Epson Stylus NX625 Review, Giveaway & JSIM Ephemera Downloads!

Just yesterday, I received my new All-in-One (Printer-Scanner-Copier), the Epson Stylus NX625.If you follow you may already know that a good printer/scanner is essential to making this blog what it is for sharing free digital downloads and unique craft projects. Epson recommends this as just the printer I need for design and craft. I really put printers to the test. So over the next few days I will be pushing the envelope as usual to maximize this Epson and share the results with you in the form of FREEBIES! So be sure to keep checking back.

Set up of the Epson Stylus NX625 was super easy. I am using a USB cable to start, but this puppy has a built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet capabilities, too. Which for me means it’s the only printer I need for all the other computers under this one roof thanks to its wireless network. You can even print from mobile devices!

Another beauty….two-sided printing! This will save so much paper and space when I print all of my SC Johnson blog post archives to place in a binder. How cool is that?

One nice surprise I found was the DURABrite® Ultra pigment ink. Prints made with this ink allow you to handle documents and photos immediately after printing and are smudge and water resistant — and even highlighter friendly. That is a really big deal if you love to use Mod Podge on your prints for crafting, which I do often!

I couldn’t wait to try out the Epson Stylus NX625 scanner feature. I picked up some nice old ephemera at the Alameda Flea Market last Sunday- an old scrapbook album cover circa 1910 with antique cat trade cards pasted to the backside as shown in the photograph below. (After reading all the comments on my ribbon organizer post, it was clear JSIM has a cat-lover following!)I scanned the only non-damaged section of the front, thankfully it was the area with the gorgeous lettering, using the Professional Mode (For this mode, you will need a Twain Driver.)  Click on image below for free download.Just look at that detail! (I could have pumped up the volume on the cover image, but preferred to keep it as its original faded red.)I scanned the trade cards to create more FREE digital downloads. The original cards are just a bit larger than standard business cards. Click on the image to access the larger free file for your projects, personal or commercial. (Just please don’t sell the images alone.)The Epson Stylus NX625 also has 2.5″ LCD and built-in memory card slots, making it easy to select, edit and print borderless photos in multiple sizes, right from a memory card or camera. No PC required! It can print  4″ x 6″ photos in as fast as 20 seconds.

Features and benefits of the Epson Stylus NX625:


• World’s fastest all-in-one1
• Quickly print from your mobile device — print photos and more
• Superior image enhancement tools — Red-eye removal, Automatic photo restoration, Automatic Photo Correction, and more
• Easy wireless printing — share one printer at home with multiple PCs, wirelessly, now with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ n3
• Easy photo printing, PC-free — large 2.5″, color LCD and card slots
• Reload paper less often — large, 150-sheet paper tray


• Save time — automatic, high-speed, two-sided printing
• Fast, high-quality scanning up to 2400 dpi — scan and archive important papers, photos and more using the included software
• Unsurpassed print quality — get crisp, sharp documents and lab quality photos, all with one ink set
• Replace only the color you need — individual ink cartridges, available in different sizes to suit your needs
• Truly touchable photos and documents — instant-dry ink for smudge, fade and water resistant prints; even highlighter friendly

You can find out much more about the Epson Stylus NX625 and its features at


Epson is giving away an Epson Stylus NX625 to one creative JSIM reader!!

TO ENTER: Leave a comment on this post and tell me why YOU want the Epson Stylus NX625 All-in-One. This is my first NON-Random giveaway, so get creative in 25 words or less! One entry per person/household, please. Open to US residents only. Entry to this giveaway will close on Sunday, July 10 at noon. The winner will be chosen, notified and posted soon after.

UPDATE: Holy smokes, what a great response to the Epson Stylus NX625 giveaway! Thank you to all who entered. I read every single entry. Seriously. Heartstrings pulled, a few LOL’s, and some great haikus. I wish I had at least a dozen of these all-in-ones to giveaway! I narrowed it down to 20 and finally chose my favorite of those comments.
My pick for the recipient of the Epson is:

#407 – Sue@MyArtsDesire

His printer broke,
but mine was fine.
He looked at mine
and began to whine.

my printer went to college.


More fun giveaways to come everyone- stay tuned to JSIM!

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426 Responses to Epson Stylus NX625 Review, Giveaway & JSIM Ephemera Downloads!

  1. #1 - Cindy G. says:

    Blogland has shown me the power of a color inkjet for crafting. Can’t feed shrinky dink paper or iron on transfers through a laser printer!

  2. #2 - Teresa Hoelle says:

    I would love to win the Epson Stylus NX625 bevause it would make my life a lot easier and clutter free!

  3. #3 - Lefa says:

    I have an epson now that I love but it has seen better days! Been wanting to upgrade and this looks like the perfect printer!

  4. #4 - DeeZ says:

    I have been looking for a scanner to scan all of my family photos (I come from a family of photographers so there are THOUSANDS) This printer/scanner quality looks to be exactly what I have been searching for.

  5. #5 - Bethany says:

    I don’t just want. I NEED!! Because I like to Mod Podge and without buying a fancy laser printer (or remembering acrylic sealant at the craft store) what else is a girl to do?
    Great giveaway – thanks for the chance to win!!!

  6. #6 - Sweet T says:

    I would LOVE to have this in our house! We were just talking about getting a wireless printer the other night and how convenient it would be. The only printer we have is in my craft room and not very accessible.

  7. #7 - griffingirl says:

    I’m on the verge of being turned into the show Hoarders for digital hoarding!!! I have accumulated tons of downloads but NEED a quality printer!

  8. #8 - Megan says:

    To wax poetic:

    Oh sweet crafty goodness
    Smell of ink, freshly printed
    Possibilities abound!

  9. #9 - thepsychobabble says:

    My daughter is the crafty one in our family, and I’d love to help her with that. A better printer would be a great start.

  10. #10 - Danee Kaplan says:

    I’ve discovered my inner artist in the wet wild world of mixed media art. Pages that don’t smear with Mod Podge/Gel Medium = divine.

  11. The stars must be aligned because I was literally just looking at the specs of this printer when I saw your post was!
    I need a new printer because the annoying cord is the only thing holding me back from printing more! I also want a scanner so I can start scanning my doodles from my notebook to share on my blog!

  12. #12 - rosi e. says:

    Need a new printer for our DIY wedding paper goods (name cards & programs). We priced the raw materials and forgot the printer. Oopsie.

  13. #13 - InklessinCO says:

    Oh Epson with your prints so shiny! Prints things big and also tiny. Pick me for the lucky winner. I’d rather craft than make dinner.

  14. #14 - bryssy says:

    Nice! How fast does the ink need to be replaced? That’s one of my pet peeves with my current printer!

  15. #15 - Lisa T. says:

    Because I remember mimeograph machines and the smell of cold purple ink, making greeting cards on dot matrix printers, being in awe that I could photocopy fabric–I want this printer. So bad.

  16. #17 - Vivian Nelson Melle says:

    Home school mom of a Girl Scout here. They don’t come more crafty than this girl-duo. I can’t even list the hundreds of things we’d do. Imagine two dogs waiting for a hundred tennis balls to land. That’s us if we won.

  17. #18 - peggy gatto says:

    All these capabilities in 1, ONE machine!!!! Can use items to decoupage,no computer!!! In my dreams!

  18. #19 - Susan Brooks says:

    My Epson Stylus is 6 years old and is ready to retire. I like the way it works, so I want another Epson all in one.

  19. #20 - Elaine says:

    I would be beyond thrilled to win this giveaway and start scanning and printing my drawers full of drawings and paintings. The creative synergy that would flow would be AMAZING!! ;}

  20. #21 - Liz C says:

    Wow! I am a scrapbooker, fledgling crafter and an aspiring graphic designer. A printer/scanner of this quality would make all the difference. Pick me.

  21. #22 - Michele says:

    No printer for two years,
    didn’t fit in the family budget.
    Winning this Epson would
    set me free,
    unleashing my creativity.

  22. #23 - Beth says:

    Crafty girl running up and down the stairs from her scraproom to her printer would LOVE an Epson of her very own!

  23. #24 - Susi says:

    to start from the birth of my oldest son and scrapbook my adult son’s lives to present scanning and printing photos, collages, certificates and diplomas!

  24. #25 - laura marie says:

    I’m constantly using my design skills to save money for others on invites, cards, etc. Now I could become a one stop shop for them!

  25. #26 - Michele says:

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that these printers are becoming compatible with everything. My ancient scanner and printer won’t work with my new laptop. I can’t believe they can’t come up with new software that drives these old devices. C’mon teenagers, get on the stick! LOL!

  26. #27 - Pam says:

    LOVE to win this! Old family heirlooms, love letters from the 1800’s + a new Epson quality printer = a very happy digital artist! Thanks!

  27. #28 - Amy Hall says:

    I am a crafty woman, a homeschool momma and a pastors wife. I live in Leadville CO with nine months of winter. I would love and use the Epson tones!

  28. #29 - Cathy Fields says:

    My local quilt store has postcards that were scanned and printed on printable fabric $25 for four images. Would love to make my own.

  29. #30 - Mitali Desai says:

    Dear Epson Printer,
    Why I would want thee, let me count the ways!!
    A new business would love a new printer! (I am launching kidswear line)
    A one and a half year old teething brat loves to chew on wires! (I could really do without wires, trust me!!)
    Also the lil’ brat loves to stare at her own pictures! ( I do hope she doesn’t learn to print anytime soon though! )

  30. #31 - Anne says:

    I had a much-loved older Epson all-in-one (used for creative scanning & printing) that won’t work with my new computer — projects await!

  31. #32 - Kari Wolf says:

    I have started my jewelry business recently, and soldered glass pendants are a huge part of it. This copier would save me soooo much $$$ on making copies else where, not to mention convenience : )

  32. #33 - Myrna says:

    I now want/need an Epson Stylus NX625 because after the way you described it, I don’t think I could live without one!!

  33. #34 - Elaine says:

    I neeeed it because:
    I badly need a new printer
    I’ve exceeded my craft budget
    It’s “easy to use and affordable”
    JSIM has one 🙂

  34. #35 - Leslie says:

    A printer that can do it all would be great! I have a couple printers now, but nothing cool like this. The detail of the close up is excellent.

  35. #36 - Willa says:

    I am on the verge of really needing a new printer…….but I would especially enjoy this as I continue to explore images on fabrics. My background includes years of watercolor painting and organizing classes all over the world.

    I think this Epson would be a jump start to creativity that has been missing from my life as my life took over my creative expressions.

    Wow! Amazing giveaway!

  36. #37 - Nicole Griffin says:

    I’m a faithful reader, my bday is july 10, and i could print your printables with an awesome printer! Everything about it is awesome!

  37. #38 - Brooke says:

    A haiku entry:

    Avid creator
    Kinkos is holding me back
    I need this like chocolate

    Thanks for the chance to win! I was spoiled when I was working full-time at an agency with a big fancy printer I could play with all the time. Then I had a baby. You must know how this goes. I’m buying more wagons and toy trains than creative things for me. I could thoroughly kick ass with this printer. Oh, and it’s my birthday tomorrow, so ya.

  38. #40 - Jan says:

    I’d love to use this Epson for all of my mother in law’s ephemera she gave us before she passed away. I’m sure I could find some creative mixed media uses for all the goodies, starting from the late 1800s photos of her parents and children, etc!
    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  39. #41 - zzipper says:

    Scan family archives? Print double sided papers? Mod Podge for crafting my print-outs? Hide printer in closet? Yes to all – Please be mine!

  40. #42 - Ginger Sergent says:

    Wow! Who wouldn’t want a new toy? Well I’d love a new all in one. I’ve always loved my Epson printers (had one for over 15 years). Love the 12×12 I have now but need something for the hubby to use and me too. Then we could get rid of the piece of junk Dell printer (came with laptop) and the old scanner we have. Hope I WIN! lol Good luck everyone!

    Thanks for the contest! You have a wonderful blog.

  41. #43 - Celine says:

    I want it because I need waterproof printing! How awesome is that?!?!

  42. #44 - Tammy Closson says:

    Why wouldn’t you want this, I love what your review is saying the double siding printing I think would be my favorite feature

  43. #45 - Brittney Crabtree says:

    My son has autism, completely non-verbal. We communicate through pictures, so I am constantly printing images so he can tell me what he wants. This printer would be perfect for us.

  44. #46 - cynthia hoverson says:

    Over 100 years worth of old family photos in my possession and at least that many cousins to share them with—-I need this!

  45. #47 - Rebecka Hathaway says:

    Why I Need this Printer

    1- Waterproof light fast ink
    2- Awesome scanning
    3- Beautiful and accurate reproduction of my artwork
    4 thru 10 – it’s an Epson!

  46. #48 - Dee McPhee says:

    Wow… I make all my own invitations & greeting cards for family & friends – the 2 sided printing capability would be so fantastic!

  47. #49 - Diana says:

    I have wanted an Epsom printer for so very long! Several ladies in my scrapbook retreat group have Epsom printers and they all LOVE them!

  48. #50 - June Hollingshead says:

    My elderly printer chugs and spurts;
    Have to unplug so no one hurts;
    Alimony about to end–
    Sure would help if I could win!

  49. #51 - Celeste Haar says:

    I have been shopping for a new printer, and really love the versatility of an inkjet, but need one that will be water resistant.

  50. #52 - Kristine Wilson says:

    I would love this printer because I currently have no printer which totally cramps my crafting style!

  51. #53 - Caitlin says:

    no printer because i am po’.
    so colorless and full of woe-
    at work i only print in gray,
    winning this would make my day!

  52. #54 - Gail Thayer says:

    I scan and copy almost every day, would love this!!

  53. #55 - Amy Hancock says:

    It would be awesome to win this printer so I can continue my crafting/art. Just last night my printer flashed up low on ink…

  54. #56 - Christine N says:

    I need the Epson because my current printer is on it’s last leg. I too use Mod Podge a lot and I use water colors as well.

  55. #57 - Jane Carney says:

    I am in such need of a new printer, let alone having a scanner and copier. Please, PleAse, PLEase, preTTy ppplleeease, pretty, pretty, pretty please!

  56. #58 - Catherine says:

    I need a new printer to produce my cupcake and folk art prints. My old printer has worn out and is on it’s last leg.

  57. #59 - Keren says:

    I am a Freebie maker myself.. I love making vintage freebies for anyone that loves them to enjoy! this Scanner will rock my Freebie World!

  58. #60 - Lindsay says:

    As a teacher, I’m always looking for ways to do projects on the cheap. Love to show kids it’s fun to be self-reliant and creative.

  59. #61 - juau4 says:

    With this amazing printer, I could create masterpieces with the unique ephemera that I find on JSIM! You get me so excited to craft things, then I realize my printer is crap and it’s just not going to be the finished product that I really want. Love your design standards!


  60. #62 - martina says:

    I really need this because the HP Photosmart scanner printer I bought does not do a good job and cannot use ShrinkyDink medium in it. The Epson Stylus would help increase my creativity and be used a lot! Did I say pretty please with cream and sugar yet?

  61. #63 - Cathleen says:

    my craftiness spreads
    far and wide; oh wireless!
    Epson, I want you!

  62. #64 - Cindi M says:

    I have no longer have the space for my old scanner, inkjet and hand me down fax machine.

  63. #65 - jody strange says:

    this would be a great addition!!

  64. #66 - Vanilla Bean Crafts says:

    Thanks so much Cathe!! I would LOVE to win the printer. . . I have NO printer at home, and hubby always says we can’t afford one. I’ve been getting by with printing a few things here and there at work, but I’m pretty limited in the types of crafts I can do. Needless to say, my hand drawing skills have improved a lot over the last few years! 😉 Thanks for the chance to enter! Maybe i’ll actually be able to use all your freebie printables one day!

  65. #67 - SewLindaAnn says:

    My printer is a 17 yr. old b&w printing HP workhorse that weighs about 25 lbs. I would love to scan, print and create with my pictures and designs in COLOR!

  66. #68 - Jennifer (mom of 4) says:

    This printer sounds awesome! The printer ink sold me right away! Our desktop printer/scanner bit the dust last month and I have been looking for a new one. I am crossing my fingers!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  67. #69 - Jessica says:

    I’m constantly finding projects I want to try, but my printer can’t keep up. I’d love to get ideas out of my head onto paper!

  68. #70 - Beth says:

    Currently I am setting up a family resource center at a local public elementary school. We do not have funding, but are having to rely on donations which is tough. We could really use the Epson printer to make flashcards for family, print resources in Spanish, etc. Thanks!!

  69. #71 - Shellie says:

    Can’t draw worth a hoot.
    Not even a boot.
    But armed with computer and Epson Printer,
    I can CREATE and would love being your WINNER!

  70. #72 - Robin says:

    I’m creating my own wedding invitations with a vintage paper theme and this would be perfect to scan and create my beautiful custom invitations!

  71. #73 - Alicia says:

    I desperately need this printer!! I am embarrassed to even show anyone things I have printed off of my current printer, let alone ModgePodged!

  72. #74 - Rosemary says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask you what printer you recommend. I get on blogger and look what you posted! Thank you Cathe!

  73. #75 - Lizzy says:

    Old printer…going, going….almost gone….
    Wireless printing? Double-sided printing?
    Saving up for a house…starting a new business….added convenience.
    You get the picture.

  74. #76 - Isabel says:

    Well, I personally think that I would be a great candidate for the Epsom stylus nx625 printer because I would really like to have it. I do not have a printer right now so I can only look and dream at all the things I could do with your wonderful designs that you post. I do a great deal of crafting for organizations that need help and having a good printer would make things so much easier. I am a big fan of”just so,something I made”, tell other people a out your site and follow you every day. I am also from Missouri where you have family. What more could you possibly want……a devoted fan who does charitable work who doesn’t have a printer? Oh well, I can dream, can’t I?!

  75. #77 - Elaine Fink says:

    Creating and crafting keep my inner spirit happy but a new Epson Stylus NX625 printer would make me oh so happy!

  76. #78 - Monique Nicole Fox says:

    I really need a new printer. My old one broke. I always have to wait til I get to work. I don’t want to have to wait.

    I need it for printing scrapbook journaling, scanning layouts, printing graphics for scrapbook layouts, printing emails, printing sketches, educational stuff for my 8 y/o son and etc….

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  77. #79 - Angie says:

    I have difficulties with inkjet printers because my hyperhydrosis makes handling printjobs tricky long after the ink as “dried”. Yay for new technology!

  78. #80 - Diane Bressler says:

    It’s hard to find a printer/scanner that’s a workhorse and also gives reliable professional results. This Epson looks like a winner – samples look stunning!

  79. #81 - j.leija says:

    Wowza, what a giveaway! I would love to be able to scan my scrapbook pages and get a professional quality image.

  80. #82 - Etta Hess says:

    Just when my Dell All-in-One has given up! The perfect give away shows up on “Just Something I Made”…..don’t ya think it’s a sign?;)

  81. #83 - Laurie Campbell says:

    My daughter had cancer at 7, my son had a heart transplant life for us is captured in pictures. Lifes reminders of our time together

  82. #84 - adelina says:

    1. I don’t currently own a printer.
    2. My collection of digital photos is growing.
    3. I want the freedom to print photos at home.

  83. #85 - Sissi says:

    4th grade math teacher + scrapbooker + avid crafter + home remodeler + proud aunt + dead hand-me-down printer = HUGE need to print, scan, copy and make memories!!

  84. #86 - Judy says:

    oh how I would love his printer!!! My hubby bought us a new printer and I don’t like it : ( I would love a “Modge Podge friendly” printer!!!!!!!

  85. #87 - Barbara Beck-Azar says:

    Creativity abounds for me
    in painted Fine Arts,
    calligraphy divine,
    graphic delights,
    printed right out,
    when that Epson Stylus is mine!

  86. #88 - Linda says:

    I need to win because envying is a sin, and I am experiencing major envy right now! This looks like a perfect printer. Thank you for offering it!

  87. #89 - Karon Simon says:

    I didn’t realize until finding your website how creative one can be with a printer/scanner. I love your ideas! It could be Summer Fun!

  88. #90 - Corvus says:

    Because I have no printer, of course. I am a crafter with no printer. Sad world. I could print patterns, print pictures, print all sorts of projects. I could print magnets, print transfers, print shrinky dinks. And nevermind the benefit a new scanner would be- new embroidery patterns galore!

  89. entry in haiku
    non-random enough for you?
    my printer, she died

  90. #92 - Arielle says:

    Great review, Cathe! You’ve definitely sold me on the all-in-one unit! I especially love that you don’t need a PC to print photos!

  91. #93 - Donna M. says:

    I really need a wireless printer for my studio room so I can be more creative!

  92. #94 - Cathy Lane says:

    I’m looking to do prints of my own art work for my Etsy shop and I’ve been shopping for a scanner/printer. Like the ink features.

  93. #95 - theresa Ransone says:

    I am so happy to find someone who is as needy as I am for a great printer. If this one meets your standards, I know it will be good for me!!!!thanks for the opportunity.

  94. #96 - Charlene Mcreight says:

    If I had this printer I would create with it!!! I think I would enjoy how it prints and scans as well!!!!! Thank you for the give away.

    katknit at gmail dot com

  95. #97 - Sarah says:

    Just starting a new business, a printer/scanner is on my never-ending list of things to buy! Fingers are crossed!!!

  96. #98 - Abby says:

    print. create. scan. give. share. capture. love. color. art. family. life. epson makes it better. 🙂

  97. #99 - Kathy Stutzman says:

    “My owner needs a replacement. While I have faithfully served her, she needs more than I can now give.” Tired and worn out Hewlett Packard

  98. #100 - Shara Stacks says:

    I collect fun old stuff that I LOVE to copy and use in my crafting projects. I am addicted to Shrinky Dinks! This printer looks Ah-mazing!

    (NOt included in my 25 word limit – THANK YOU FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN!)

  99. #101 - Laura says:

    … because I’m still using the 5-year-old printer from college that only sometimes works, and I work from home/am trying to start my own business!

  100. #102 - ann divelbiss says:

    Too be able to copy,scan,download photos,print…papers,art stuff,friends,family,pets,tutorials, recipes,fun stuff for my please!

  101. #103 - Whitley says:

    Our family is about to make a huge move and we have been taking a LOT of pictures. This epson would sure make our memory book making much easier!

  102. #104 - Frankie says:

    A creative thought has crossed my mind, I put it to task with my brand new find. The Epson printer allows my creativity to flow, my imagination running and now I know Cathe Holden is cream of the crop I’m on my way with no way to stop!!!!

  103. #105 - Tara says:

    I would love this Epson printer! With it I can create beautiful art, print my photography work, and scan old photos of my grandparents.

  104. #106 - Jenny says:

    I adore making my own invitations and cards. This miraculous contraption would be my best friend!


  105. #107 - Meme55 says:

    Disabled printer & scanner, disabled person good match but bad for crafting results! Need Epson Stylus NX625 desperately for quality projects using JSIM ephermera downloads.

  106. #108 - Lacy says:

    Current printer broken. Can’t afford new one.
    Low-income social worker working with traumatized children.
    Crafting = stress relief and self-care.
    My broken printer used to provide a way to print photos for foster children who rarely have photos of themselves.

  107. #109 - melody says:

    Oh! The possibilities! I’m speechless at the thought…

  108. #110 - Tasha Hale says:

    Husband’s art prints, scanned customer designs, printed workshop instructions, photo scans for custom work, scan/print ephemera for mixed media mosaics: to make struggling store success!

  109. #111 - Holly L says:

    Imagine the possibilities! My hubby destroyed my much adored Epson (don’t ask…it is a sad tale) and now I am cursed with the printer blah’s.

  110. #112 - Carrie Millat says:

    I plan on making duplicate albums of family photos that go back to the 1860s: horse-drawn wagons, World War I, 4th of July picnics, and great aunts in their flapper dresses. I desperately need a good scanner!

  111. #113 - Heather says:

    I am constantly wanting to print both sides of paper, which requires a lot of effort with the traditional inkjet. Would love to print with my mobile as well!

  112. #114 - coasterkim says:

    This printer would help me DIY my May 2012 wedding. Table numbers, guest book instructions, programs, cake flavor signs…the list is endless!

  113. #115 - Boot~C says:

    I have a gifted second hand printer that I haven’t been able to use since I reformatted my hard drive. I spent an entire day trying to download the hardware to run it w/ no luck. Now I can’t craft or print anything for my class 🙁

    I really tried to make this shorter & I had no luck there either!

  114. #116 - Debbie Smith says:

    I need a printer since I don’t have one. I just started a photography business about 7 months ago and this would help me alot!

  115. #117 - Roberta says:

    Like you Cathe…I need a wireless, all-in-one printer, copier, scanner since we have such limited space here at the Love Shack. I’m really interested in this new INK that you are talking about…especially where I do so much collage artwork. ALSO I love how compact this unit is…again, since I have such limited space and how it holds up to 150 pieces of paper and I won’t have to keep loading it all the time. Thanks for such a fantastic giveaway and oh yeah…it’s my birthday this month July 29th if that helps my chances…lol

  116. #118 - patti says:

    EPSON~E~asy P~rinting S~eems O~nly N~ecessary with this incredible machine. I need this printer/copier/scanner as I am constantly printing out tags and patterns.

  117. #119 - Lori says:

    There once was a scrapbook beginner
    Who needed a photo printer
    She wanted an Epson
    With red-eye correction
    And hoped to be the blog winner

  118. #120 - Jen Y says:

    I’m recently ‘retired’ with my son graduating high school. I now have time to do all those craft projects I’ve put off for years. What a great tool to get back into crafting with!

  119. #121 - Carla Gray says:

    I would love to win the Epson Stylus NX625 because I love Mod Podge and I want to be able to use it with all things I will print! Enough said! Thanks!

  120. #122 - Skulleigh says:

    I neeeeeeeeed this! My current printer hates me – it’s ink dries up and it dives off the network every time I try to use it.

  121. #123 - Leslie Rangel says:

    I really need this because the Dell printer I have does not do a good job and is on it’s last leg and ink cartridge. The Epson Stylus would help increase my creativity and be used a lot! Hope I am the lucky one!

  122. #124 - Esperanza says:

    I’d love to win this printer. I’ve been making do with my old HP deskjet for the last few years, but between home schooling, crafting, and card making, it’s just about worn out.

  123. #125 - Susannah says:

    I just got my new Sillouette in the mail tonight and I don’t have a printer to be able to get the most out of it. I would Love love love to have a new printer. Thanks for the opportunity. Love this Blog.

  124. #126 - Valerie says:

    I’ve only had HP printers and they work ok for my purposes. My eyes are open & I can’t believe what I’m missing! I need Epson!

  125. #127 - Noreen says:

    I would love to have the Epson Stylus because I have so many photos to scan and print, and to my knowledge, Epson is the best there is for doing photographs. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  126. #128 - Stacy H says:

    Oh my! I would love it just for the non smear ink alone. And double sided printing! I feel like I’m living in the stone age with my printer!

  127. #129 - sylvia says:

    I would like this printer please
    It’s nice to scan and print with ease
    Printing fabric, scanning stuff
    It would make my crafts less tough!

  128. #130 - Jill says:

    Epson printers are the BOMB-DIGGITY! I don’t see them around much anymore. I had one that lasted me more than 15 years. It became like a family member…lol I used it for personal and business. They will print on ANYTHING!!!! Just feed it.

    Would love the chance to own another one. I’m reitred now and don’t have the funds to purchase a new one.

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  129. #131 - Linda Tecchio says:

    Hi Cathe,
    Funny you should have a give away for the Epson printer today. I am trying to make the beautiful bracelet that you made with shrinky dinks and my printer doesnt want to print on them. Tried everything!
    🙁 I would really love to have it! 🙂 Linda

  130. #132 - Colleayn Klaibourne says:

    Dear Epson, I know we can become best friends. We can bond over art, collage and great designs. Call soon, let’s have fun.
    Love, Colleáyn

  131. #133 - Jane T in NW Louisiana says:

    The reason I would like to have one of these all-in-ones is because it looks easy to use, economical, versatile, and looks like fun. 24 words

  132. #134 - Elaine Paullus says:

    I really, really want this priner! I use a lot decoupage medium and alwasy have to seal my pics before i add the medium. I could skip that whole step, what a time saver!

  133. #135 - wendyp says:

    *old computer dying…boo!
    *new computer purchased….Yay!
    *old printer not mac compatible & no extra $…boo!
    *chance at a shiny new Epson….YAY!

  134. I make art tirelessly.
    Oh, to print wirelessly,
    Smudgeproof, what ecstasy!
    Epson’s my fantasy!

  135. #137 - Hillarie says:

    Please?! Then I can throw my stinky HP out the window like it keeps begging for and use your awesome images with Mod Podge!

  136. #138 - Michelle Montano says:

    I’ve been wanting to get back to crafting & this sounds like the perfect printer. (Mine died a while ago)

  137. #139 - Lauran Weinmann says:

    I need this because my 4 1/2 year-old son asks me to print out pictures of “scary carnivorous dinosaurs” and I need good quality for all those claws and teeth!

  138. #140 - Sarah B. says:

    I’ve been on a quest to find the right scanner and have been disappointed in all that I’ve bought. You make this all-in-on sound AMAZING. Thanks for the chance!

  139. #141 - Shawn Wright says:

    My husband will be serving both God and Counrty in a warzone, often not able to access technology… sending pictures and artwork will lift morale.

  140. #142 - Natalie says:

    I’d love the All-in-One printer so I can FINALLY put together my wedding album!! 🙂

  141. #143 - Joni Reinhart says:

    I am a collage and paper doll enthusiast. I would love the opportunity to win this printer. Thank you for the opportunity!

  142. #144 - Ann says:

    It would be so nice to enter into the world of “extreme” crafting. This would do the trick…

  143. #145 - lori says:

    Oh Cathe! The endless possibilities! Creative sparks flying around an already cluttered brain. Now a fun chance to put them on paper with the Epson Stylus and fill the abyss ( craftroom) with tangible proof of my inner turmoil! What a worthwhile giveaway! Thanks so much!

  144. #146 - Anette Eakins says:

    I’m still using a Canon Pixma 3000 – need I say more? I make do but… water resistant and smudge proof ink? – A dream come true!

  145. #147 - monica says:

    Why me for Epson with possibilities vast?
    The printer and I’ll have a blast,
    using mod podge, canvas, and pics,
    crafting away this tutorial trick:

  146. i would use it to scan & print my 13yo’s artwork. he is so talented, it takes my breath away. ny 2yo isn’t so talented, so i’d just scan & print his tush.

  147. #149 - Jennifer Erickson says:

    Whew, 25 words turned out to be a far greater challenge than I anticipated. But, at last, here it is….my ode to the Epson Stylus NX625:

    Imagine all the people
    I could tickle & amuse
    With the joy that I could spread
    Inspiring Ahhs & Oohs
    Need this win — to begin…

  148. #150 - Tiffany says:

    I have been trying to find a way to organize and print my photos, this would be great to have! I also collect beautiful pieces of ephemera and would love to use this printer/scanner to enhance and beautify my crafting!

  149. #151 - Connie says:

    After Dad’s passing, we discovered letters, keepsakes, and many photos in our childhood home. How wonderful to be able to share using Epson Stylus NX525.

  150. #152 - Christine A. says:

    I would love to win this printer/scanner! The one I have now stinks. I cannot copy anything without it making lines, let alone downloading and printing all the wonderful free ephemera you and others so graciously share. Thanks so much!

  151. #153 - Sandi Terry says:

    I’m currently looking to upgrade from the first and only printer I have ever owned! The Epson Stylus NX625 has the features I need!!

  152. #154 - Sylvia Russell says:

    A great scanner such as this one would enable me to scan and save the box of letters my grandfather wrote home before and during WW1. It would be wonderful to then make copies for my three sons and their children. Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas with those of us creatively challenged.

  153. #155 - Maria S. says:

    An Epson Haiku:

    Craving the Epson
    To print, to craft, to create.
    Ah, untold pleasure!

  154. #156 - Christine A. says:

    Sorry, didn’t see the part about the 25 word limit. Here goes attempt #2, if you will allow.

    Once upon a time there was this printer that sucked. Oh wait, it’s mine!

  155. #157 - Melodee says:

    Epson Stylus NX625? Individual cartridges! Double-sided printing! Instant-dry ink! Wi-Fi! Memory card slots! I’d scan my 100 year-old photos AND MUCH MORE!

  156. #158 - Brenda P. says:

    I would love to try an Epson printer, have always been an HP owner. Love doing paper crafts so it would be great to get a new printer to play with.

  157. #159 - Christine says:

    I am already a huge Epson fan, having one that is close to 6 years old and on it’s last leg. I am a college student that loves to craft and capture moments with my camera so of course the built in memory and ink capabilities already scream, “Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.” Plus my mom and I just came across a ton of family photos from the 50’s and 60’s that are a great treasure and this would help preserve them. I’m currently doing this with my current scanner but there is so much “noise” it doesn’t do the photos justice. And that double sided printing, what a luxury! I’m one that prints one page at a time to do double sided printing.
    Thanks for the opportunity and sorry I went over the 25 word limit :s

  158. #160 - deb christensen says:

    you had me at the words ModPodge. inkjet copies that don’t smear or bleed under a layer of ModPodge is my idea of the holy grail. dble sided printing just sealed the deal. a wonder machine.

  159. #161 - Melissa Martinez says:

    I want the Epson to preserve and tag my grandma’s old photos before she forgets what was happening in each as Alzheimer’s sets in.

  160. #162 - LianeZ says:

    First, Thanks for the Freebies! Would love to have one of these printers, need a scanner to process old family photos and have been looking at Epson scanners. I also love that the ink is not that all-in-one color. I’ve been looking at Epson printers for awhile now, but haven’t gotten one yet because I can’t decide which one I want! I would like to do more Hybrid scrapbooking things but the printing has stopped me, I just can’t afford having to buy new color cartridges just because I printed 30 Christmas cards and used up all the cyan & yellow because the cards were mostly green leaving me with 4 or 5 that are almost full of magenta! I also love the 2-sided, as I do make most of the cards I send/give out myself and printing is so much faster that cut & paste & stamp.

  161. #163 - Chi Anne says:

    OMG! Wireless! The Detail for scanning! Printing! This would be fantastic for all the old albums I’ve been scanning! Would love to win this EPSON!

  162. #164 - Beth C says:

    I’ve been using Epson printers for years, but have just started crafting – would love to have a printer that prints on both sides and integrates so well into my new hobby. I guess it can produce a work report now and then, too!

  163. #165 - Marilyn DeWulf says:

    AS a photojournalism teacher who trains students to put together the school yearbook, this would be a welcomed addition to our elective class. We are always down loading, proofing, printing, etc. The wireless function would be a godsend for the kids and I. As an artisan, I am always in need of a quick and easy printer with full capabilities to help me scan my ink works and give great quality imaging. It would be a pleasure to have such a wonderful piece of equipment to work with. Thank you and crossing my fingers, Marilyn

  164. Good post Just want to say that its a great all in one printer for business or home

  165. #167 - Jackie DuChene says:

    Well the best reason I have is that I have a crappy printer, and if I get close to my image with glue or mog then I just get the oppurtunity to try it again. I have been trying to save for a good printer, but other stuff always seems to come up. I love you website and the vintage images you provide. Thanks for a chance to win.

  166. #168 - Laura says:

    An Epson double haiku:

    A photographer,
    a teacher, budding crafter,
    Brimming with ideas.

    I am these, and crave
    A wireless, scanner-ful
    Piece of “print wonder.”

  167. #169 - Ginger says:

    Help! My old HP printer has gone to digi heaven and my grief is beyond consolable. The Epson Stylus NX625 is just what I need! Oh, yes it is…and I would love it and pat it and name it George!

  168. #170 - Kelly Kautz says:

    I’m preserving my family’s memories by scanning our old photos to digital files, but my scanner’s quality stinks. If I win, future generations will thank you!

  169. #171 - Margaret says:

    I have three daughters and we all love to craft. This printer looks awesome and would help enhance all of our life celebrations!

  170. #172 - Jessica Johnson says:

    Your blog has inspired me to get back in to crafting but without a printer it really puts a damper on my shrinky dink dreams!

  171. #173 - Barbara Dundas says:

    I would love To win the Epson Stylus NX625 because I have never
    owned a good printer.

  172. #174 - Tabitha says:

    I love good design.
    I love paper.
    My current printer has served me well, but it’s old, tired, and pretty basic. Twenty five words exactly.

  173. #175 - Carol Dee says:

    My printer is on it’s last legs. this would be wonderful to own! (Crossing my fingers.) alsowanted to comment on how cute the little truck is to hold the cards/chips. Hugs…

  174. #176 - Katie Ulmer says:

    Wow. What an amazing giveaway. I have been wanting a new wireless printer/scanner for awhile now. I have amassed tons of beautiful downloaded graphics that I never seem to use because after printing them on my old HP printer I’m bummed they don’t look like they should. Thanks for the opportunity, Cathe!

  175. #177 - Romona Harrison says:

    I spend hours scanning your site. Lately I can’t get enough creative stuff. All I think of is crafting. Epson NX625 will help my pursuit.

  176. #178 - Aurora says:

    I never owned an Epson before and from what I read here… I think it would make my crafty life much easier. I tend to go through printers frequently and I am still searching for my perfect printer. I hope this is the one.

  177. #179 - Diana Charalampidis says:

    Dear Cathe,

    every day i look to your creativ blog and i think, i must be creativ too. I’m stay in germany but next month my sister and me we trabel to usa. The first week we stay in san fransisco. I think, i will get new creativ ideas.

    perhaps the luck is with me and i win an Epson Stylus NX625.

    Best wishes from Düsseldorf in Germany


  178. #180 - KatieBouchillon says:

    Family photos-
    Languishing in a trunk.

    Scanning, saving, printing,
    sharing the past.
    Creating new memories
    of family and friends.

    Would be a dream come true.

  179. #181 - Bellen says:

    I would like to win the Epson Stylus NX625 so I can more easily make genealogy crafts to share with family.

  180. #182 - Crystal says:

    I would love to have one of these. We are expecting our first baby this summer and this would be another perfect editions.

  181. #183 - Jenny says:

    I would LOVE this printer because my current printer is on its last legs! Not to mention all the great features it has!!

  182. #184 - Shelia Holmes says:

    I want to use the pictures you give us to make some awesome things for my machine embroidery business. Thanks!

  183. #185 - Leah Martin says:

    I can only imagine the endless possibilities this thing is capable of- does it do the dishes too? :]

  184. #186 - Sherry Gordon says:

    Please pick me. I lust after this printer. My Epson Stylus Photo 2200 was supposed to last forever. Alas, poor Epson. But hope springs eternal!

  185. #187 - Monica says:

    A haiku for you:

    Oh! What fun awaits
    Three girls, one house, must craft with
    Epson Stylus love

  186. #188 - Lynn says:

    My 70 yr old mom just got her first computer and would love a printer/scanner, even if I have to show her how to use it!

  187. #189 - Ronda C. says:

    I would like to have an Epson Stylus NX625, because it would be a splurge, something just for me (ok, I would share). With two small children (the oldest starting Kindergarten this year) I get wrapped up in their world; often spending extra money on treats and things for them, as I know so many other Mother’s out there do as well, it would be nice to be spoiled a bit myself with out feeling Mom guilt thinking about how else the money could have been spent. Please, don’t get me wrong our family is very blessed and I have a wonderful husband that likes to spoil me with little treats too, but it would be nice to win something that would fun and less of a utility.
    Thanks, and good luck to all.

  188. #190 - Kristyn says:

    Fast, Easy, Photo Printing – SOOO Cool!
    Affordable, Fun, High-Quality – I’m gonna drool!
    Need. Want. Desire this bad boy!
    Would definitely be this blogger’s FAVORITE toy!

  189. #191 - Lisa L. says:

    I need this because when I print with my current printer (I’ll be kind and not name it), the ink rubs off on your hands…and yes that is hours after I have printed. Ink-less pics are not good! Lisa L.

  190. #192 - Martha says:

    Must have my own Epson Stylus in my craft room. I have to run down stairs to get to the printer we have. Thanks!

  191. #193 - Jeannine says:

    I’m tired of “aerobic” crafting. If I want something printed I have to unplug my laptop, carry it downstairs to the office, print, run upstairs to continue.

  192. #194 - Nancy says:

    Would LOVE to have this! I am using a very old printer, that my chubby dog has knocked into several times. Can you say duct tape?

  193. #195 - Shanda Boatright says:

    I recently returned from a family reunion where I collected tons of old photos. This awesome combo is perfect to get the job done!

  194. #196 - missy says:

    roses are red
    my printers dead
    roses are blue
    need an Epson thats new!!!!

  195. #197 - Suzy B. says:

    I waste so much time with my old printer, just trying to avoid paper jams! I can’t even fathom the possibilities that a crafty little monster like this would afford me! Oh it makes makes my head spin! I just bought some printable fabric that is probably going to get butchered in my machine… Please pick me! Save my fabric from a certain doom!

  196. #198 - Angie Kiker says:

    I have a hunking old Epson CX7800. It is slow, and seen better days I’m sure. I’ve been looking at the newer Wireless Epson printers and they sure look sleek and speedy compared to my old one. I print most of my quilt labels on fabric, and the new Epson would be wonderful improvement I’m sure! I’ve looked at other brands, but none seem to compare to the Epson’s. Hoping I win!

  197. #199 - Debbie Roman says:

    My poor old printer is on its last legs and any graphics I try to print out look awful. I love making memory quilts so this would be wonderful!

  198. #200 - Curtains in my Tree says:

    what a great printer and those cat postcards are really great . I have never seen those old post cards in all my junking and shopping. Maybe just now interested anyway.

    I really could use a new printer and especially to copy as good as you are showing.

    I want to get back to my card making with copies of paper graphics

    and this excites me . Always enjoy your post


  199. #201 - Julia D. says:

    Short and sweet can’t be beat. Picking me would sure be neat!

  200. #202 - Desiree N. says:

    My hubby and I both work from home. So a new printer would be so helpful. We need one that scans more than a few pages at a time!!

  201. #203 - Gabriela Osornio says:

    I would love the new Epson Stylus NX625. Because I just started my own web based (until I can afford a store front) and I don’t have a printer, scanner or anything in between.
    I live in Lago Vista TX and the closest office depot or any store that I can print, fax or scan anything at is a 30 mile round trip.
    This printer would really make my life and business easier. Thank you for the opportunity to win this!

  202. #204 - Tracey Ireland says:

    I need this! I have an HP and my paper keeps getting stuck and it doesn’t print straight! Please pick me! Thanks for the opportunity!


  203. #205 - Shannon says:

    I would love to get the printer for the two sided printing feature..with three kids who have discovered the joy of printing, a paper saving feature would be WONDERFUL!

  204. #206 - Amy says:

    I would love this printer for art projects with my son. The smudge resistance is essential when working with a young boy with no patience.

  205. #207 - chelsea a says:

    While I like my current printer, it doesn’t have HALF the features of the Epson Stylus! I would love to have a new printer to match the new software skills I’ve recently learned!

  206. #208 - Annamarie says:

    Living in a town without a craft store, I am forced to get creative & make my own scrapbook supplies. This printer would be awesome!

    Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway.

  207. #209 - Jessica Dougherty says:

    As a graphic designer, I often look for unique textures & images to scan. I like to manipulate such images in Photoshop, but it’s essential to get a high-quality scan from the start. This sounds like an amazing piece of equipment that I could really put to good use!

    Jessica Dougherty

  208. #210 - Stephanie says:

    I’ve just begun to share my postcard collection with the world. Scanning & sharing would become easier + scans can make for awesome side projects.

    All in One= FUN!

    (With a new baby easier and faster is the ticket!)

  209. #211 - Ginny says:

    I would love to win this, so my mom and I can do more projects together! She loves doing shrinky dinks and it would make things much easier! What better way to bond with mom then through shrinky dinks 🙂

  210. #212 - VickyC says:

    Just starting my new business and am trying to do it on a budget! A free printer/scanner would be such a blessing!

  211. #213 - Erica H says:

    Wow! This printer has all the features I need and I LOVE the non-smearing ink, especially for art projects including jewelry making. My old printer has died and I’ve been searching for something affordable to replace it with.

  212. #214 - Lee W. says:

    I would love to have the Epson so I could create with all the great downloads that you make for us to use. Thank YOU!

  213. #215 - Kristy says:

    I LOVE to create but I have a small budget for my projects which doesn’t include a fancy-schmancy printer. It would be a huge blessing to receive this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  214. #216 - Oona B says:

    I would love to be the lucky winner of the Epson Stylus NX625 because our printer is so ancient and makes horrible wheezing noises that scare the cat every time we print something! I’d love to be able to print out all the amazing free downloads from JSIM and paper toys for my daughter!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  215. #217 - Jamie says:

    Why I LOVE
    E xcellent inks
    P rint quality to die for
    S o easy to scan images
    O r print my own books
    N o more single-sided sheets!

  216. #218 - sharon says:

    I would love to have the Epson Stylus NX625 so I could print all the stuff I’ve been designing instantly without going to a print shop.

  217. #219 - Danyelle says:

    I don’t just want the printer, I need it. My husband needs to print stuff for his job and my girls always need to print and our printer is nearly dead.

  218. #220 - Brenda says:

    This printer is awesome! Last week I spent an hour and 45 minutes on the phone with another printer company trying to get my printer working. Did it help? A resounding NO! Your blog was the first I followed. Crafting rules! Help me, Cathe!

  219. #221 - keely aka LKP says:

    oh, epson stylus, how would i love thee?
    let me count the ways:
    church stuff, photog business stuff, my daughter’s school & sports stuff…

  220. #222 - Amanda says:

    I so want this printer to play along with you!

  221. #223 - Erin H says:

    Oooh, I would love to give this printer a spin and see it work its’ magic!!!

  222. #224 - Sara Bradbury says:

    I wanna be like you and print like you too! (sing this to the tune from the Jungle Book)

  223. #225 - Tabitha says:

    Family papers, postcards and ephemera…art journaling…scanner/printer to copy them so I can save originals!

  224. #226 - toya says:

    besides crafting, i am compiling a family genealogy. we are blessed to have a trove of photos and documents to scan. this would really help!

  225. #227 - Theresa says:

    Epson Stylus NX625 sounds like a dream printer! I art, I photograph, I craft, I print! I need! I’d Love to win! =selling prints + grateful!

  226. #228 - Jenna Graviss says:

    My prints have yellow lines every inch, tried with no success to fix it. Only conclusion a new printer. If chosen I’ll pay it forward by having a giveaway on my blog with the creations I make with this fantastic printer!

  227. Pingback: Vintage Ephemera Checks: Free Digital Downloads | Just Something I Made

  228. #229 - Marthalynn says:

    My poor bookmarks folder on my laptop is bursting at the seams with DIY projects that require a color inkjet!

  229. #230 - Karin says:

    Oh my! I can’t wait to hear your review of this all-in-one! I LOVE my old Stylus Color 860 and really NEED a new printer!

  230. #231 - Sarah Anondson says:

    I’ve been working on organizing old family photos, and I’d love to have this machine to scan and print them!

  231. #232 - Joan@anythinggoeshere says:

    When I saw the printer I went Oh, Oh, Oh and then I saw that you were having a giveaway and started hyperventilating. I want is bad! Joan@anythinggoeshere

  232. #233 - Tammy says:

    “From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere!”
    — Dr. Seuss

    {{And I need to PRINT them all!!}}

  233. #234 - Sharon says:

    My printer is ancient but still works and I just haven’t been able to justify the expense to replace it. This one, though, is gorgeous!

  234. #235 - Elizabeth Campau says:

    I would love to have the printer to do custom design scrapbooking and cardmaking to raise money for Celiac and Behcets research. Thank you!

  235. #236 - Lorena V Gomez says:

    I just got my first job as a wedding planner for my sister’s wedding. This printer will make a lot of my work irresistibly beautiful!

  236. #237 - Rebecca says:

    There once was a printer from Epson.
    It could print all the day and then some.
    With photos in hand,
    Rebecca would scan.
    Her scrapbook now worth a King’s ransom.

    I also do haikus. 😉 Fab give away! Pick me! 🙂

  237. #238 - Jessica says:

    Because my 100 year old Sigwalt letterpress doesn’t have wireless capabilities… With an Epson I could create beautiful, professional quality prints from the couch! yum….

  238. #239 - Mary says:

    What a wonderful printer…I’d love this…mine is on its last legs. I want to be able to make good color prints…and the wireless aspect is a very attractive feature…love it!!! 🙂

  239. #240 - Mallory says:

    Oh, what a lovely tool! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these- all the pictures to copy, the greeting cards to make and most importantly all of the Mod Podge to be done! I’ve been trying to find the best said to make jewelry with Mod Podge and printed images, but maybe the best way is just to use one of these!

  240. #241 - Laura B. says:

    I would preserve the past,
    Making memories to last.
    Scanning photos of Idaho pioneers,
    And tracing our family through the years.

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  241. #242 - K. Hairston says:

    I don’t have a printer at all and I can only download pics from my phone of my grandbaby from text messages. Thanx 🙂

  242. #243 - Julie T. says:

    I have just found your blog and I would love to win this printer to make some of your great projects.

  243. #244 - Kathleen Dickson says:

    My printer died a horrid death. With many serious problems pull at my finances, this printer would bring a bit of hope and finished projects!

  244. #245 - Meri Wiley says:

    I’ve been following for quite some time, and I’m just blown away by the detail you get from your scanner. I use a lot of graphics myself, and would love to have something like this.


  245. #246 - Kristi says:

    There once was a lady who loved paper
    Needs a new printer to save her
    Old one stinks,
    Doesn’t hold ink
    EPSON makes projects GREATER!


  246. #247 - April says:

    I would like to win this awesome printer so that I can take my current one out into a field and beat it with a baseball bat a la Office Space. 😀

    Plus my birthday is coming up…is there a better way to celebrate turning a year older than with crafting goodness? I think not.

  247. #248 - Sharon H says:

    After reading your review I just know this is the printer for me to make some greeting cards in memory of our two angel dogs!

  248. #249 - Barbara Mason says:

    Wow! Looking forward to scanning and 2 sided printing…I hear Epson makes beautiful, distinct copies…and I can apply gels without smudging!!! And make transparencies too!!!

  249. #250 - Paula Barnett says:

    I would love this fabulous Epson printer. The colors are sooo bright! The crafting possibilities are endless with the great ink! Pretty please can I have one???

  250. #251 - Eunice Boger says:

    I have recently been reunitied with my passion for art. I worked many years, Lord knows its time to be free and stretch my wings and fly.

  251. #252 - Christina says:

    Wow these are beautiful labels!
    I’d love to give these labels a try!

  252. #253 - Barbara Godfrey says:

    My last printer died and I really need to make labels for my handmade lotions, body sprays and soaps. The Durabrite ink is a plus!

  253. #254 - Denise Crose says:

    welllllll now, I am just gonna be honest here… printer copier is totally crummy…..have been needing a new one for quite awhile now, didn’t know where to start….I think this is the start…..blessings~Denise

  254. #255 - Amy Wilson says:

    I want this printer because my Canon printer sucks

  255. #256 - Jane Rhoades says:

    Having just started a new business, this printer would be perfect for printing my collage sheets as well as all my business supplies!

  256. #257 - Heather says:

    I’d love to win the Epson to re-create and expand upon the gorgeous themes at work on JSIM. You are a muse and an inspiration!

  257. #258 - rebekah says:

    this would be ideal to scan all my kids’ artwork from school to put into albums!! would love this! thanks!!!

  258. #259 - Kelly Cross says:

    The Epson Stylus NX625 could get me closer to producing the fabulous projects from JSIM! My printer just can’t produce! Especially shrinky dinks! Thanks

  259. #260 - Samara says:

    I’ve recently taken up art journaling and it’s left me with a little problem, my printer just can’t keep up!

  260. #261 - Annalea says:

    Printer just died. :o(

    Rent wins over new printer. (No work.)

    We homeschool, and love crafting! :o)

  261. #263 - Denise Gutierrez says:

    Just like others who enjoy Blogs & learning from creative mags. It’s vital to save & copy/scan beautiful pieces, it helps to have the best and the Epson Stylus NX625 fits the bill!

  262. #264 - Kristina W says:

    Oh Epson Stylus NX625
    You look so pretty, and that ain’t no lie
    If I had you, I’d sing all day
    “Waterproof inks! Oh YAY!”

  263. #265 - Joanne says:

    What can I say? I need this Epson stylus or I may have to leave the digital world and go back to tracing everything.

  264. #266 - Tee Thompson says:

    I need this printer because mine died so I’m working without one. I’ll use it daily in my mixed media art. Sure hope I win!

  265. #267 - alisha says:

    I’d write a sonnet, send a note,
    sing a song to earn your vote.
    I really want it, I can’t deny,
    the Epson Stylus NX625!

  266. #268 - Kathy P says:

    I am so ready to run over my HP printer/scanner with my car! I’ve been scanning and printing a lot lately (for my blog and home business) and this thing is a piece of junk! The Epson sounds awesome!

  267. #269 - tj says:

    …I would love to win this because I am a crafty person and would love to have a better printer to do things with. Our current printer is an HP Printer and it is on its last leg, my husband wants to help it by throwing it out the door! I’ve been shopping around for one but haven’t decided and this post just may help in my decision making process! :o)

    …If I don’t win at least I know to give this one a second look – thank you for the info’!

    …Blessings :o)

  268. #270 - Courtney says:

    I love to win a new printer! I been trying to scan photos from my grandparents old photo albums as a way to preserve them, and my current printer/scanner just isn’t getting the job done! A new scanner would help out a lot!

  269. I’m in need of a good all-in-one printer. Old one is getting bad. I can use it for selling cards in with my artwork.

  270. #272 - Susan Wallace says:

    Top 10 It’s Mine

    10 Quality
    9 All-in-One
    8 Crafting
    7 Simply
    6 Designing
    5 Effortlessly
    4 Creating
    3 Economically
    2 Awesome!!!
    1 :-)EPSON:-)

  271. #273 - Carol Chaplin says:

    I think that you should win the Epson All-in-One. That way, with two of them you could be double-fast on all the great ideas and images that you so freely give to all of us out here in JSIM-land!

  272. #274 - Tamara Hensley says:

    I am desperately in need of a new scanner/printer/copier as mine keEPS ON eating my paper!

  273. #275 - Ann says:

    The most creative comment I have is the following reason why I would like to win….because my printer is crappy.

  274. #276 - charli says:

    Between crafting with and homeschooling my daughter, the Epson Stylus seems like it could actually keep up with us!

  275. #277 - Sandy McClay says:

    I am a lover of vintage children’s greeting cards from the 1950’s and early 60’s, I have collected them for years. The graphics and colors are wonderful and I plan on using them in paper craft projects and making waterslide decals. A great scanner and printer are essential! Thank you for this chance to own this wonderful Epson item!

  276. #278 - Erin S says:

    I would love to have a new, wireless printer so that I can put it in my craft room rather than in my living room.

  277. #279 - Kanani says:

    Besides the fact that my color printer is on the FRITZ…I’d LOVE to get my hands on the fab Epson! I do T-O-N-S of paper crafting and the features of this printer look GREAT!

  278. #280 - Carey ~ Gypsy Thread says:

    Smitten with Scanners, but I do not yet own one. *sigh* Poor me, right? The imagination runs wild with possibilities!

  279. #281 - Lisa says:

    I have at least three cruddy printers/scanners, all in various stages of decrepidation (that may not be a word). I’d love to have just one perfect printer. I think this might be it!

  280. #282 - Char-D says:

    This printer is just what I need
    Works like magic, nothing up my sleeve.
    Winning would make me jubilantly
    Sorry, rhyming isn’t my best quality.

  281. #283 - Ellen Crawley says:

    Epson Stylus All-in-One,
    if you were mine,
    oh what fun!

    Crafts, photos,
    important papers too,
    I want to win you,
    YES I DO!

  282. #284 - Jennifer Chrysadakis says:

    My three kids and I took a vow to be “greener” this year, love that it prints on both sides of paper.

  283. #285 - Kate Richbourg says:

    WOW! The ability to print my daily photos right from my phone sparks many creative thoughts. A great way to immortalize the summer of 2011.

  284. #286 - Minnesota Mommy says:

    I absolutely LOVE your free printables, but I have trouble with the color on my old printer. I would be so happy to win a new one!

  285. #287 - Charity says:

    So I can liberate space on my work tables from three separate appliances and make room for making art!

  286. #288 - anne says:

    1. Printing
    2. Pretty
    3. Images
    4. With
    5. Bright
    6. Pretty
    7. Colors
    8. Would
    9. Make
    10. My
    11. Scrapbooks
    12. Pretty
    13. Again
    14. Since
    15. Now
    16. They
    17. Are
    18. Pretty
    19. Empty
    20. I
    21. Would
    22. Love
    23. One
    24. Pretty
    25. Please.

  287. #289 - conniemelancon says:

    I would love to win this Epson Stylus NX625. I need a reliable printer/scanner that has high quality prints and one that is easy to use so I can scrapbook my 4 kids and 7 grandkids!

  288. #290 - Celeste B. says:

    Wow…awesome giveaway. I would love to win a nice new printer like the Epson Stylus NX625.

  289. #291 - Susan Audrey says:

    When I grow up, I want to be Cathe Holden. Can only achieve that beautiful, creative bliss when I finally have a decent printer. Thanks!

  290. #292 - Dea Cate says:

    Thanks for the vintage bank check download. I’m thinking of printing it on tyvek for DIY wallet project and it has definite possibilities in my mailable art projects.

  291. #293 - Jennifer Barnes says:

    I would absolutely ENJOY winning the Epson Stylus NX625 for my scrapbooking, home decor, church projects, and little girls’ rooms! Eek!!!!!!!!!

  292. #294 - Chris Gerke says:

    I would love to win this. Currently my idea of a scanner is take a picture of the item with my camera. Not very professional. Just saying.

  293. #295 - Melinda says:

    I would finish my project of printing silhouettes of my family to form a family tree. Each persons silhouette is a collage of photos of them in chronological order. The photos are small – something I know the Epson Stylus NX625 can print clearly.

  294. #296 - lynne Weinberger says:

    As a crafter & writer, my creative drive would be in high gear using Epson’s Stylus NX625!

  295. #297 - Chrissy P says:

    I’m a designer obsessed with craft. I need pro printing quality without the pro pricing!!

  296. #298 - Heather Ferguson says:

    Wow, wouldn’t it be great to have the tools to create all of your projects. The printer would help me do that.

  297. #299 - Connie says:

    I use my existing printer all the time, but it’s about 8 years old now – I could really use a new printer that can scan too. Thanks for the opportunity to win a new Espson printer.

  298. #300 - Darlene says:

    I definitely need this dream machine!!! Why? It looks like the perfect product to print out quality ephemera for my small business.

  299. #301 - Callie says:

    I want this printer, I want this printer…
    I want this printer, hey hey hey hey!
    Seriously… Callie Callender and Seriously Handmade would love this printer and put it to amazing uses!!
    Pretty pretty please, with a cherry on top! 🙂
    Good luck reading and picking!

  300. #302 - Kathryn Lynn says:

    It was dark; the book page wasn’t alone. And then, the grimy hands were grasping for his pages! The Epsom Stylus scanner/printer could’ve saved him.

  301. #303 - Anna says:

    Wedding photos! Wedding date: March 17, 2010. Photos printed: 0. Hints, polite and otherwise, from friends and family: innumerable. Bonus: scanning ephemera for our album.

  302. #304 - Brittney Benton says:

    I teach permaculture gardening and herbalism to Austin area youth through non-profits , as well as students from abroad. I haven’t had a printer in years for making the graphics and labels for all of my products. This is EXACTLY the printer I was hoping to get when my budget allowed.

    I’ve followed your blog for years and cannot extend my gratitude enough to you for all the inspirational articles and projects…life as a mother leaves little time for creativity but you always have such fun projects that I can do them with my kids!

  303. #305 - Terisa says:

    Just began an business to better the lives of mothers living in the barrios of Peru. Printing information to educate others about this need.

  304. #306 - Gregory Willard says:

    I want this printer because I’m an all in 1 person husband father and photographer.

  305. #307 - Cristy says:

    HP works kinda, ink$ < $new printer, misfeeds, grainy photos.
    New Epson = high quality JSIM printables & more, finally, possibly!
    ~Thanks for the opportunity

  306. #308 - Melissa says:

    I’m a history teacher in the making and love the possibilities this printer would give me in sharing old artifacts and ephemera with my students!

  307. #309 - maryk says:

    oooohhhh! that looks like a wonderful printer. my printer is slowly biting the dust so a chance to win a new one is really cool. thanks for chance to win all the give-a-ways your sponsers share.

  308. #310 - foo says:

    Cathe, dear,
    It’s quite clear.
    I need that printer,
    I’ll cry through winter,
    with all my heart,
    Because, without it,
    I can’t print my art.

  309. #311 - grace says:

    love this idea! i want this printer….i need this printer! i have always loved epson printers & could definitely use a new one! love all the features! thanks for the great review & chance for the giveaway!

  310. #312 - Cheree says:

    Mine eyes have seen the glory of the NS625;
    Photos and crafting for three children with one more on the way need I say more?

  311. #313 - Karen Whitlock says:

    I would as many other would love this printer…would use it to print and scan my many projects I have started….

  312. #314 - Kerry says:

    I have been collecting family photo’s and history from relatives with the intention of making a scrapbook for everyone. A great printer would help so much! Plus I have never one a thing in my life!

  313. #315 - Mrs. Puma says:

    I need a new printer because ink for my old one is now more than $50 per color! Crazy technology.

  314. #316 - Lesley Kemp says:

    My great grandfather was a photographer. I believe that with the Epson Stylus I could create above and beyond with the photos.

  315. #317 - laurie says:

    I would love this printer – I do a lot of artwork using scans of vintage items as well as original works — and I’m an art teacher who wants students to be encouraged to create great art works as well!

  316. #318 - Carolee says:

    Oh, be still my heart! I’m retiring in October and trying to get a photography business up and running; plus my husband has given me full rights to the basement for a “Woman Cave” for crafting and photography. This would be the icing on the cake! Thanks so much for such a wonderful give-away, you are very generous!

  317. #319 - Caroline says:

    I am a craft room with an Epson Stylus NX625-shaped space in my heart. Pick me and relieve this loneliness!

  318. #320 - Angela H. says:

    Well, I am entering the contest because I never win anything! I have an old HP inkjet printer that is on it’s last leg. I’m surprised it still prints. And I just love reading your blog! Doesn’t everyone!?!

  319. #321 - Ellen M. says:

    I think the two-sided printing and great ink would add many new creative possibilities. Thanks for the giveaway!

  320. #322 - Angie Tieman says:

    I’m a teacher and crafter, and my Epson Photo R800 died two years ago! This much needed printer would be well loved and used! Thanks!

  321. #323 - Beth says:

    Love that printer! 2 sided printing, color looks vivid! I would love to win this new printer.

  322. #324 - Linda says:

    I need it, I love, I just gotta have it!

  323. #325 - Stacia Roble says:

    To correct the previous post (spelling error)

    Star light, star bright,
    An Epson Stylus I see tonight:
    All the extras, and colors bright!
    Please, printer fairy, bring one home tonight!

  324. #327 - Brittany says:

    Having a printer this awesome would literally blow my socks off. “Print photos in as fast as 20 seconds”!!! I’m foaming at the mouth! Yip-yahoo!!

  325. #328 - Geri says:

    I’m convinced that Epson has tapped into my brain and created the printer of my dreams! What will they come up with next…a self-cleaning house?

  326. #329 - Monica Griffen says:

    Roses are magenta
    Violets are a little cyan.
    Who’s the winner of this printer?
    Please tell me I am?

  327. #330 - Lisa Cleary says:

    Our printer bit the dust, no replacment. I would love to have the NX625 to print for crafts. Pigment ink seems to provide great bright color.

  328. #331 - Mary says:

    The possibility of eliminating my older Epson color printer and additional scanner for an Epson “do-it-all,” simply brilliant! More desk space : )

  329. #332 - Nicki M says:

    WOW looks like a fabulous printer. I love Epson printers!

  330. #333 - Aimee Kruse-Ross says:

    After our wedding, we had to make 200 Thank You cards. I printed out our favorite shot of the day, coated them all with sealer, and disaster!

    If I won this printer, I would probably get married again.

  331. #334 - Vickie says:

    I would love to win this printer…I have two b/w Epson printers that just keep on going. The Epson Stylus NX625 would be a great addition to my business.

  332. #335 - Pam Forgerson says:

    The only words that come to mind are ” Oh the places you will go” from Dr. Suess, just imagine- Oh the things you will do!

  333. #336 - Celeste says:

    This would be fantastic for making prints of my art work, as well as for all the homeschooling projects we do!

  334. #337 - Tracy Guhr says:

    Today I turn 51! I can’t wait to unlock the creative potential inside of me AND this hard working Epson Stylus NX6255.

  335. #339 - Linda from Arizona says:

    My old Epson just bit the dust. I’d love to replace it with this one. I print out so many things to use in my crafting. This all in one would be perfect!

  336. #340 - Kathy says:

    Oh! I would love this!! My printer is so old that I hate to even mention it. It might hear me and lay down only to never get back up again! My scanner is being used as a giant coaster since it no longer works. I sure would enjoy using this in all of my crafting!! (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  337. #341 - Jean Rosser says:

    “You are only limited by your imagination”….but I would add that “Great tools make it a reality!” This Epson Stylus NX625 would make my reality. The gears are turning…….

  338. #342 - Dot Jones says:

    I would like to win this printer because I can’t afford to buy one right now as I’m working part-time jobs only, to help me save money by printing coupons, and get my photos organized.

  339. #343 - Marcia P. says:

    My paying gig sucks the creative life out of me. I will retire soon and can’t wait to create full-time with this Epson Stylus.

  340. #344 - june blasingame says:

    I am forever running back and forth, unplugging my laptop and hooking it up to the printer. Wireless printing would be a welcomed relief AND it is high time for me to upgrade my printer:) I am picky about printers and the quality of their print jobs. This looks wonderful–and I know it must be if you are pleased with it. You do awesome things!!

  341. #345 - Sandy says:

    Oh, the fun I could have with this!

  342. #346 - Traci Severson says:

    You had me at “water resistant”… plus the ability to do it all at home without the need to run to the local copy shop!

  343. #347 - Heather :) :) :) says:

    I don’t have a printer. This would help me to share my love of all things vintage with everyone. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather 🙂

  344. #348 - Lara Pabst says:

    ModgePodge won’t run no’more…prints with ink that let’s art soar! EpsonStylus features oh so great…they allow me to stay up way too late!

  345. #349 - Judy B says:

    Loved old Epson to death: for weekly Bible Study, copying photos for hubby’s 75th birthday tribute album, Army son in Afghanistan, Grandkids, and coming baby.

  346. #350 - Traci says:

    I want one so I can do all your cute ideas!!!!! You amaze me!!!

  347. #351 - Justina M says:

    My trusty printer that lasted throughout my undergrad went kaput and being crafty on a grad-school budget is difficult. This Epson will help enormously!

  348. #352 - JanaH says:

    Love Epson printers. The versatility is awesome and the cost of toner reasonable. Shrinky dinks, fabric transfers, iron ons, oh my. Endless possibilitieses to sooth my restless creative soul.

  349. #353 - Karin says:

    Oh, the possibilities! Cathe- You always have something to tempt me with! Hmm, what would I do with this uber-cool priner/scanner? Scan my way through the hundreds of family photos and pages of genealogy that sit in boxes at my dad’s house so that I can share them with my entire family! I have always felt that it was a bit unfair that one person in a family usually winds up being the caretaker of most of the genealogy and photos. I think that’s how so much family history gets lost! If I had this, I can pretty much guarantee that no one in my family would inadvertantly marry their cousin. 😉
    Thanks for the chance!

  350. #354 - Amy says:

    Oh, the things I could create! My printer recently died, but the ideas for crafting don’t stop, and the wallet hasn’t fattened enough to by a new printer! Epson is truly a great printer!

  351. #355 - Wendy says:

    I love to save trees! Need that 2 sided printing and my current printer is on it’s last leg. Would love to win!

  352. #356 - Judy Johnson says:

    I can’t think of a reason I wouldn’t want the Epson Sylus Nx625! It can do so darn much, I am beginning to think I can’t do without one! My husband would sure be happy too if I were to win one. He can’t understand why have bought several other kinds of printers and haven’t been satisified with their performance! Plus, I bet I would be the only scrapper/crafter/rancher in western North Dakota with one of these printers!! What a claim to fame!

  353. #357 - maryk says:

    I home-school two neighbor children on a very limited budget and we so badly need a new printer. The double sided printing feature would be a luxury beyond dreams….imagine the new ornithology books we could create!

  354. #358 - Ronda says:

    Epson and I have a long history
    Print, photos and crafts superfluously
    Excitement abounds as visions come alive
    now with creative potential of the NX625!

  355. #359 - terrib in oregon says:

    Be still my printerless heart! I need this machine! My old (very old) Epson has finally bit the dust after years of reliable printing!

  356. #360 - Sharon says:

    I am new to your site and made the shrinky dink bracelet. When I printed it on my printer I could hardly see it even with new ink. Your bracelet is beautiful – such vibrant, vintage colors. Mine looks all washed out – but I still love it and your site. Guess its time for a new printer!!

  357. #361 - michelleb says:

    Three gurlz; college, high & middle school projects. Love of Art, Crafts, & Freckles are the only thing they didn’t inherit from their dad!

  358. #362 - Denise Leavens says:

    I make my own cards, toys, decorations, art, decoupage, photos, little booklets, writing letters with special graphics incorporated – everything. (Please let me win, Lord.)

  359. #363 - deb meyers says:

    3 or 5 other crafters
    need this worse than I
    I wish you’d choose at random
    then if I won
    I wouldn’t feel so Undeserving.

  360. #364 - marilyn aury says:

    HP died 2 weeks ago. Had 2 Epson’s prior LOVED them! They way out performed the HP. This may be by chance. THANK YOU

  361. #365 - Deb Westbury says:

    I would like to have one of these 3-1 machines, because I need one…I want to be able to copy and scan items when needed.

  362. #366 - Jenn says:

    I have been wanting to print out more photos for mini books. I love your downloads and like to incorporate them too. My first project would be a couple of personalized mini books for my niece and cousin (they are BFFs) of photos from their week visiting me. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  363. #367 - Jill Blevins says:

    Wow. We have a wonderful black and white laser printer. We’ve tried several different color printers and haven’t had real good luck. My husband was always fond of Epson products and after seeing what you’ve done with it, I’d LOVE to be using one.

  364. #368 - Anne Thompson says:

    I can’t begin to imagine all that I could do with this printer/scanner/copier as a blogger, mixed media artist, and teacher!

  365. #369 - Sara says:

    Would really enjoy this printer in trying to get my creative business off the ground.

  366. #370 - Carole RB says:

    Hi Cathe
    I want to win the “Epson Stylus NX625” for the simpliest reason in the world: my printer just died overused. It was out of date and made me mad most of the time I used it. Now, it doesn’t work anymore so a new and fantastic one is more than welcome.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win

    Have a great sunday!

  367. #371 - Joan Stroh says:

    What a great giveaway! I’ d love to have a great printer, and a wireless one at that. My first printer was an Epson, and better than our current printer – I’d love to have a quality printer to try out all Cathe’s great projects.

  368. #372 - Jessi says:

    An entry, in limerick:

    There once was a girl from Duluth
    Who wanted a printer, forsooth!
    She could use it to share
    Items common and rare
    To win would be great–that’s the truth!


  369. #373 - Christina w says:

    I would like to get my etsy business started, thisnwould really give me the jump start I need. 🙂

  370. #374 - Ruth says:

    There once was a printer from Epson
    That created most beautiful jetsam.
    Colorful inks
    In less than a wink.
    All I could hope was I’d get some.

  371. #375 - Catonya Owens says:

    I’ve wanted to replace my HP since last year. It finally died last week – yay!!!! Planning to buy an Epson on payday (next Wednesday).

  372. #376 - Kellie Ann says:

    Just prior, she purchased her own studio – a 10×12″ wall tent. She worked hard on launching her design business. *Won a printer* – creative boundaries unlimited!

  373. #377 - Holley says:

    Two weddings in a little over ONE year has left me flat broke and I’m a Cathe Holden wannabe!!! HELP ME! Oh, the things I could do!

  374. #378 - Esther Klay says:

    You are so inspiring! If I was the lucky winner, I would gather all of my old papers, cards, photos, pages from old books, *my* old report cards and anything else that I thought you might use – and scan and send them to you!! That way you could share them with your peeps 😉
    This looks like an awesome printer/scanner and would definitely be a step up from my current one. Wow – a professional mode!!!

  375. #380 - Esther Klay says:

    Wow! I would gather my old paper, photos, and report cards. I would scan and send them to you so you can share them!

  376. #381 - Beckie says:

    Seriously, this looks like such a fantastic printer! I so need this! It does it all and with such clarity, vibrance and ease! Pick Me!

  377. #382 - k a t y says:

    Well. I think with this baby I just might find something more exhilarating to do with my printer than smoosh my face (or other body parts 😉 against the glass and make amusing copies. heh heh. Hee Hee. HA!

    ps Don’t tell my kids photocopying body parts is an option for entertainment. That’s one they haven’t learned. Yet.

  378. #383 - Janet says:

    I love your blog! There are so many beautiful images, and you have awesome giveaways!

  379. #384 - Heather D says:

    E phemera I can
    P rint from JSIM
    S hall now be used
    O ften to create
    N oteworthy, beautiful momentos!

    Thanks Cathe!

  380. #385 - Georgia Brown says:

    I’m an excited JSIM reader,
    this Epson printer is the leader.
    If I won the printer in Cathe’s journal,
    my gratitude would be forever eternal!

  381. #386 - Angie says:

    I need this printer! With 5 kids…all of whom love to help ‘craft’ with mommy, you can imagine there is a lot of printing going on! It also seems like the scanner would be perfect for capturing all of their precious artwork in all of its glorious detail…Please pick me! 🙂

  382. #387 - ellen says:

    Epson fussy feed
    forgiven for great beauty
    How I miss your prints.

  383. #388 - jan says:

    In 1996 my PTO gave me an Epson digital camera. It changed my life…and many other teachers. I now instruct teachers – and have continued my love affair with Epson. The reliability of their products has made the difference in my enthusiam for bringing our schools into the digital age.

  384. #389 - Lucy says:

    After tripping over cords on our current printer, sustaining near life-threatening injuries (OK, bruises & sprains), I am no longer allowed near the printer.

  385. #390 - Antonia Hughes says:

    My current color printer is pixelly and can’t connect to my home computer. I’ve been dying to print some gorgeous prints for the living room!

  386. #391 - Peggy says:

    For my daughter, a senior graphic design major, having surgery tomorrow & will probably miss summer school, messing up plans for graduation next spring.

  387. #392 - Sarah Renfro says:

    I’m a craft junky about to attend college. Winning the Epson Stylus NX625 would mean not giving up my passion due to lack of funds.

  388. #393 - Paula in MN says:

    I need this all-in-one printer! Between homeschool, crafting, and bowfishing, I have waaaay too much work. I need to bathe once in a while and this printer would give me the time to do that!

  389. #394 - Two Crazy Crafters says:

    Printing vintage images is our life! We would be Two Crazy Crafters Over the Moon if we win this! Thanks for the opportunity. Twyla

  390. #395 - Lynette Isaacs says:

    It’s my birthday today, so what a nice gift this would be!

  391. #397 - Carol in NC says:

    I’m working on family tree photo albums for my children taking it as far back as I have photos for. One branch goes back to their great-great-great grandparents. I just want them to know a little bit about the people they came from and put faces and places with names.

  392. #398 - MK Palguta says:

    There was a new printer from Epson
    That I wanted with all of my heart
    It promised me fun
    From sun to sun
    Ive entered and done my part.

  393. #399 - Lisa cox says:

    Great giveaway! I have an old very ornery printer, I would love a new Epson, I could print out my scrapbook and journaling pages and collage stuff. I’m sure my photos would look better too! Then I could finally take a hammer to my old one like I keep threatening.

  394. #400 - JeriP says:

    What a wonderful printer. As a grandma with 39 grandchildren I have lots of people to share photos and birthday cards and crafts with. Keeps me busy and happy all year.

  395. #401 - biggreenfeet says:

    Printer is so old
    Shake, watch it print funny shades
    Need that Epson… please?

    Thanks for throwing such a great giveaway!

  396. #402 - Teresa Schneider says:

    Scanners are great, but this one sounds like the perfect tool to inspire a new Art for Adults series of programs in the library I do outreach & programming for. I can envision all kinds of cool projects! We love your free downloads, Cathe.

  397. #403 - Laura Stewart says:

    Because tomorrow is my birthday, lucky 7-11-11 !!

  398. #404 - heather says:

    This would be the perfect printer to create all the details -STDs and beyond- for my brother’s wedding.

  399. #405 - kathy lowry says:

    WOW what a great giveaway !! would love to be able to print great copies for the crafts i make for a mission church .. I make stickers , use great graphics -for the children to cut and paste to go with the bible verse . It would be great to have them be made of such high quality .

  400. #406 - colleen says:

    Looks like I need to get myself a new printer! This one looks wonderful!!

  401. #407 - Christine Edwards says:

    It would really be great,
    if it were to be my fate,
    to win this wonderful printer
    on which I could create. 😉

  402. #408 - annabell_lee says:

    wow just stumbled on this 5mins. before deadline!!! please forgive all errors i never learned 2 type!!!~ I would LOVE to get this printer as i am trying rebuild my life. Im an artist& had my portfolio stolen awhile back so I need begin again.I have finallly been gaining some computer skills & sooooo need aprinter to link my art online not to mention take a big creative roadblock out of my way by not having to run to copy shop ,… to resize an image. truely their are no words to explain how bad i need a printer!!!!!!

  403. #409 - Sue@MyArtsDesire says:

    His printer broke,
    but mine was fine.
    He looked at mine
    and began to whine.

    my printer went to college.

  404. #410 - annabell_lee says:

    an additional note: if not for this struggling artist than for the cutest lost rat that has nested under my porch! i am trying to find his owners,having agreat new snazzy printer would help to get his found flyers out there!!!!

  405. #411 - Heather Harris says:

    Printer woes have plagued me from the start. I can take the work-a-day malfunctions but inhibiting my creativity, now that’s where I draw the line.

  406. #412 - Emily says:

    I hope I’m not past noon in your time zone.
    I would LOVE to have an Epson Stylus NXX622225 as my printer is on it’s last leg. An all-in-one machine would be perfect for all my projects! Thank you.

  407. #413 - J L says:

    My brain is full of wonderful plans
    For an Epson Stylus NX625 that scans;
    And downloads and copies and prints my commands.

  408. #414 - Caroline Bedard says:

    Yay! The Epson Stylus NX625 meets all my requirements for high quality scanning and printing professional presentations, family photographs and ephemera for mixed media collages!

  409. #415 - Krissy says:

    The printer and scanner is my medium. It’s how I share with the world. I’ve been doing zines since 1994 and from the first issue I used a scanner to include my collection of vintage photographs and ephemera.

    I still make zines and I also have a blog dedicated to my vintage postcard, photograph and ephemera collection. Sometimes the most beautiful postcards don’t scan that well on my older scanner. The foils or raised letters don’t quite make it in the translation.

    I also want to create more color printed crafts and printable from my large collection. This printer seems like and amazing and ideal solution.

    Thank you for sharing the review and giveaway.

  410. #416 - Ann L. says:


  411. #417 - cris says:

    would love to win! bless you for the give a way!

  412. #418 - Anita says:

    I use Mod Podge by the gallon (literally) on all sorts of projects and have a tub full of French ephemera I gathered when I lived in France in the 80″s. I would LOVE to be able to scan it and create some artwork with personal memories…the stability of the ink seems key!

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  415. #419 - Lisa Mastalir says:

    *** Have you put the printable fabric sheets through the printer yet?

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