  233. #233 - dominique eichi says:

    Fab – I love that we do similar doodles.
    Love yours
    Love the sketchbook, all of them !

  234. #234 - Kathy says:

    I love this wonderful journal/notebook/sketchbook. I would select the small sketchbook (hate being limited by lines) with flexicover and in kiwi (not my favorite color but matches my initials).

  235. #235 - Evermore Organics says:

    I would love the hell out of one of these. I'll be spending a lot of time on trains starting next month, and doodling the time away would be a joy for me.

  236. #236 - Evermore Organics says:

    Ooh, my email!

    evermoresoap at gmail dot com

  237. #237 - Randi says:

    I would love to win a notebook! I would like an author, hard cover, medium kiwi notebook! Thank you for sharing the opportunity to win one!

  238. #238 - shoni says:

    Love, love, love the idea of being able to create your own book!!

    I would definitely want one that I can carry around with me as I am a doodler during meetings (I listen so much better that way, too) although your doodles are wayyyyyy better than any I've ever made.

    Thank you for such a wonderful blog!

  239. #239 - giorgia says:

    Hi, what a great giveaway!
    I love notebook and after looking the site … I chose Artist/Blank – Hard Cover – Small – Watermelon.
    I hope …

  240. #240 - Darlene says:

    I'm always sketching so I would choose the Artist style, blank, large and hard cover. And I definitely would go for the Watermelon color since I think it would increase my creativity.

    Thank you for offering this contest.

  241. #241 - martha sims says:

    I think getting to customize the notebook is wonderful. I picked out the advisor version. It is so pretty I know it is one that I won't lose.

  242. #242 - Claire says:

    I'd choose artist in hard cover, large size, in kiwi. And I would carry it with me everywhere and love it to pieces. 🙂

  243. #243 - Roseanna says:

    Wow…love this little book, hope I am lucky!! Love your site! I am a new follower and I am enjoying past posts…

  244. #244 - Amber says:

    So fun! I love these! I would take an advisor, with a flexi cover, medium sized in kiwi or grape.


  245. #245 - Annette says:

    What a great giveaway! I would choose a weekly advisor, medium, flexicover in kiwi; love it, love it, love it!

  246. #246 - kristin says:

    Love love love new notebooks! I'd choose a medium artist notebook in w. a lagoon flexi cover.

    Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  247. #247 - Crafty Nester says:

    I LOVE these! It's so cool you can customize them for your own needs. Plus they're cute!
    I would get the medium sized advisor in the weekly format with the clememtine cover. I'm a little obsessed with oragne right now 🙂

  248. #248 - Ceejay says:

    What a nice system. I would choose the artist version, largest size. I love the "lost and found" feature on their website. How clever!!!

  249. #249 - Bobble says:

    I would love this notebook. I'd choose advisor, flexi, medium and kiwi.

    I so enjoy your blog, Cathe.

  250. #250 - Evelyn says:

    Omg that's so awesome!

    Mine would be:
    1. artist
    2. flexi cover
    3. medium
    4. kiwi

    my email: lelymarques arroba

  251. #251 - Shelley Malone says:

    Ohhhh, these look so great!! If I was building one I would pick: 1) artist; 2) flexi; 3) large; 4) onyx. I know that sounds boring but I like it when the outside gives no indication of the mysteries and treasures that might be found inside!

  252. #252 - Dee Tollaksen says:

    Hmmm. Looks like I can't have it, but I want blue lagoon on a medium soft cover advisor. Oh well. If I can't have blue, just forget it.

  253. #253 - Nell says:

    This notebook would be a gift for my hubby, so I'd have to check with him on size, etc. I think he'd want a small, black line notebook. He carries a notebook all the time in his pocket, recording thoughts, observations, sketches, ideas. Much of what he writes concerns his interest in and love of the natural world. Thank you for the opportunity.
    oldsockfarm !at gmail

  254. #254 - Elaine says:

    Well, my goodness. This is what I get for waiting until later in the week to check back in with you! At least I didn't miss this fabulous giveaway. I am also a chronic doodler, but my doodles look nothing like yours, Cathe! Let's see – If I were to win, I would choose the medium, black, paper cover architect-style. I need gridlines because I can't write in a straight line on a blank page.

  255. #255 - gail a lindekugel says:

    I love all the options but most of all the pockets for tucking treasures into. I love to carry a notebook in my purse for lists and musings. A good snapshot of where i'm at to look back on later. Thank you!!

  256. #256 - glindekugel says:

    love the pockets for tucking away treasures!!

  257. #257 - studiodax says:

    A great giveaway…. I use notebooks and sketch pads all the time when designing my class jewelry projects. Grid paper is great for getting relative proportions, so my choice would be the architect, w/paper cover, in size small, in lagoon or watermelon.

  258. #258 - says:

    Love these beautiful books! I would try the architect with a flexi cover in the medium size in cool blue Lagoon. For garden planing. Thanks for the chance!

  259. #259 - Rebecca says:

    Build it with architect, flexi, medium, and Lagoon. I can't live without a notebook/journal in my bag. Lists are my life!

  260. #260 - fern says:

    advisor, small, flexi, kiwi.

    woot! good luck to me 🙂

    find me at

  261. #261 - Anonymous says:

    This is the perfect giveaway. Personally I'm a fanatic notebook/journal/idea book junkie and the medium ecosystem advisor (weekly calendar)flexi-cover notebook in kiwi is exactly what I need to stay organized and somewhat more together. Either way, like you, I'm a fan of the company already and will definitely be getting that ecosystem notebook….but winning it will make it much more fantastic!
    ~Ciao, Tamika

  262. #262 - Glo says:

    I chose the Author, Hard Cover, Ruled, size Medium, in Watermelon (which happens to be the color of my living room!)

  263. #263 - {Bellamere Cottage} says:

    I'd pick the architectural style, watermelon in the medium size… WHAT fun!

    Please enter me too…. I'd love to win.

    Warm blessings,

  264. #264 - Dawn says:

    How cool! I like to write a lot so the author notebook really appeals to me, with a hard cover, in medium size in lagoon (what amazing color choices!). I also like their extra pocket inserts, like being able to add an address book.

  265. #265 - cassie hood says:

    How amazing are your doodles? I've never seen anything like it! You could sell those, especially the Bible verse ones 😀 you are such a creative little lady. Thanks for your blog, I just love reading it.

  266. #266 - burrito says:

    I've been using my smartphone a lot lately, which is super handy, but is weirdly making me yearn for a good old fashioned notebook to doodle in!

  267. The adviser with the flexi cover medium in black!!

  268. #268 - Nancy says:

    I would choose
    hard cover

  269. #269 - Rebekah says:

    I’ve been thinking of journaling/scrapbooking my old blog posts and I’m looking for a good notebook or sketchbook to use for that. Would this work, do you think? Or would it be too small if I wanted to include photographs? I know they have those blog-to-print services, but I really want something more tactile.

  270. #270 - joan kimball says:

    Gee Cathe…I’d rather look through one of your already sketched up books.
    Amazing AND inspirational!


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