Livestock Images: Free Digital Downloads

Every year this time, baby lambs hit the ground like rain in our pasture. We went through a few years of showing market lambs in 4-H with my son, and now my youngest, Sarah, is looking forward to her first year in the livestock division.

This photo is of Sarah holding a newborn, apparently stepped on by a ewe by accident. Her little hind leg is broken but well splinted (tongue depressers & duct tape) by Mr. Wonderful. Did I mention he grew up the son of a large animal vet? (read: assistant large animal vet.) Little lamb is on antibiotics and runs around as fast as the other babies in the field happy all the way. Dang they’re cute! We have 5 babies, and I have to add, for a sweet visual, they all fall asleep together in a puppy-pile in the sun.

So in the spirit of livestock/4-H, I thought I would share some vintage livestock and horse images scanned from one of my rare printer catalogs, circa 1920. I’m going to take a leap and suggest that vintage livestock be the new trend in design, decor and apparel. I mean, how awesome would one of these illustrations be enlarged and silkscreened on a throw pillow, t-shirt or made into vinyl wall decals?! (I always thought the farmer image at the very bottom would make for a cool blog header for Mr. Wonderful, you know, should he ever have the need for a blog.)

Click on the images below to access the FREE PDF files. If you make something with any of them, I would LOVE to see it!

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