World Label 2.5″ Round Label Giveaway and Free JSIM Label Designs

Labels! Round Labels! Custom printable round labels! Just think of the possibilities!

I’ve teamed up again with and designed some vintage-style labels for free download from their blog in several different colors.Β  AND… is going to ship free round label samples to 100 JSIM readers to print them on!

To qualify for the free samples, be one of the first 100 JSIM readers to contact via email with your full shipping address, (international readers as well!) and then come back here and leave a comment, and you will receive a sample set of 2.5″ roundΒ  blank labels in the mail. IMPORTANT: You must type JUSTSOMETHINGIMADE in the subject line of the email label request. UPDATE: GIVEAWAY CLOSED

With round labels you can customize and print them out to organize your stash…Label treat boxes…Make custom name labels for others…Pickle your collections…Decorate favors…Label homemade gifts from the kitchen…Of course, round labels are excellent for gift wrapping and product labeling. What will you label?

Photo prop disclaimer: The bean soup mix is one of several yummy jars I purchased at a local craft fair and the delicious pears were preserved by Mr. Wonderful’s brother, John.

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307 Responses to World Label 2.5″ Round Label Giveaway and Free JSIM Label Designs

  1. #1 - Selena Cate says:

    These are fabulous. I’ve just reorganized my crafting area and I have boxes covered in sticky notes waiting for proper labels. These will be perfect! Thank you.

  2. #2 - Cheryl says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the labels! Fantastic design!!

  3. #3 - mindy says:

    I just sent them an email. Thank you so very much! Now if I can just get some of your soup mix. ~grins~

  4. #4 - diana says:

    Love the different labels.

  5. #5 - wendy baker says:

    have a great time on your trip too.

  6. #7 - Alyce Kennedy says:

    Thanks for these very cool freebie!!!

  7. #8 - Susan E in VA says:

    Thank you! Really cute labels! These will look great on my homemade jam!

  8. #9 - Anne Kapinus says:

    I LOVE these labels! Thank you, Cathe!

  9. #10 - Jeannie says:

    Thanks, Cathe. Like everything on your blog, these are just lovely. I’m so tickled that I was one of the first 100. Thanks for this, and for all the great inspiration over the years.

  10. #11 - Mimi says:

    These are great – thank you so much!

  11. #12 - Victoria Murray says:

    Thank you so much these are gorgeous!!!
    Have a great trip!!

  12. #13 - Carol Sandretto-Unsinger says:

    I love labels!! This is such a great assortment of styles – thank you!!! πŸ™‚

  13. #14 - Diane @ InMyOwnStyle says:

    Hi Cathe-

    I love labels and would not want to miss out. I emailed my address.
    My best- Diane

  14. #15 - Robin says:

    My email got returned. Guess I missed the cut off. Love the labels though.

  15. #16 - Julie H says:

    I just emailed. I think I will use my labels on some spaghetti jars that I have saved for a while. I kept thinking of how I would label them and voila!!

  16. #17 - Kate B says:

    Oh, man, did I actually respond quickly enough for this?

  17. #18 - kimmie says:

    email sent! your labels looks gorgeous!!!!!

  18. #19 - Desirai says:

    Your labels are so beautiful! I love them! I can’t wait to receive my sample pack. πŸ™‚ Thanks for always having the best giveaways.

  19. #20 - J. says:

    love these lables. hope i quailify.

  20. #21 - susan clayton says:

    I’d be delighted to receive the round labels!

  21. #22 - Danielle Montroy says:

    Can’t wait to use these! Super cool for organizing! Thanks so much!

  22. #23 - tiffany says:

    thanks so much! those are adorable.

  23. #24 - Sara Berry says:

    Wow! Cathe, you make the greatest stuff!

  24. #25 - Jenny @ Kerrfect! says:

    That is so great! How nice of them (and you) to do this!

  25. #26 - SuzyMcQ says:

    Would love some blank labels for some canning jars I just found in the back of the pantry!

    Thanks so much for the labels and the adorable designs.

  26. #27 - Berta says:

    Wow, love these! I have lots of stuff stored in my scraproom in old canning jars, recycled jars etc. Would love to try out this label company with your designs. Thanks

  27. #28 - dianna says:

    Thank you SO much Cathe! Can’t wait to to get my act together with these beauties…going to use them to ORGANIZE!

  28. Thanks Cathe! Love your label artwork and can’t wait to try it out on the free sample. I love their products and their prices can’t be beat. Thanks!

  29. #30 - Krystal says:

    I sent my e-mail. Thanks, Cathy! Love this site and I have shared it a number of times.

  30. #31 - ashley says:

    I sent them and email πŸ™‚ and I absolutely love these designs! i am so excited to use them! thanks!! πŸ™‚

  31. #32 - Lisa says:

    Thanks for sharing these! Love them.

  32. #33 - Mel says:

    How exciting!!! I sent my email. I have been using masking tape with some colors sharpies to label my drawers and tops of jars to find things …

    Thanks so much


  33. #34 - Wendy Gensch says:

    I love containers and I love containers that are labeled even more! Will this make me more organized? We’ll see.

  34. #35 - Cat says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  35. #36 - Shannon R says:

    I sent an email! So cute!

  36. #37 - susan w says:

    Thank you for setting this up! Your generosity is most inspiring.

  37. #38 - Lynn Mariano says:

    Love love love these! Thanks Cathe!

  38. #39 - Erika says:

    thanks for this awesome giveaway! I can’t wait!

  39. #40 - Pattie says:

    What a great giveaway! So many uses… I would use mine to label little origami boxes that the Hubster is making for me.

  40. #41 - Emily Keaton says:

    Oh, my goodness, Cathe!! These round label designs you created are just adorable. I love the wonderful vintage look! Thanks for the info on getting free sample round labels. I can’t wait to try these out. πŸ™‚

  41. #42 - elena ojeda says:

    sent my e-mail, Love the designs!

  42. #43 - Bethany says:

    Thanks for doing this!

  43. #44 - Jennifer says:

    These are so cute! I emailed World Label!

  44. #45 - Amy C. says:

    Thank you so much! Just sent them an e-mail. Hope you have a great day! πŸ™‚

  45. #46 - Celeste says:

    Oooh pick me!!!!!!!

  46. #47 - Laura B. says:

    Thanks! Just emailed the,. I like to can, so these would be terrific!

  47. #48 - Jan LaFollette says:

    Great designs for lables and they so many uses. They will pretty up the dreaiest enviroment, jar, box, book, jam jar….you get the idea! I sent my e-mail off with the hope of soon having some great round stickers to print out with your designs.

  48. #49 - Suzanne says:

    These labels will be perfect for the little round jars I’ve been collecting! Thanks for the great ideas!

  49. #50 - linda says:

    Great labels. Thanks for the free sample. Thank you.

  50. #51 - Cindy says:

    Even more great labels! Perfect for my homemade raspberry jam. Thank you !!!!

  51. #52 - Beck says:

    These are just gorgeous. I’ve emailed them and hope I get a sample. πŸ™‚ thank you

  52. #53 - Gwen says:

    Love these labels! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  53. #54 - Brandee McGinnis says:

    These are fabulous! Thanks!

  54. #55 - Debbie O says:

    This will be great to use at my wedding! Thank you so much

  55. #56 - Kathryn Awe says:

    So cute! Thanks for the freebie and your inspiring blogs!

  56. #57 - Wanda Contreras says:

    LOVE the labels!!! Hope to be in for the free one!!!
    best regards,

  57. #58 - Ann Eppler says:

    Thanks, I love the designs.

  58. #59 - Mari says:

    Wow! What a treat…Thank you so much.

  59. #60 - Andee Bohlin says:

    I am trying so hard to stay organized in 2011! Hopefully these will help, but they will definitely be fun! Thanks πŸ™‚

  60. #61 - Stephanie says:

    Thank you! Lovely designs <3

  61. #62 - Immi says:

    I sent my email.

    Fun idea! Thanks for this opportunity:)

  62. #63 - winni says:

    I send them an email! Thanks for the lovely designs!

  63. #64 - cindy c says:

    would love a set of labels–

  64. #65 - Jen Severn says:

    I love these! Wow! The presentation of a package adds to the gift. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing with us!

  65. #66 - Melissa says:

    So adorable!

  66. #67 - Paris says:

    Thanks for the samples!

  67. #68 - Robin Brannen says:

    I can think of about 2 dozens projects I can use these on…

  68. #69 - Allyn Young says:

    Wow, I finally got in on one of your fabulous freebies! Thanks so much.

  69. #70 - AmyLynn says:

    Beautiful! Thanks so much!

  70. #71 - Rebekah says:

    Fun giveaway, thank you

  71. #72 - KBlue says:

    These labels are gorgeous! I love all of the fun labels you share on your site.
    And World Label is such an addictive site for finding just the right sheets for printing!
    Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

  72. #73 - susie vergenz says:

    Your designs are gorgeous ~ thank you for sharing them!

  73. #74 - Janelle Dahlgren says:

    Oh my…these are just fabulous! I absolutely love the vintage look of these. πŸ™‚

  74. #75 - Virginia says:

    Thank you!! LOVE your blog!

  75. #76 - Cheree says:

    Thanks again for your kindness in sharing your wonderful talent!

  76. #77 - irene g says:

    Thanks so much! They are gorgeous! Sent an email-

  77. #78 - Mary Drinkwater says:

    Woohoo! I’m so excited to be in on this. Just sent my address to world labels. I love these labels very much. Great designs. Thank you!

  78. #79 - Jennifer Young says:

    Just sent them an email. Would love to have these to organize my jewelry making supplies.

  79. #80 - Jenn S says:

    Just sent my email! Awesome! Thanks so much πŸ™‚

  80. #81 - Hannah Berry says:

    You’re label designs are wonderful! I love your combination of clean crisp lines and vintage themes. Thank you for sharing your creations so generously!

  81. #82 - Amy P says:

    Just sent an email!

  82. #83 - Amy Ferguson says:

    those labels are totally adorable!!
    Love them!
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  83. #84 - Jen says:

    Wonderful! I can’t wait to try them out!

  84. oooooh, love them!
    sent my email off!
    Great colors, great designs!!
    hope I “win” some free label stock! πŸ™‚

  85. #86 - Christine says:

    These are adorable. It’s getting close to spring cleaning and these would be great to use!

  86. #87 - Bethany says:

    Thanks so much! YAY!

  87. #88 - Lindsay S. says:

    just sent mine in!

  88. #89 - Amy Baldwin says:

    OMG! I can only imagine the possibilities! These labels are super cool, with amazing designs! Thanks so much!

  89. #90 - Georgette Yianni says:

    These are awesome – thank you!!!


  90. #91 - Ann H says:

    That’s awesome, Cathe! Thanks – can’t wait to see them IRL!

  91. #92 - Krystal says:

    Wow, what brilliant ideas!

  92. #93 - Michael - Innkeeper says:

    these are great! love them.

    thanks so much!

  93. #94 - Kathleen says:

    Love these labels! I can think of a thousand adorable uses! Thanks so much…

  94. #95 - Linda says:

    Perfect, I wanted to design some round labels myself. This makes life easy. They are lovely.

  95. #96 - Jana says:

    Hoping for the free samples–love these labels!

  96. #97 - Nadine says:

    Wow…great giveaway. I always adore your vintage lables!


  97. #98 - Elise says:

    Goodness GRACIOUS! These are positively GORGEOUS! Wahooooooo!

  98. #99 - Amy Crosby says:

    THANK YOU! Super fun labels!

  99. #100 - Gail Thayer says:

    These are fab, hope I get some, thanks Cathe!

  100. #101 - Christie says:

    I’m a first time commenter, but a regular reader. I love your fabulous vintage designs, and I can’t wait to get started with the round labels!

  101. #102 - Erin says:

    How awesome are those!? So many fun applications! I actually reorganized my pantry lately and would love to put those on the glass jars that contain all my dried goods.

  102. #103 - Lauren Peterson says:


  103. #104 - Claudia says:

    Love the cute round labels.. just sent my email

    Love your site!!!! πŸ™‚

  104. #105 - Jana D says:

    These are wonderful. Thank you.

  105. #106 - Karen says:

    Great labels!

  106. #107 - edie evans says:

    ooooowhee! I love labels!


  107. #108 - hylagan says:

    I’d love a set – emailed my address.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  108. #109 - SHirley says:

    wow what a chance, thank you. Just sent the email and hoping I might just sneak in

  109. #110 - Ashley says:

    I love these labels! They are so beautiful and potentially colorful!!

  110. #111 - Aida says:

    Sent the email…hope I made the cut…lol

    I can really see all the neat stuff i can do with these

  111. #112 - avonlea says:

    I heart labels for making things look so nice & organized! Thanks for designing these new ones!

  112. #113 - Beth Levering says:

    Oh, I can think of so many uses for these! awesome!

  113. #114 - Carolyn Bertram says:

    Shoot. Looks like I’m too late… Great looking labels. So many uses! Thanks!

  114. #115 - Mindy B. says:

    I contacted, but it looks like I’m too late. Thank you anyway for the opportunity!

  115. #116 - Kim Blakey says:

    Love the labels but looks like I missed out.

  116. #117 - Susan W says:

    Woot woot! Hope to organize stylishly!

  117. #118 - chelsea alexander says:

    You always have the most fun things!

  118. #119 - Sandy McClay says:

    I went and left a comment, but chances are I am too late…I just checked your site and hour or two ago! :):)

  119. #120 - Alyson Wozniak says:

    I think you’ve already got your 100 but I LOVE all of your ideas!!

  120. #121 - Valerie says:

    These are fantastic. I’m a huge labeler and these would make everything look great!


  121. #122 - ayesha says:

    thank you so much for this give-away! the labels are too cute! i hope i get some. i love your blog.

  122. #123 - Jessica says:

    Ohh! I hope I made it! These are PERFECT for Bookplates!

  123. I hope I’m in the top 100!!

  124. #125 - Tracey Ireland says:

    love the labels! I’m currently reorganizing my craft room, these will come in handy!


  125. #126 - Diana J. says:

    Love these designs; they are perfect for the many tins & jars of collections I have, as well as beautiful gift tags!

  126. #127 - kathy says:

    How did I miss this?

  127. #128 - K. Sing says:

    Beautiful, thanks so much!

  128. #129 - Annalea says:

    Darn, I missed it! But they’re still beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  129. #130 - Charmaine says:

    These labels are great – so many possibilities!

  130. #131 - JudiW says:

    Who doesn’t love labels and these are exceptionally beautiful! I’ve sent off my email to World Label hopefully I will be one of the first 100.
    Thanks for the chance.

  131. #132 - Kristy Ann says:

    guess i missed this one πŸ™

  132. #133 - Dora Szabo says:

    Thanks for the beautiful labels and the opportunity!

  133. #134 - Theresa Begin says:

    Cathe, These are, of course, another great testament to your talent..I hope I win them and I hope you are having a great time! Look forward to seeing all the pics! Thanks to as well.

  134. #135 - Vanessa says:

    Well, I went ahead and sent the email, but looks like I was a bit late. πŸ™ Oh, well! I absolutely love those labels. I can think of soooo many ways to use them. Always amazed by your talent. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  135. #136 - papelhilo says:

    I did it, Isent an email to receive free labels ! I lov them !

  136. #137 - nicole Austin says:

    these are great labels! but it looks like i might be too late. πŸ˜‰

  137. #138 - heather says:

    oh dear looks like I missed out too but you never know they might have meant the first 200 entries!! Love your labels Cathe xx

  138. #139 - Vera says:

    Thanks, Cathe!
    These labels are great! Love them!

  139. #140 - Melissa says:

    Well I’m #140, but that’s okay I’ll definitely be using these this summer when doing some canning. Thanks so much!

  140. #141 - sue says:

    Oh darn! Here I am, first post of the day at my house and I am 141! Oh well, sending you a hello is a good thing too. You make such lovely items.

  141. #142 - Claire Nicol says:

    Based on the number of comments I guess Im too late! Lovely labels. x

  142. #143 - Cecile Nichols says:

    What neat labels! I hope I’m in time to get some free samples.



  143. #144 - mary ann says:

    those are amazing!

  144. #145 - Susie says:

    Wow, these are gorgeous! Thank you for running this.

  145. #146 - Susie says:

    Oh well. πŸ™

  146. #147 - Kathie says:

    Cathe, I’m always delighted when I see you have a new posting to your blog or the SC Johnson site… thanks for your wonderful ideas. I’ve sent my mailing info to World Labels and would love to try them. Thank you!

  147. #148 - Sourkraut says:

    Silly me. I just emailed them because I read that all wrong and thought it was the first 200 people. Grrr. No time to check the blogs I follow last night and so I miss out on something this great! πŸ™

  148. #149 - bryssy says:

    I sent an email.

  149. #150 - JeanFB says:

    These are wonderful! I’m not in the top 100, but will use these print-outs anyway (with a punch or circle maker!). Thanks for sharing!

  150. #151 - Kaye says:

    As always GREAT Design!

  151. #152 - ruthanne says:

    love the labels and love your site! thanks!

  152. #153 - Debbie says:

    Didn’t make the 100 but I’ll still find many uses for them!

  153. #154 - nancy babb says:

    as always, I LOVE everything you do!

  154. #155 - Pat says:

    I love your site, and thanks for the labels.

  155. #156 - Grace says:

    sigh.. im more than 50 off! but the designs are gorgeous, so i’ll be printing and mod podging!

  156. #157 - Stephanie Coop says:

    I love what you designed. These are so neat and so versatile.
    Thank you once again for super original creations!

  157. #158 - indywriter says:

    Darn! I think I’m too late.

    I really love labels and stationery.

  158. #159 - Kelly Stockstill says:

    I didn’t make it! πŸ™

  159. #160 - Cecilia Rohme says:

    You have so many ideas, great ideas. I too have entered my email address in for the round label giveaways. I try to make either jams, jellys, or pickled something to give away every year to friends and family members. What a great idea for personal labels.

  160. #161 - Marti Schrock says:

    Sent my message, but I may be too late. That’s OK. Still fun to see the neat things you design!

  161. #162 - anne says:

    I’d love some of these to use on the pasta jars I’ve been recycling.

  162. #163 - RandomCreativity says:

    Thanks for hosting another giveaway πŸ™‚

  163. #164 - Julie says:

    Aw, man…I just sent my e-mail and came back to comment and noticed that there are already more than 100. You snooze, you lose… πŸ™

  164. #165 - Columbusseminole says:

    They are just beautiful as well as practical.

    Thank you!

  165. #166 - Lelainia N. Lloyd says:

    Thank you Cathe! THis si wonderful! I’ll use mine in my journals. πŸ™‚

  166. #167 - Julie Bramman says:

    Ha! I have been planning my garden based on what to can. These would be perfect!

  167. #168 - Lynn says:

    Love the label designs

  168. #169 - ckegirl says:

    Great giveaway, but I am afraid I am too late as there are already 168 comments.

  169. #170 - Amanda says:

    I hope I sent an email in time! Love the labels.

  170. #171 - Nicole says:

    Awesome Labels!

  171. #172 - Pamela says:

    I didn’t see that you had updated until today, so I’m really late. I might just have to order some of those labels, though. They’re gorgeous!

  172. #173 - Melanie K. says:

    Well, I may have missed it! Oops …. I love those labels!

  173. #174 - Sherry@Ties2ThePast says:

    Hope I win some labels….thanks for the opportunity!!!!!

  174. #175 - Peggy Burris says:

    I love these labels. I am going to label all my craft storage with these.

  175. #176 - Barbara says:

    These labels are SO pretty! Thank you for the wonderful download!

  176. #177 - Amy says:

    Cute labels! just started reading your blog, love your ideas!

  177. #178 - Anna says:


    I guess I arrive too late, you have more than 100 comments, so I won’t get your giveaway. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that your labels are very cute and useful and I visit your blog every time you publish a new entry.

    Thank you for sharing!

  178. #179 - Barrie says:

    Probably should have checked # of comments BEFORE I sent the email, oh well. Sorry I missed it! Absolutely LOVE your blog!!!

  179. #180 - Sarah says:

    Beautiful labels! They will be just perfect for canning this summer. Thanks!

  180. #181 - Tiff says:


  181. #183 - Jen says:

    LOVE them! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  182. #184 - Julia Stratman says:

    super cute!

  183. #185 - bridget jardeleza says:

    Oh well I think I was too late to win the stickers but man do I love your freebies!! Thank you so so much I adore your style!

  184. #186 - Sue H says:

    I’ll leave a comment even though I missed the 100- love you website!

  185. #187 - Megan G. says:

    Great give away and great labels!!!!


  186. #188 - Brenda says:

    I sent the note but it looks like you have way over 100 comments. Thanks so much for the try!

  187. #190 - deb says:

    These are GREAT! Thanks..I hope I am one of the 100!

  188. #191 - Valerie says:

    I’ve been looking for something exactly like this! Thank you!!

  189. #192 - Andrea Thieck says:

    THANK YOU! They are beautiful! Andrea

  190. #193 - Kelly says:

    These are fabulous!! Thank you, again!!

  191. #194 - Dena says:

    These are so cute. What a great way to get organized!!!

  192. #195 - Mary Ellen Deane says:

    just found your site a few weeks ago and find it very motivating!

  193. #196 - Joy B Massa says:

    Thank you for the chance to try round labels! Here’s to being in the “top 100” πŸ˜‰

  194. #197 - amy says:

    Done! I’m too late though πŸ™

  195. #198 - Donna says:

    I just wanted to stop by and say HI! I found your site from the Blissdom Twitter stream. Love your site and love this giveaway… Even though I just noticed you’re up to WELL over 100 comments I wanted to say hi! πŸ™‚

  196. #199 - Sheila Meinecke says:

    Your round labels are the the loveliest and most useful items. So many ways to use them. love to see whaqt you come up with next.

  197. #200 - natalie norus says:

    looks like i am little late to this! but the labels are awesome. thanks for the great designs!

  198. #201 - Jane Rhoades says:

    I signed up for this giveaway in a hurry! Thanks for offering it to us.

    Jane Rhoades

  199. #202 - Denise says:

    Even if I am late I will keep trying, we need more of this in the UK!!

  200. #203 - julia hawkins says:

    love the labels
    going to reorganize my sewing room

    many thanks

  201. #204 - Stephanie says:

    Snooze and lose! Oh well… the labels are awesome and would be great for home canning!

  202. #205 - Shar says:

    Thank you so much for the labels! This is the year of organizing for me, so I can’t wait to use them. I love your site, and always find something inspiring–thanks for sharing.

  203. #206 - Sophie says:

    Am I too late? I hope not!

  204. #207 - yvonne braun says:

    you are simply amazing what a wonderful talented person you are

  205. #208 - Connie says:

    Love your site…too bad I missed the 100 mark.

  206. #209 - isabel says:

    this makes me laugh….i actually thought that i was one of the first 100!! love the labels and I love the stamp houses! I made them for christmas presents and EVERYBODY loved them. thank you.

  207. #210 - gail fuller says:

    labels are great! Thank you.

  208. #211 - s j supp says:

    I love these labels. I have enjoyed your work a lot. Thanks for your efforts.

  209. #212 - Kathy says:

    I love the labels! thanks so much for the designs.

  210. #213 - JOY says:

    You always come up with the cutest ideas:) Love the labels!

  211. #214 - Dana F says:

    This is a brilliant idea! Thank you for the share!

  212. #215 - Lori says:

    Very Cool. I sent them and email but now I see that I was probably too late. At least I tried. May print the labels and try to cut them with a circle punch. Cute designs!

  213. #216 - Carla says:

    these look really cool.

  214. #217 - Kat says:

    Oh man… I can’t believe I’m too late! Thanks for the great ideas nonetheless πŸ™‚

  215. #218 - Lori Houchin says:

    I sent for my free lables! Thanks Cathe, I also tried to friend you on facebook my info is on I hope we can be friends! I follow you on scribid and love your work.

  216. #219 - margaret dowling says:

    oohhh gorgeous labels the possibilities are endless

  217. #220 - Connie says:

    Thank you so much for the great vintage labels. I love them. Connie

  218. #221 - sharon harrelson says:

    I think I’m a little late but I will give it a try. Maybe today is my lucky day. Thanks for all the inspiration you give to everyone

  219. #222 - Stephanie Crow says:

    Love the labels, hope I’m in the first 100!

  220. #223 - Mari says:

    Darned missed it by 100+. Thanks for the free download.

  221. #224 - Stephanie Mansdoerfer says:

    Thanks for all the amazing ideas! Also, thanks for this opportunity to receive free labels.

  222. #225 - Tanya says:

    Love, love, love these labels. Great idea

  223. #226 - Theresa Ransone says:

    Thanks for the label offer

  224. #227 - Carletta Brock says:

    Oh my, how fun to get some free labels in the mail. I love vintage!
    Thank you. -Carletta

  225. #228 - Kate says:

    Thanks for the free download Cathe! Love them and I have a ton of things I can “pretty up” with your designs!

  226. #229 - jodi @ back40life says:

    hate to have missed the freebie, but love the printable – thanks!!

  227. #230 - Julie W. says:

    Great Labels- I’m bummed I’m not the first 100- but thanks for the pdf file!

  228. #231 - Nicole says:

    Those are so pretty!!!

  229. #232 - Pam Wantink says:

    Darn, missed out, but loving the ideas you so generously give us, and am definitely a follower-Thank You!

  230. #233 - Andrea says:

    I love their labels.

  231. #234 - Melissa B. says:

    I would love these! Love your designs!

  232. #235 - Charlotte Bouta says:

    I would love to receive a sample set of these labels. I enjoy your blog!

  233. #236 - Lauren says:

    awwwwwww.. It is late at night, I just got home and saw your lovely posting for these nice labels. I guess, from the looks of the 235 people before me, that I am a tad too late for the first 100.

    Sad but true.
    Cheers anyway!

  234. #237 - Betty says:

    The labels are the greatest!

  235. #238 - gail says:

    I could really find a use for those labels. You are so talented.

  236. #239 - Sidrah says:

    I’ve just discovered this blog and i must say i’m so impressed, i dont think so i’m going to win these labels since i must be some 200th reader but i just couldnt resist applying for such wonderful giveaway. πŸ™‚

  237. #240 - Tanya says:

    I love the round labels. I would use them on my homemade salsa.

  238. #241 - petra says:

    looks like I am too late too. Love them anyhow

  239. #242 - Sandy says:

    I still see the comments open, I would LOVE to have these. I’m probably too late though. Oh well, wanted to let you know your pictures are gorgeous!

  240. #243 - Joan Aasen says:

    Love the blank labels

  241. #244 - Kristen says:

    I sent them an e mail, Love your blog!! Thanks for all the “goodies” you offer us. I appreciate it very much!!!!

  242. #245 - Sue says:

    these are fabulous. I wish I wasn’t so late in reding this post.

  243. #246 - Julie Aubert says:

    These look so great. So glad you were offering this.

  244. #247 - Mary M says:

    Love those vintage labels!

  245. #248 - lisa @thebeadgirl says:

    these are so awesome. i totally <3 them! thank you for sharing!

  246. #249 - Kim Jackson says:

    Just realized I’m # 249. Would have loved to have had these, thanks so much for sharing your craftiness! You’re amazing!

  247. #250 - Jennifer says:

    I love the labels! Just sent my address to try and receive the samples. Thank you!

  248. #251 - Anne says:

    These labels are great! I can’t wait to share this offer on my blog…

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    of mallorca

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    Hello. I would like to know where I can find more ephemera sheets to download like the one’s you’ve made available through Country Living Magazine. I really enjoy using them to make the Shrinky Dink Bracelets.

  255. #255 - Nicole says:

    I am curious as to how to personalize these since they are in pdf files. Is it possible to add another layer onto the pdf file and add our names and such to these? Any suggestions you can offer would be FABULOUS!

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  257. #256 - helen says:

    Hi Cathe, I love visiting your site and seeing what you’ve made, I’ve had lots of inspiration! I’ve also downloaded a couple of your freebies, and I love these labels. However, it’s not coming up as a pdf, and when I saved and printed the image as a sheet, the resolution was low. Presumably I’m doing something wrong – unfortunately I’m not much of an expert, lol. I’d love to be able to change the colour of the labels as well, and I don’t know how to do that either. I’d be really grateful for any advice you could give me, please
    Helen x

  258. #258 - helen says:

    Oh, okay, forget that! DD has just pointed out that I can’t read properly, lol! Going over to the blog now to see if I can still download them! πŸ˜€

  259. #259 - teresa Thompson says:

    Thank you very much just what I wanted x

  260. #260 - LBR says:

    Hello- I know the giveaway is closed but can I still get the designs somewhere else? These are absolutely fabulous and I think they will complement my soon-to-be sis-in-law’s wedding tables nicely. Thank you!!!


  261. #261 - LBR says:

    I’m sorry I just found the link!!! I don’t know How i missed that!!! Sorry!

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    love these, will try to use them for a project sooon, thanks

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    Hello! Thanks for the generosity! I used the round labels in a couple shower party ^-^

    Keep it up! Love your site.

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    I absolutely LOVE these labels!!!!

  272. #268 - Eva says:

    just found you on pinterest……I’m officially in love with your site and thought I would share that with the world! these are absolutely lovely! I adore them for dressing up packages during the upcoming holidays ~ xo Eva

  273. #269 - Tracy VaLinevicius says:

    I am looking for a printable label that I can use for a 4 oz bottle. I’m making homemade vanilla and bottling it. I am not a crafter and need something that I can customize my label. Please help me if you can. Thanks so much.

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    great labels

  276. #271 - Molly Smith says:

    Thank you for the round label printables. Love your designs.

  277. #272 - kitchenvoyage says:

    Nice labels!. Some ideas for water and freezer resistant labels? Thanks

  278. #273 - Nina says:

    Gracias por compartir estos lindos diseΓ±os!!! πŸ™‚

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    Thanks !

  281. #275 - ingrid says:

    hi, i’m so amazed with all the ideas, labels in your website πŸ™‚
    my daughter is gonna be 2 by this april, i want to give a small party and the round label is perfect for the goody bag, give tag. i am wondering how to get the pdf file since the giveaway is closed.

    thank you

    Ingrid – Indonesia

  282. #277 - Sue says:

    I love vintage labels !

  283. #278 - Carolyn Sensat says:

    Would very much like to have a printable copy of labels…love them
    Thanks Carolyn

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    I just downloaded these beautiful labels, but I am having trouble being able to put text in them. Are we able to put our own text in them? Thanks so much! I love the way they look!

  286. #280 - Terry Lewis says:

    Your labels are fabulous! Thank you!

  287. #281 - Diana Gunzel says:

    Would like to buy some labels. Is that possible

  288. #282 - Sharon Anne says:

    when might they be available? or take the page off the web so we don’t feel bad.

  289. #283 - sean says:

    Can you make this file available again please. They aren’t available form the label company (download not working at all), and I want to put labels on some homemade vanilla that we’re giving away for Christmas this year. These are simply the perfect solution. Thank you in advance!

  290. #284 - bessie says:

    these are fantastic labels. just made homemade soaps and seasalts.

  291. #285 - Bobbie Seagroatt says:

    Hi Cathe – your labels are fab! Is it possible to buy the Vintage style ones in black on white (alternative colour if not in black)?

    PLease let me know,



  292. #286 - Saba says:

    Beautiful!!! How do I change or customize the font on these labels?

  293. #287 - Ali says:

    Is there a way to print just one of the labels at a time ?

  294. #288 - Ming says:

    nice,love it!!! πŸ™‚

  295. #289 - Debra Kraemer says:

    Hi Cathe ~

    Thanks for these labels.
    I’ve filled them in but now want to change the size to 150%.
    How can I print them so that I get the 1st 2 columns of 1 sheet?
    Any help would be appreciated.

  296. #290 - Lilette says:

    Very bright idea , you are very creative , bravo. I would love to have your free labels, to put on my little home made jams, thank you

  297. #291 - Barbara Wertz says:

    Please send free labels and explain the procedures for Purchasing others.

  298. #292 - LISBETH GONZALEZ DE ROMERO says:

    Thanks for these very cool freebie!!!

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    Would love a set of labels for mason jars .thanks, and god bless

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    They’re great for my bath salt jars. Thank you