Vintage Bloomers Ordinance Sign: Free Digital Download

My mother-in-law has rented the same house on Lake Tahoe for her children and their families every summer for as long as I can remember. This cool old sign hangs on the back of the house facing the lake as a warning to beach-goers. I get a kick out of this sign, loving the nostalgic, imperfect and weathered beauty of it. I think it would be a great image for making your own sign. Print out and Mod Podge the image to a sturdy surface.

Or, using the black and white file, follow the sign-painting directions I posted here some time ago for printing out image and tracing to wood to paint. You can choose to finish out the lines smooth or rough as shown. Once traced, trim out with a bit of a margin around the black border before painting. Click on the images for larger files. Hang your finished sign pool-side, spa-side, or in the loo!

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