Pocket Wishes Giveaway and the Power of Appreciation

A few years ago, two blog-reading sisters came across one of the posts I wrote as a Guest Mom on DesignMom.com and paid me a visit. They’d  began following my blog and told me of a beautiful idea they’d been developing- a simple and unique way to say “thank you” to someone for a simple act of thoughtfulness. The idea evolved into a tangible token carrying a message of gratitude that could be shared not only with another person, but with the world- Pocket Wishes were born.Lisa and Cristin hired me to design the Wishes In My Pocket logo and a reverse side image for the 1-1/2″ wooden coins that could be shared over and over again, all around the world. The coins can be purchased online, and when one is given as a thank-you, the recipient can then pass it along to someone else. But here’s the most fabulous part, the giver and the recipient can both go to the Wishes In My Pocket website and share their story with the world. Just think how far one little token can reach!Can you believe how feel-good this whole idea is?! Imagine how excited I am to have been a part of its beginning. Now, with their new website up and running, it’s time to get this party started! Lisa and Cristen of Wishes In My Pocket are giving away half-dozen sets of Pocket Wishes to TEN lucky JSIM readers!

TO ENTER: Leave a comment and tell about a time you could have given a Pocket Wish to someone if you’d had one, or how you can imagine sharing a Pocket Wish in the future. OR, simply leave a nice comment. Simple. And, of course, international readers are eligible as well!

DEADLINE TO ENTER: Midnight, Saturday, October 30, 2010. Winners will be chosen and notified on Monday, November 1.

IMPORTANT: I must be able to easily locate the winners to let them know that they’ve won! So, please, either cipher your email address it into the comment, or be sure to leave a link to your blog (if you have one) with an easy to find contact button. Thank you.


Please visit Wishes In My Pocket to learn more about their idea and to purchase these fun and purposeful coins. Please head over and support this wonderful little company that is out to spread the power of appreciation. You can also find Wishes In My Pocket on Facebook.

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95 Responses to Pocket Wishes Giveaway and the Power of Appreciation

  1. #1 - Hester says:

    I love this idea, and I have a friend far away who deserves one!

  2. #2 - Cindy Pointe says:

    What a great idea! Perfect for those people you don’t know but who brighten your day some way: Letting you go ahead of them in line, giving you an extra Hobby Lobby coupon….
    Would love to win some of these.

  3. #3 - Melodee says:

    I would give one (or a dozen) to my Mom for everything she’s ever done for me. She’s starting to lose her memory and it would be nice for her to have something tangible in her hot little hands to remind her that us kids love her and will forever. I would probably paste a little photo of me on the pocket so she knows why she has this strange little wooden coin. I would give another one to my Dad for watching over my Mom. She took care of him for 50+ years and now it’s his turn to help her when she needs it. And now I have to go because I’m choking myself up. It’s ok. I love my Mom and Dad and we’ve had 54 WONDERFUL years . . . and counting.

    I would give the others to those around me for the thoughtful things they do and I’d encourage them to pass them along.

  4. #4 - Andee Bohlin says:

    That is such an awesome idea. The website sounds fun, too. I would have given one to the softball coach who stopped his practice last weekend so that my little girls could have their picture taken with his team. He and the older girls were so kind and generous!

  5. #5 - Jen Crispin says:

    The first story that comes to mind was when I was in college. I had stopped at a gas station on my way to meet my sister at a concert. When I got out again, my car wouldn’t start! This was my first dealing with car trouble (and before everyone in the world had cell phones, so I didn’t know how to let my sister knew the trouble), so I freaked out. I went back into the gas station to ask where the pay phone was and the clerk was very kind. He wouldn’t let me pay for my soda, dispensed a little advice, and took the edge of my panic off. To this day I still think of his kindness when I pass that QT.

    jen AT bookslut DOT com

  6. #6 - Jewel says:

    What an awesome idea! I would love to use these for teachers, friends and maybe radom strangers that have done something kind. I would use one for my neighbor. While we were on vacation, our mailbox was run over and they repaired it right away. We didn’t even notice anything when we came back but another neighbor asked what had happened to our mailbox so I called my new next door neighbor and she said they knew we were out of town so they took care of it for us.

  7. #7 - Pat B. says:

    L O V E This Idea ! Kind of like the old “Wooden Nickle” from back in the day. Yes I am THAT old ! LOL! It would be Sooo…. Much fun to hand these out. Right now thinking of DOZENS of people who would enjoy recieving one ! Thanks for the opportunity to enter. Pat.

  8. #8 - Heather says:

    This is a really wonderful idea!! Hooray for them!!

  9. #9 - Lynn Osborne says:

    I would have given one to my dearest friend who has a knack for always calling at just the right time. We are two peas in a pod and I love her to pieces! Thanks for the chance to win! lynnosborne[at] verizon[dot} com

  10. #10 - Michelle says:

    This is such a great way to make someone’s day better. I hate having to see friends, family, and even strangers so sad sometimes. I just want to be able to make them feel better and I think this is a great way to do it.


  11. #11 - Tonia says:

    I would have loved and would still love to give this coin to my little brother’s MIL. You see, she is a doctor in a little town in Tennessee, where my parents and younger siblings live/lived. My mom was diagnosed in 2001 with breast cancer and fought it until 2007. In her last year Linda, better known as Dr. Foster, made sure my mom was put in a rehab center that she oversaw so that she could monitor her and make sure she was taken care of. When it was time for my mom to come home and finish her journey to her final “home” Linda made sure we got the medical supplies we would need. She also made sure that my mom would feel little to no pain at all. She was the person we called when her journey was finally over.

    She always showed my mom and family respect and never looked/looks down on any of our family because we don’t have a lot of money or education. She is a loving and caring person and I wish there were more people out there! She never asks for a thank you and rarely ever gets one. She deserves the kind and personal gesture of the thank you coin.

  12. #12 - dawn says:

    ooooh…these are so awesome!!!!

  13. #13 - Tiffany Johnson says:

    Oh my goodness! These are perfect! My and my Army family are about to move from AL to WA and while I’m on my long journey, I have a wonderful group of crafty friends that will posting to my blog for me as guest bloggers. I’ve been looking for all sorts of things to purchase and send to them as a way to say thank you and this is JUST PERFECT! Now, I just have to figure out how to order them and get them to me stat before I move on the 12th!

  14. #14 - Ronda C. says:

    I tried sharing my story but it was very personal and started making me tear up. Needless to say I think this is a wonderful idea and lets people know that their good deeds though they may seem small can mean the world to someone else, especially when it comes from a complete stranger.

  15. #15 - Diane @ InMyOwnStyle says:

    Hi Cathe-

    I just wrote a post last night telling how I had received two very nice surprises in the past week. I could have used these coins to give to the two people who made my day and the world a better place because of their thoughtfulness.
    My best- Diane

  16. #16 - Kathleen Ashton says:

    I would definitely have used one for my neighbor who stayed all night with our two kids while I was having premature labor in the hospital with number 3!

  17. #17 - Dana F says:

    This is a fabulous idea. I would carry them with me and offer them to those “forgotten” workers. So many people have thankless jobs that they do with pride and I always try and thank them verbally bit how nice would it be to offer a tangible bit of thanks? Offering one to the woman who is cleaning the public washroom for our comfort, the person standing at the side of the road holding the “stop/slow” sign in a construction zone for our safety, the server in a restaurant who takes extra time to treat your child like an individual person, the airline employee that works every angle possible to get you home after your flight has been canceled.

    There are little ways that people quietly go above and beyond the call of duty everyday and I am excited to have a way to offer them tangible thanks!

    Best wishes on your new venture!


  18. #18 - Amy Locurto says:

    Oh how fun! I want some:-) Very nice design too!

  19. #19 - cheri says:

    I love this idea!
    The design is simple and beautiful.
    Today I had a really difficult morning and a friend gave me a much needed hug. This would have been perfect to thank her for her kindness.

  20. #20 - Jeanne Elmer says:

    I would have given a Pocket Wishes token to the sweet high school girl who went out of her way to help me deal with a very difficult class today. I am a substitute teacher and my daily life can sometimes be a little rough. This little ray of sunshine really made me remember WHY I do what I do!

  21. #21 - Connie says:

    What a lovely idea! These ladies must be so special themselves to have thought of spreading their own joy around! How wonderful would it be to have these in my purse to hand to those that do those random acts of kindness that are so sparse these days. Acts of kindness directed towards me or those acts I see directed towards others. Thank you for the chance to hand one to kind-hearted people!

  22. #23 - Magda says:

    That`s such a great ideal. I would definitely give one to my mom, because she just deserves it:)

  23. #24 - Melissa says:

    A few years ago during the holiday season I was sitting in horrendous traffic at the mall. I allowed a man to pull out of his parking spot and get in line in front of me. He yelled something at me out the window. Of course I thought the worst, and rolled down my window to ask what he had said. “Merry Christmas!” he shouted. It made me smile as well as a few other nearby shoppers walking to their car. I felt the stress melt out of my body and the next 20 minutes was the most pleasant I have ever had while sitting in traffic!
    A Pocket Wish would have been great to give to a stranger in this situation!

  24. This is so cool! I can thing of plenty of people I would give these to.

    NOLA Bride 504 at gmail

  25. #26 - Elizabeth Toel says:

    I could give these away in a snap! How about the friend who wants to fly me out to Seattle for a visit using her free air miles, or the woman at my daughter’s charter school who shared her instant Starbucks coffee packages with me today, or my friend who is forever spoiling my girlies, or my dad who just picked up one of my girlies when I was busy with the other, or my hubby who cooks dinner for us three nights a week while we stay late at ballet classes….I could go on and on – what a wonderful idea. Thanking others and reminding ourselves of our blessings all at once.

  26. #27 - Colleen says:

    What a lovely idea! I had an experience when I could have used one – I was traveling to my brother’s funeral and a very nice young woman sat and talked with me while I cried as I waited for the plane. I never got her name..but I will remember her kindness always!

  27. #28 - Mystica says:

    I would love to distribute amongst my friends – both at home and abroad.

  28. #29 - Michelle says:

    I volunteer at my childrens’ elementary school a lot, and I often see children doing kind things for one another, or for other adults. I would love to be able to hand one of these out to encourage that behavior! I think the little ones would really appreciate it and it would be very meaningful to them, and reinforce their actions.

  29. #30 - shaunaray says:

    Does the give away include family members?!…

  30. #31 - Inda Dworaczyk says:

    I would like to give a pocket wish to the nurses that are currently caring for my nephew in the hospital in Japan (the only survivor when his hummer ran over a roadside bomb.) Since we aren’t able to be with him their attention to him means so much to us. Thank you,

  31. #32 - mindy says:

    I would totally love to have these! I would hand them to people that I catch putting up their shopping carts!


  32. #33 - April Taylor says:

    WOW! What a great idea. How cool it will be to see where these tokens have traveled and the good deeds they were handed out for.

  33. #35 - Lauriel says:

    What a powerful way to say thank you! I would love to have a set!

  34. #36 - Krystal says:

    Man, I would have loved this when my son was born. 3 days after he was born my father in law passed away. We had my MIL and brother in law come to stay with us for a couple of weeks, and we also hosted the wake. It was tough on me, BUT made easier by one couple that took on organising dinners for us for the 2 weeks, AND they also organised the food for the wake. To show my appreciation I was stuck for ideas, and ended up having a dinner for them. I would have loved to give them something that was as unique as these!!! 🙂

  35. #37 - Krystal says:

    I also forgot my email

  36. #38 - Sherri S says:

    I love this! I’ve worked 30 years in customer service and can think of countless ways to use these! Because I try my best to daily reward those that touch my life. And I’m passing the info along on Facebook, bc I think it needs to be shared. 🙂

  37. #39 - Jenifer says:

    These sound just lovely – physical thank you tokens that carry their good will from owner to owner. Thanks for the chance to win one! jenifer(dot)roosevelt(at)gmail(dot)com

  38. #40 - Patty Katashima says:

    I’m a big advocate on giving credit where credit is due and love to thank people for being kind and helpful. Just knowing someone has me in their thoughts makes me grateful for them. I could use a whole handful of these coins!

  39. #42 - Mellisa says:

    What a lovely concept! I work with so many people who put everything they have into helping children, there are several who deserve one of these 🙂

  40. #43 - Christine says:

    If I had a wish to give, I would give it to a stranger that looked down on there luck. To bring them a little cheer in their life.

  41. #44 - Lynda Smith says:

    I can’t wait to be able to use these. So many people deserve just a little more than a smile! I’m going to buy some as soon as I can.

    lyndagail AT gmail DOT com

  42. #45 - Tina S. says:

    What a cool idea! I can think of many times one of these coins would have been the perfect thing to give. We’ve had several deaths in the family over the last year and some of our friends have really gone above and beyond the call. It might have been special for them if we had been able to give them a little token of appreciation.

  43. #47 - Paula says:

    I would love to win some of these beautiful little pocket wishes. I am an RN in a Nursing home and I can see the delight these would bring to both co-workers and residents

  44. #48 - Cherry Chick says:

    What a fabulous idea! So many times I’ve had people in retail locations go out of their way to be helpful. I think they often aren’t appreciated for their long hours of standing on their feet. I’m thinking this would be a really warm way to thank them. Love it!

  45. #49 - Robin says:

    so cute and a great idea. It would be fun to see how some would spread through our church.

    robin dot meaney at gmail dot com

  46. #50 - Screppa says:

    this was a realy great gift for my best friend. She is in a ruff time in the moment, and could realy need one of those!!

    What a great idea!!

  47. #51 - Laura says:

    I think this is the best idea. I’ve been wanting something tangible yet thoughtful to give to people. Something to brighten their day for brightening mine. I would have given one to the guy who always held the door open for nearly everyone exiting the hall after a lecture finished. I never heard another person, besides myself, say thank you to him for just being a kind person and holding the heavy door open so it didn’t slam shut on the next unsuspecting student. He did this for the 10 straight weeks that I sat in that lecture hall. It was something small, but it meant a lot. These Pocket Wishes are something small, but I know they would mean a lot to anyone who received one.

  48. #52 - Suzanne says:

    I’m a part of a group where we send things called happygrams to others in the group when they might not be feeling their best. These would be perfect to place in the card!

    kiddomsg at gmail dot com

  49. #53 - Sherry says:

    What a wonderful idea & how proud you must be to have a part in it!
    Thanks for the opportunity to be in this drawing!!

  50. #54 - christine says:

    Oh, I have so many people who deserve them…but the one person who needs one from me is my cousin Eve. She has encouraged me through one of the hardest times of my life. I love her and she deserves one of these!

    christine_stewart 83 at hotmail dot come

  51. #55 - Sheila says:

    Such a tangible way to say little acts of kindness do count! I would give one to the person who found my dropped drivers license in the store and returned it to me.

  52. #56 - Lo Wai Sin says:

    these pocket wishes are adorable! I think it would be good to give to a friend whenever you like!for me, i may use them as bookmarks=]

  53. #57 - Tara K says:

    I think this is a really great idea. I’m going to go to the facebook page and “like” it so that all my friends will see it as well.
    Appreciation is so often what people need most… and it’s as simple as a “thank you” … but this token is tangible, and lasts longer then a “thank you”… so “Thank YOU” for being a part of this.

  54. #58 - Cristin Drewes says:

    This is Cristin from Wishes In My Pocket. I’m obviously not entering the give-away…However, I did just want to say thank YOU Cathe, and thank YOU commenters/bloggers…It has been such a joy to read your comments, and realize that our project has struck a chord with you all…

    • #59 - Cathe Holden says:

      It’s an amazing thing! Just look at all the blessings. Way 2 Go girls!

    • #60 - The "2 Pocket Wishes sisters" Father says:

      I am probably the only guy who has ever visited this site, or who has posted a comment, but when I saw what Cathe shared about the project two of my special daughters have done, I just had to make a comment. These Pocket Wishes are really special. I have given out a few and always receive a “WOW” kind of response. A verbal “thank you” is nice, but these Wishes just go the extra mile. Maybe I should send a couple of Wishes to Cristin and Lisa for being so special, as my way of saying thank you for being such great girls/daughters. (And Cristin, when you say “you all” does that come from the time you lived in Mississippi? I don’t remember you talking like that when you lived in Utah.)

  55. Last night, I walked into my seventeen year old’s room and it was immaculate…for a teenager with a busy schedule, that is huge. I never asked her to clean her room, she just did it on her own and didn’t even tell me! I wanted to hug her but she wasn’t there. I also wished that I had something special to give her and this would have been perfect. I did write her a nice note, but something special given to someone who did a special thing would have been nice!

  56. #62 - Nell says:

    I’d love to give my mother in law or my dad one of these. When I first met my husband, we were good for a little while but then he lost his job. These two people helped us more than any human being should, and they deserve the world from us because of it. My mother in law would especially love this because I *know* she’d give it to someone else. She’s just amazing like that.

  57. #63 - Mo Blayney says:

    I would give it to my twin sister who was by my side last autumn when I was very ill… she is THE BEST SISTER EVER!!!

  58. #64 - Jessica Musil says:

    I love this idea. I would give one to a soldier. I drive on to a Air Force base almost everyday and I would leave one with one of the soldiers that guard the front gate.

  59. #65 - josephine tomato says:

    Such a great idea to have a tangible way to thank someone. Going to Mexico in 2 weeks and would love to use these there! My birthday is 10/30 so this would make a great present to myself! Thanks.

  60. #66 - Amy says:

    I love this idea!!!
    I have FIVE close friends who are ending marriages this year. I have several more friends who have lost jobs and are going through terrible economic situations. Sometimes, a little thing like these pocket wishes can remind someone that he/she is a worthy and wonderful person. I would give them to all the people in my life who are struggling right now.

    Crafting by Candlelight

  61. #67 - Cyndi says:

    Oh I like these, such a lovely idea. So many special people I can think of to give this token to for their generous spirit.

  62. #68 - wilmi says:

    pocket wishes …what a stunning good idea! I like little gifts to say thank you, or to give people a smile on their face for the rest of the day. I ‘m sure this will make the world a little bit better!

  63. #69 - Gayle says:

    I’m always so tickled to see that you’ve written a new post on your blog. This new idea is a super one – what a great idea to capture!

  64. #70 - Laurie says:

    I love this idea too. I’ve given pewter angel coins and rocks with an inspirational work printed on it, but this is so nice and simple. I would give one to my friends! Have the ladies considered putting serial numbers on them so they could be tracked? Like Where’s George? It would be neat to follow if you purchase and send into the world or see where one you get has been! Thanks for sharing Cathe, love the graphics!

    • #71 - Lisa says:

      This is Lisa, from Wishes in My Pocket. We love the idea of putting a tracking number on our Pocket Wishes. We talked a lot about it when we were first putting them together. It would be fun to see where an individual Pocket Wish travels and why and whose hands it falls into! We are hoping to add numbers with our second run of Pocket Wishes!

  65. #72 - Beth in Seattle says:

    I would give a pocket wish to the cute, young, hip guy at the Apple Store last week, who took my return even though it was about 8 weeks over due. He made my week. This is a great idea. I will be checking out the web site.

  66. #73 - Justyna says:

    it’s such a brilliant idea to show your appreciation with those cute coins…. i’m thinking of my two ex-flat mates who were so easy to live with and to share my life with… and i’m especially grateful for being able to be 100% myself with them….thanx…..justynaw@poczta.onet.pl

  67. #74 - Lorinda says:

    Hi Cathe,
    these are a wonderful idea.
    There are many people out there who continually do wonderful things for people all the time.

    The wonderful Nurse who looked after our beautiful baby girl for the short few of her life.

    Cheers from Australia

  68. #75 - Amanda Dewling says:

    Ni Hao!
    I picked up reading this blog when I was home in Canada for the summer, but for most of the year I live in Beijing.

    I would love a pack of tokens to give out! Every now & then I find some very nice people who go out of their way to help me (and also practice their English at the same time!), and I find them here in Beijing, or sometimes when I’m on vacation (just imagine how far they’ll go!)


  69. #76 - yvonne says:

    these are the cutest, sweetest little things! How nice to be able to give a token of appreciation to someone who made your day better.

  70. #77 - Bobbiann says:

    What a neat idea! I could have used one of those the time a man helped us change a flat tire after going past his exit because he saw that one of our tires had a problem.


  71. #78 - Synthia Noble says:

    I think the “Wishes In My Pocket” is such a wonderful concept. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks a bunch.


  72. #79 - Deanna M. says:

    What a lovely idea. I would hope to have many opportunities to hand these out.

  73. #80 - Gen says:

    When a boy stranger decided to share with me his umbrella during a heavy rain. 🙂

  74. #81 - Patty says:

    There has been a lot of times when I could have used a pocket wish. I would have given them to my daughters, or to my granddaughter. Or countless girlfriends. They are so pretty. I am sure that they will make a bad day better. Thanks


  75. #82 - shaunaray says:

    I would give them to say thank you to my great family…but since my sisters are the 2sisters….they would have to go to my brothers! 😉

  76. #83 - Jen says:

    I LOVE the idea of these!

    My email is dancing_lemur(at)great-little-stories(dot)com

  77. #84 - robi says:

    what a wonderful idea. think of giving one to a stranger who doesn’t something that others wouldn’t- picking up something you dropped, holding a door open when your hands are full, or noticing that you are troubled and offering help.
    poppy- robikallen.at.gmail.dot.com

  78. #85 - Sonja says:

    Both my daughters, 20 and 16. They have helped so many people in there short lives. Helping friends NOT to do drugs, smoke, sex anything bad. They give advise and most of all, they listen.Not only there friends, but they have helped strangers, they have volunteered. I could go on and on, but as you can see I’m VERY proud of my daughters. :~)

  79. #86 - J.Chen says:

    Now that Iknow about this idea, I love it and will use it. Thanks!

  80. #88 - Karin says:

    This is such a brilliant idea! I would give a pocket wish to the woman who was signing to my son tonight at a church activity. She had taken sign language in the 9th grade and, even though she had forgotten much of what she had learned, she patiently stood and fingerspelled most of her conversation. That she took the time to talk with John was such a “hero” thing to do and warmed my heart. Plus, she had the most polite son who came up to me and said, “Excuse me, I would like to trick or treat.”, and thanked me twice for his candy. He got extras. 🙂

  81. #89 - Ittybit Delights says:

    What a wonderful idea! Would love to be able to share these with others just to brighten their days!

  82. #90 - Beverly Carter says:

    I wish I could give one to every teacher who has so unselfishly served and lovingly shared in my life and those who continue to serve in my children’s lives: in both church and school…What a legacy they leave us!

  83. #91 - Tiff says:

    To the woman in front of me at Costco who bought my three very tired kids a few smoothies to tide them over. Unexpected, generous, and–that day–a godsend.

  84. #92 - Michelle Boehm says:

    There are SO many times I could have used one of these if I had known about them. In particular, I would have used one a couple of weeks back when my friend was feeling particularly down about life yet still listened to some problems I was having.

    I would have liked to give her one to say ‘thankyou’ for being such a wonderful friend. I did do something else for her, but these would have been so perfect for that occassion!

  85. #93 - Clotilde M. says:

    Those are really pretty and can be er meaningful for someone who feels unappreciated!

  86. #94 - Rhiannon says:

    Very nice idea. I have a few people in mind …

  87. #95 - Kim says:

    Thank you for this post. Love the idea of passing it along. Will order some. I always make it a point to express gratitude for the big and little things. “Never deny a generous thought.”

    P.S. Is there a way to subscribe to your SCJohnson posts — like on Google Reader? The subscribe button on that web page wasn’t working.