The Surfing Insomniac

I’ve been up since around 2am. Ever have one of those nights? God bless the warm, snoring body next to me, but once awakened by the log-sawing, my creative gears start turning and there’s just no turn-off switch………So I went surfing.

Sweet Rick Rack Rosettes.

I think terrariums are so cute. I gotta make one. Or two.

Starburst Dining Room Mirror…Brilliant.

New on my inspiration list from two of my favorite peeps.

Suzonne Stirling’s beautiful doily stenciled eggs. Stunning.

I’m hooked on following Centsational Girl’s Alma Project.

Reminiscing about the blogger’s weekend spent at this amazing beach house in February.

Obsessing over the things I could do with the new Bitty Bags.

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