World Label 2.5″ Round Label Giveaway and Free JSIM Label Designs

Labels! Round Labels! Custom printable round labels! Just think of the possibilities!

I’ve teamed up again with and designed some vintage-style labels for free download from their blog in several different colors.  AND… is going to ship free round label samples to 100 JSIM readers to print them on!

To qualify for the free samples, be one of the first 100 JSIM readers to contact via email with your full shipping address, (international readers as well!) and then come back here and leave a comment, and you will receive a sample set of 2.5″ round  blank labels in the mail. IMPORTANT: You must type JUSTSOMETHINGIMADE in the subject line of the email label request. UPDATE: GIVEAWAY CLOSED

With round labels you can customize and print them out to organize your stash…Label treat boxes…Make custom name labels for others…Pickle your collections…Decorate favors…Label homemade gifts from the kitchen…Of course, round labels are excellent for gift wrapping and product labeling. What will you label?

Photo prop disclaimer: The bean soup mix is one of several yummy jars I purchased at a local craft fair and the delicious pears were preserved by Mr. Wonderful’s brother, John.

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