Unique Wastebaskets

I love to repurpose vintage and other containers as wastebaskets. I use a vintage syrup tin for dryer lint & fabric-softener sheets in the laundry room and in my sewing nook, a vintage wicker bicycle basket sits on my table for cut threads and fabric scraps.I have a few more unique wastebaskets around the house and wrote about it on my post over at SC Johnson’s Family Economics HERE!

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10 Responses to Unique Wastebaskets

  1. #1 - wendy baker says:

    ever the creator of another clever idea.
    thank you for suggesting a direction for managing our household clutter nicely.

  2. #2 - Cheryl says:

    Great picture! A little blast from my past as a western Canadian kid, no home was without the infamous Roger’s Syrup Can! I have it in my own home too, it just comes in a squeeze bottle now…:0(

  3. #3 - Katie B says:

    love the tin and the idea of the bike basket.

  4. #4 - Rose says:

    I must have at least 500 different containers that I could use for this purpose…and never ONCE thought of doing it.
    THANK YOU..what a great idea. I am forever collecting lint from on top of the dryer, where my husband leaves it when he does a washload. (* Yep, he does his own laundry at times ) .
    Two things he HATES to do, is throw the lint away..and wash dirty pots and pans. But I do believe I can “train” him to put it in a container on top of the dryer….GREAT IDEA !!!
    Our laundry rooom is not big enough to have a waste basket in it too.


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  6. #5 - Cindy says:

    Used dryer sheets work great for cleaning dry-erase boards. A teacher trainer told us one sheet would work for a year on a small board.

  7. #6 - Chelsea says:

    Oh, wow, it’s so crazy seeing that syrup tin on your blog. My great grandfather started Rogers sugar and I think everyone in the family was sad when the cans went out of production. You might think being a food container they had to be a special item, but nope, same cans as paint. We have a tradition in the family of taking photos of kids potty training on the cans! Really, it’s much cuter in person!

  8. #8 - Barb says:

    Just stumbled upon our site the other week and love it!! Your ideas are amazing and I can’t wait to read more!

    I even gave you a blogger award on my site today – to accept it go here…


  9. #9 - Susan Luna says:

    love your art – I am a lable and word lover so I collect them!