Vintage Thread Labels: Free Digital Downloads

I’m just back from a wonderful visit with my mom and sister back home in the Ozarks. My sis, Jennifer, and I had a blast shopping at indoor flea markets and antique shops in the Springfield, Missouri area. I’ve got lots of photos to go through and share, but in the meantime, I’m posting some images of gorgeous packaging and labels from vintage thread found during one of our hunts.The JPG images are from boxes of Knox’s “Falcon” linen lace thread. Pinks and reds…so “Valentiney.”

Print the free images for use in your crafty projects or use the image for digital collage, etc. Naturally, they will look fabulous on top of your plain wooden spools. Since readers are always so kind to ask, I’ll state again that I am happy for you to use these images however you would like for personal or commercial use, just please don’t sell the images themselves, they’re meant to be free. Thanks.

Click on the image below for the larger JPG file to download.
I scanned the spool labels as is and also modified them with larger background color rounds for using with punches.

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