Petite European Stapler Giveaway!

I spend many, many hours a week on Etsy. Recently I happened upon the shop of Swan & Shears and fell in love. Because, as you may have noted in my last post, I need more supplies. Vintage supplies. And tools. So, luckily, one of the best items in their shop is their Petite European stapler!The staplers come in several beautiful colors- gold, green, blue, slate & pink.

I never imagined being excited over a stapler. Can I just say that I am very excited about this one. It’s hand-held, very attractive and uses the sweetest little tarnished brass staples. Each arrives in a lovely muslin bag with a pack of 1,000 – 6mm (just under 1/4″) staples. 10,000 staple refill packs are also available in the Swan & Shears Etsy shop and sister site McMaster & Storm.

Swan & Shears’ Petite European stapler has a never-jam mechanism. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I can think of a hundred things I want to staple. For starters, I just played around with some vintage patchwork Christmas ribbon and bakers twine to make itty-bitty bunting.


Swan & Shears is giving away Petite European Staplers to TWO JSIM readers!

TO ENTER: Leave a comment on this post telling me one fantastic thing you would use the stapler for if you won. That’s it! Entry to giveaway ends Monday, August 8 at noon (PST). Winners will be randomly chosen and notified soon after.

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: #82 Jackie and #93 Elaine

AND…if you’re going to be at the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs in San Francisco this weekend, come to my session on blogging. Those in my session will receive a raffle ticket (well, it’s really an old bus ticket) stapled to the session outline notes for a chance to win one of FOUR Petite European Staplers that I will be giving away there!

Please visit Swan & Shears for wonderful vintage supplies. They are now a sponsor of JSIM, so you can find their creamy yellow button in the sidebar for easy shopping. And, to fill up your Pinterst boards, you’re going to love the McMaster & Storm’s Swan & Shears blog…scrumptious!!

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280 Responses to Petite European Stapler Giveaway!

  1. #1 - Jill Satterfield says:

    I am in the market for a new stapler! This one looks fantastic! I would use the stapler in my home office. I am getting ready to gear up my freelance graphic design business, when my daughter starts first grade in September.

  2. #2 - Debra Myers says:

    I use a stapler for a lot of things…from paper to cloth to plastics! This would be perfect for all my tasks…from the office to crafting!

  3. #3 - Annika says:

    A stapler that never jams? Heck, I’d use it for EVERYTHING!

  4. #4 - Angela Czeman says:

    looks like an awesome stapler, I would use for it scrapbooking, DIY projects and for my schoolwork!

  5. #5 - Nicole griffin says:

    I absolutely love this. I have quite the obsession with desk supplies! I would find stuff to staple with this! I would love to display it in my craft room! I recently picked up a vintage hole puncher and a vintage pencil sharpener that screws into a wall. This would go perfectly!

  6. #6 - Deanna Foy says:

    what a cute little stapler! and the brass staples are adorable! It would make my handmade cards and scrapbooks look so much cuter! hope I win one of the staplers!

  7. #7 - Jennifer Dixon says:

    What a cute little stapler and great giveaway! I would love love love to use it for a mixed media collage! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway! 🙂


  8. #8 - Jessica Roe says:

    What WOULDN’T I use this for??? I may even be able to stable the kids to the walls…j/k 😉

  9. I would use it to spice up my boring paper work! It’s the little things that make life brighter.

  10. #10 - Catherine Condon says:

    I would use this stapler for my home office, where I use my mini stapler right now for rental receipts with bank receipts, etc. And I make my daughter use the stapler instead of wasting my TAPE! So more often than not, she has my stapler!

  11. #11 - Patti S says:

    I’d probably go staple happy and staple anything that would stand still (watch out kids!). LOL After the excitement of having a new toy wears off I would use it on packaging…when I sell things that I have made I put them in a plain brown bag, fold the top over and staple a card/tag over the flap…this would be perfect for that! Stapling ribbon to cards and invites would be cool too. I really like the small scale of the staple. Very cool!!

  12. #12 - Saucy Chick Sherry says:

    Your itty bitty bunting is just precious. Hmmm…staple…let me see…everything from paper ephemera mixed media art to tags for sales to embellishing cards and ATCs. These are just the cutest tiny staples I have ever seen. I might even colorize my staples with my alcohol inks to match my projects. Now if I don’t win I will need to buy one of these won’t I? Thanks for finding such a great tool Cathe. Sunny Summer Smiles…

  13. #13 - Mary says:

    I would love it for cardmaking and paper crafts.Love the colors.

  14. I would use these in my catering business for making buntings and name plates for all my food dishes and much more!

  15. #15 - Noreen says:

    I love it! I have a couple of books I want to make, and I could use this stapler to staple cute little things to the pages – and to each other to go on the pages! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  16. #16 - Carmen Wilson says:

    Banners! This stapler would be great for Birthday Banners!

  17. #17 - Tricia C. says:

    I just ordered a new notebook that I plan to use to collect memories from my soon-to-be 50th year of birth. This would be a wonderful way to attach memorabilia in the notebook. Just gotta keep it away from my daughter!

  18. #18 - Jeannine says:

    These are kinda cute. Back to school is my favorite time of year. Not because I like school, but because I love paper products and anything to do with it. I would use the stapler with scrapbooking.

  19. #19 - Margaret Cleveland says:

    I would love to make some bunting to go in my dorm room! I am a college student and always in need of a pretty stapler to add a little fun to my desk.

  20. I would staple labels to canning jar gifts!

  21. #21 - jill says:

    little art booklets!

  22. #22 - Lou says:

    I could think of a ton of uses for it, but off the top of my head I would use it attach all kinds of ephemera from an upcoming road trip into a little scrapbook. I love the tarnished, vintage-y look.

  23. #23 - Bethany says:

    I had seen some adorable vintage-retro looking handmade business cards somewhere that I wanted to try – this could be really cute for that! and yes, it’s very normal to get excited over a stapler 🙂

  24. #24 - Viviana says:

    Ohhh, I love those…yes I own a stapler with pink roses on it, I know your thrill!!!

  25. #25 - CitricSugar says:

    This may sound nerdy but I begin my internship this month and I would use that baby to staple the corners of the first essays I get to mark when they are handed in to me, with great flair and panache, and of course, a whopping K-CHUNK sound with every squeeze.

  26. #26 - Susan Ikin says:

    I would love a stapler that never jams, and the retro look is so appealing. I would have to show this one off to everyone.

  27. #27 - Danielle says:

    This little stapler would get quite a workout at my house from the office to the craft room. I would use it for all kinds of things.


  28. #28 - Ashley says:

    I would use it to help dress up all my gifts with fantastic embellishments!

  29. #29 - Leslie says:

    Well, I would use it for all the places I wish I’d had that Tim Holtz tiny attacher thingie that I haven’t broke down and bought yet… on ATCs, in my art journals, on gift packages…

  30. #30 - tj says:

    …Well, when my husband gets on my last nerve I would staple his lips shut. *sinister laugh* ;o) I’m kidding, I’m kidding *giggle*, I would use this for all sorts of paper crafts, tags and such. Too cute and I love the tarnished staples!

    …Thank you for the giveaway!

    …Blessings :o)

  31. #31 - evelyn pintor says:

    For an upcoming baby shower. I would use it to make a baby garland!!
    I love the colors!!!

  32. #32 - zzipper says:

    At the moment I would use that beautiful stapler to hem my skirt before running out the door!

  33. #33 - Susan Audrey says:

    I’m working on a hopefully fantastic project for Christmas gifts involving pictures and vintage ephemera and scraps of things that mean something to family and friends. It’s a long story. This perfect little stapler would help make some nice touches on the pages. Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. #34 - Angela Chelette says:

    I’ve been looking a Christmas decorations to craft…I bought a magazine just today with some great ideas with paper…I’m sure I’ll need that stapler!!

  35. #35 - meg sniegon says:

    I would love to win because I apparently broke my husbands stapler & I promised him I would get him a new one!

  36. #36 - Lori says:

    Wow, they are cute! I would love to have one to use making mini books!

  37. #37 - Lisa says:

    How fantastic would it be to have a never-jamming stapler. I go through 3-5 staplers/year creating buntings, banners, and goodies from my students and teacher friends (I’m the Sunshine committee at school). The petite size is excellent for getting into small spaces and making handy items for small hands.

  38. #38 - Debbi Weeks says:

    I would use the Petite European stapler to make no-sew bags! 🙂

  39. #39 - Barbara says:

    I do believe the bunting idea is a good one. I think it would be so neat to be able to reach a smaller spot to staple. I’d also use it on some tags and ATC’s

    Hugs XX

  40. #40 - Jill says:

    hmm…maybe i would make some itty bitty books out of vintage papers to go in the doll house? love the look of these staplers! thank you for the giveaway!

  41. #41 - Sherri Morris says:

    What a cool stapler! I need 1 to make life easy when constucting homemade journals 😉 By the way..keep up the Great work,I enjoy your site.

  42. #42 - Steph says:

    A fantastic thing I’d use the stapler for? Hm….. stapling my kids’ school papers together. Can’t be anything more fabulous than that! :O)

  43. #43 - Two Crazy Crafters says:

    This sounds absolutely wonderful! Such pretty colors and the staples!!! I would use it not only for scrapbook and mixed media, but also for household jobs. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win it! Have a nice day! Twyla

  44. #44 - Mindy B. says:

    What a great item. I’m really into stamping on small tickets and then attaching them to cards, tags, layouts. This would be the perfect way to attach them! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  45. #45 - Mary says:

    I am always needing to staple tags and such for my items in my booth and would love a cute one like this!

  46. #46 - Gloria says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the staplers!!!! If I won one, I would staple EVERYTHING!!! Move over post-it’s!! 🙂

  47. #47 - Sara Miller says:

    I would staple my deco books with this! Super neat-o!

  48. #48 - shirley elizabeth says:

    I would use it in my home office mostly, but it would also be great for crafts.

  49. #49 - edie says:

    I would use it to staple the receipt to my order for all the things I love at this store! You are too much the enabler! LOL!

  50. #50 - Kimberly Johnson says:

    I would use that lovely stapler on my classroom bulletin board!

  51. #51 - Jane S. says:

    My daughter just loves to play with staplers — just so you don’t think I let my children play with dangerous object, this daughter is 16 year old. 🙂 If I won one of the Petite European Staplers I would either give it to her, or keep it and give her my old Swingline. Either way she would be thrilled!

  52. #52 - PennyA says:

    love, Love, LOVE this stapler 🙂 …this would be ideal for attaching ephemeral bits into a an art/travel journal — small size would keep it from kicking too much out of the portable ‘art on the go’ kit (for journaling, card-making, etc.) *sweet!*

  53. #53 - inessa says:

    I hope it will be me-the winner!
    My 7 yrs old son comes home EVERY day with a hole on the left knee…yes, every day new pare of pants!!! So, I was thinking for a loooong time how to place a patch on the pants – sewing machine will not work. The stapler is a great idea, I think, I will staple it from inside out, so the knee will not be scratched 🙂 Thanks for helping me to get the idea!!!

  54. #54 - Michelle says:

    What would I staple? I’m not even sure — it’s been so long since I had a stapler of my very own…. definitely something more exciting than tax forms, though! Seems like we buy a new stapler for that every year, and every year the kids take off with it. One of those gorgeous staplers would live in the sewing room, all tucked away like Rapunzel in her tower.

  55. #55 - Michelle says:

    Oh! How cute. I would first make some miniature books with it… then, the possibilities are endless!

  56. #56 - Carrie Ann says:

    So much fun! I would love to use the stapler in my classroom 🙂

  57. #57 - Georgia Brown says:

    I would use it to staple notes inside my boys brown lunch bags they take to school. They would die of embarrassment if a note from their mom fell out of their lunch sack. This way I could staple a note inside and no one would know about it except them. I would use it for everything else also.

  58. #58 - Gail says:

    Love this! I would use it for journaling. Cute as can be and I love their Etsy shop too!

  59. #59 - Jen L says:

    i got a Tim Holtz stapler like this and have had nothing but trouble with it! I would staple…everything. I would throw the scotch tape away 🙂

  60. #60 - stephanie says:

    Love Swan & Shears! I ordered some cute packaging supplies from them and can’t wait until they arrive. I am a little obsessed with old school supplies, packaging materials and gift wrapping, so I would find many uses for a trusty stapler with cute brass staples.

  61. #61 - Geri says:

    Well, I’m working on the table cards and name cards for my son’s wedding in September, so I’m sure I could come up with something!

  62. #62 - Tracy De Hart says:

    I would love to give this snazzy stapler to my husband, who just requested that I get one for him to use for his duties as scoutmaster. Go Troop 53! Go petite European stapler!

  63. #63 - Lea R says:

    I would mostly use this stapler to make bags from newspapers, they are handy for those things that goes to compost. And so many other things booklets, buntles, scrapbooking, cards etc. It would also be handy when you have a group of children making crafts!

  64. #64 - Sheri Elmont says:

    I would use it for everything, on layouts, cards, pennants, when I need to hold something together and when I just need a little accent.

  65. #65 - sparrow says:

    I think with the never-jam function, I’d just end up stapling everything to everything else!

  66. #66 - Melissa Barber says:

    Whoa! I can’t believe you just got me excited about a stapler now. Well, one of the kiddos just dropped our stapler and it broke to pieces. I would use this sweet stapler to staple notes on school lunches, and staple handmade books, and a birthday bunting for my soon to be 8 year old, and…..

  67. #67 - Jane T says:

    If I won that stapler, I believe I would make some miniature books. Thanks.

  68. #68 - Emily V says:

    What would I use it for? I’d staple stuff 😛
    {okay, I have really bad humor today}
    I’d use it in my Smash book because I’m in love with that thing. And on every craft that has paper just because I could.
    And I’d hoard it and totally not share and tell my kids not to touch it.

  69. #69 - Penni says:

    WOW these staplers are so pretty – never thought I say that LOL!!!!
    One of these would be perfect for attaching small paper embellishments to my cards, like tickets etc and also for attaching ribbon and lace too.

    Thanks for the chance to win – I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


  70. #70 - Charlene McCreight says:

    What a cool stapler!!!! I’d use it in my card making and other mixed media projects….

    katknit at gmail dot com

  71. #71 - Char-D says:

    I would use it to add my twine and fibers to my scrapbook pages.

  72. #72 - suzanne says:

    I have a thing for staplers and this one with the cool tiny staples would work great in my art journal. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!

  73. #73 - papelhilo says:

    I love to make a lot of paper mobiles, so I would use the stapler to fix it easily !

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  75. #74 - Ariella says:

    I manage to jam my stapler every time…so it would be great for all around use. Plus the colors are great!

  76. #75 - Ann says:

    Teeny staples! Brilliant… and its European too so maybe if I don’t win I can find one over here. I love packaging up my makes for craft fairs and often ruin a label due to jamming…. this one sounds like a dream – and such lovely colours too.

  77. #76 - Barbara says:

    I just love the color of the staples and this would be perfect for any and all of my crafting. I recently tried to use a regular size stapler to fasten flags to buntings but the staple were too wide and bunched up! This would also be great for packaging up my Etsy orders and stapling bus. cards to little promotionals! 🙂

  78. #77 - Fern says:

    Oooo cool gadget! I would use it to make my paper chains early this year for Christmas since I always forget and leave it too late 🙂

  79. #78 - bryssy says:

    Shut The Front Door – I LOVE these! We’d go crazy for them in our homeschool!

  80. #79 - Sarah Alexander says:

    I would use it to make that awesome xmas garland pictured next to it!

  81. #80 - Italian Postcards says:

    Wow, what an adorable shop!

    When you say you are always looking for vintage supplies, are you also looking for ephemera? In my shop I often put together French and Italian ephemera packages. Check one out here:

  82. #81 - Nicole says:

    This stapler looks like scrapbooking perfection! I’d love to add it to so many layouts!

  83. #82 - Jackie DuChene says:

    I’m bummed that I can’t go to the conference. But I staple everything, I love the look of stapleing ribbon instead of tieing a knot on tags.

  84. #83 - Michele says:

    I would use this cute stapler to saddle stitch some small booklets.

  85. #84 - willa says:

    Really like your itty bitty garland and would like to do something like that. Think I have some wrapping paper that would work.

    Not sure what I would do with it. I think it would be a way to dress up cards and prices for the bags etc, I make.


  86. #85 - Lynn says:

    I make the little matchbook note books and send them with any Etsy orders. This stapler is super cool and I love the old brass staples. Thanks for telling us about it!

  87. #86 - Susan says:

    I’m loving the banner idea! I want to make one (or 100) for myself!
    I love this stapler!

  88. #87 - celeste says:

    i love to staple on my scrapbook pages. i’d definitely use it to staple flowers and papers to pages. fun!

  89. #88 - Ginnie says:

    I want to try some cardmaking and altered art. These staplers look like they’d be fun to use for that.

  90. #89 - Cara says:

    My 13 yr. old daughter and I make our family’s scrapbook together and we’ve been wanting a mini stapler to add little bits and bobs to our pages! Plus, she makes lots of homemade cards for her many pen pals, so it would get lots of use. How fun!

  91. #90 - Donna VW says:

    These are so neat! I would love to use one to staple all sorts of goodness onto my paper projects.

  92. #91 - Jane says:

    I love crafting of all kinds and could really use a GOOD stapler!Thanks!

  93. #92 - Leslie @ {Tiny Wings} says:

    Office supplies of any sort get my heart pumping! Tiny, cute, unjammable staplers? That’s heart attack worthy!! 🙂 I’d use it for a million things, especially on scrapbook pages and other little crafty projects!

    Can’t wait to check out Swan & Shears!! Thanks for the chance, Cathe!

  94. #93 - Elaine says:

    I was thinking about finishing a scrapbook for my husband and this would be fun for adding some things easily – no glue bits to fight with!
    Your ideas are inspiring me to get at it again! Thanks for the opportunity.

  95. #94 - Marti Schrock says:

    These is a great looking stapler! If I won this, I would use it for all my paper-crafts, but mostly for card-making. And, since my wedding anniversary is August 8th (your cut-off), I am feeling extra lucky about this one! Thanks for sharing your inspiration here. I am headed back to look at your organizational photos again. Lovely.

  96. #95 - ButterYum says:

    At first I thought, “So, I have a handheld stapler”… but then I saw how cute the little staples are. ADORABLE!!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway. If I won, I’d use the stapler at my desk daily. I love it!!


  97. #96 - Wanda says:

    LOVE love love this darling thing.
    I do many promotional self mailers that I would use this for…and I’m sure many other jobs would come its way. When it’s not busy working, that little darling would look great just sitting and resting as well.

  98. #97 - Patti martin says:

    I would use the Swan & Shears’ Petite European stapler for my scrapbooking. I love to staple my photos to my lo’s. And I’ll bet the tarnished staples would look great. But I would also use it for my everyday uses too. Thanks for the opportunity!


    {Pattie’s passion}

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

  99. #98 - Rosemary says:

    Honestly, I would use it for everyday life. Every stapler I have purchased jams and this would make my life so much easier!

  100. #99 - Tanya P. says:

    Love the looks of this! I would use it for all my crafty needs, so cool. 🙂

  101. #100 - Lelainia N. Lloyd says:

    Oh Wow! Those are fantastic! I would use it to add all the self portrait photos I’ve been shooting this year to my mixed media art journals. I like the look of the roughtness of staples, over using glue. I am a total sucker for office supply stuff and the vintage aqua stapler is to DIE for!! It would fit nicely in my studio, which is painted that colour. *covets*

  102. #101 - yvonne says:

    I would definitely use it when I make my personalized collage cards. My crafty friends will go crazy over cute, little bronzed staples!

  103. #102 - kaytie says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would staple things that don’t even need to be stapled!!!

  104. #103 - Margaret Blanchard-Cuss says:

    Wow…that is cool !!! I would use mine for all my Christmas Gift Tags that I make each year. I try to do something different each year and “this tool” would help me do that !!!

  105. #104 - Sally Hackney says:

    I’d use it for lots of stuff…especially cardmaking!!

  106. #105 - Jen says:

    LOVE the pink! I can only think of about a million things I could use a good stapler for, but the first thing on my list would be some handmade cards. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  107. #106 - Mae says:

    It would be perfect to use for all kinds of paper crafting.

  108. #107 - Rebecca says:

    LOVE the itty-bitty bunting! I’d love to give that a whirl for some mini sock monkeys for christmas! If I won a stapler I’d replace my office stapler and use it for tags and orders. Like you, I can think of 100 things to use it for 🙂

  109. #108 - Joan Fowler says:

    Oh I would love to use this for scrapbooking and mini book projects or just to hem up my blue jeans.

  110. #109 - D'Ann says:

    I love Swan & Shears, too! Thanks for advertising them. I need a never-jam stapler for many reasons: I home-educate my 9 children, I love paper, and my husband and I are testing the waters of the small business world. I love the look of it, and the colors are snappy. And tarnished brass staples…how delightful! Thank you for the offer.

  111. #110 - anne says:

    I’d use this for scrapping and my boys would use it to attach things in their nature journals–love it!

  112. #111 - Lindsay says:

    I love the design of those staplers! One awesome use for a stapler I encountered recently: closing the ends of wax paper wrappers for homemade horchata popsicles. I could have used one of those staplers for sure!

  113. #112 - Nancy says:

    First, I would use it to just stare at for a time because it’s just so super cute! lol Then I would use it for all of my scrapbooking and cardmaking! I’ve been needing a very small staple but the only stapler I’ve found is a bit too costly for right now! Thank you so much for the chance to win one! :o)

  114. #113 - Judy Gilpin says:

    hey thats a pretty cool stapler. If I won it I think I would try to use it to staple the little journal cards I make unto my scrapbooking. The staples look like they would look nice showing.

  115. #114 - Connie says:

    Thanks for link to great site and love this mini stapler. I would love to use it to attach small ribbons on tags and cards.

  116. #115 - Linda says:

    I would use this stapler for my daughter’s scrapbook. I love the staples!

  117. #116 - lonna says:

    gift tags and a million other things–its just so cute!

  118. #117 - Marta Monzo says:

    It’s perfect for my garlands!

  119. #118 - Nancy says:

    I would use it to staple all those patterns I print out from the internet!

  120. #119 - Julie says:

    So great! Thanks for sharing! I would love to use these for invoices for my freelance design businesses to add a little extra branding to my marketplace image! Thanks!

  121. #120 - Amanda says:

    That is one awesome stapler! I would use mine to make seasonal paper garland for sure!

  122. #121 - Angie says:

    I’d use it to make birthday party decorations – I love throwing a good party with lots of fluff!

  123. #122 - Bellen says:

    I’m always stapling something together – usually medical reports and bills. This stapler would make it somewhat more enjoyable. Thanks for the chance to win.

  124. #123 - Randi says:

    I would like to have a mini stapler to take a long on road trips so I could quickly attach receipts and tags, etc. into my travel scrapbook. The brass staples would be awesome!

  125. #124 - Kate B says:

    l would staple pictures for my mother-in-law’s retirement party decorations! My husband volunteered me to do decorations, so now I have to think of fun ideas!

  126. #125 - Pat says:

    I have always thought staples should be tiny – I’d use it on paper crafts because they would add to the design.

  127. #126 - kara says:

    I’m tickled love how you presented the staplers–a fun & cheery post!
    {creative too–but, of course that’s what you are!!!}

    thanks, cathe!!

  128. #127 - Tina C says:

    Super Cute!!! I’d love to use one of these for craft projects with my activity day girls group! The mini banners are adorable 🙂

  129. #128 - Debbie S. says:

    I am a firm believer in adding a few (colored) staples to cards or scrapbook pages. Attaching ribbon? Attaching baker’s twine? Attaching just about anything. Or nothing at all.

  130. #129 - Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    I am a big scrap booker and create altered art so the stapler would come in handy for many projects.

    My fingers are tightly crossed!

  131. #130 - Lauren says:

    Everything could use stapling!! I love cute supplies and this is the perfect out for a new one 🙂

  132. #131 - Sheila Holland says:

    What a lovely little stapler. I like to make beeswax figures to give away to my sewing friends and the stapler would work great for closing up the little cellophane pkg. Thanks for the give away!

  133. #132 - Malinda Lloyd says:

    I have so wanted something a little handier than a desk stapler and less messy than tape for my inspiration note book. What an adorable little stapler!

  134. #133 - Vicki K says:

    There are some things that I do not want to “paste” into a journal – and this is the perfect answer. I love McMaster & Storm!!

  135. #134 - jamesfiona says:

    to staple my kids’ hems of course.

  136. #135 - Berta says:

    Those are so cute, and it really never jams??? It woudl be hauled out for everything in my craft room! And your little banner is so cute!

  137. #136 - Hannah says:

    I would love this for little paper crafts and well, everything!


  138. #137 - heather tharp says:

    Bunting! Bunting! Bunting! beautiful vintage tags, home decor, scrapbooking, etc. etc. The question is what can I not use it for? lol Thank You!!!!

  139. #138 - kristin m. says:

    i am freaking out over how PRECIOUS these little staples are! staples, precious… same sentence?!? wha??? and seriously – that little bunting is giving me a toothache, it’s so stinkin’ sweet! i’m thinking it will be a super cute embellishment to my card making/gift packaging projects! kristinmik at gmail

  140. #139 - Jacque Chinnery says:

    I make a lot of original greeting cards and this stapler would be great for attaching ephemera! Thank you for the great giveaway opportunity.

  141. #140 - KTC says:

    I’ve got a bunch of old record covers I’ve been wanting to reuse as art, and I’m certain this stapler would come in handy for that.

  142. their shop is too cute!
    I’d use the stapler to make my workday happier. I have two work spaces and one stapler. Having another stapler would be soooo nice. Plus I like the “never-jam” feature.

    Have a great time this weekend!

  143. #142 - Michelle Bartel says:

    I must choose one thing to staple? I pity anyone or anything that stands still too long! They will be stapled and made into a bunting or a banner…Fingers crossed…

  144. #143 - Amanda R says:

    Well since I do a lot of paperwork at home and have to staple things together to keep them organized that is what I would use it for. But it sure would make me happy having a nice bright pretty one instead of plain black!

  145. #144 - chris ladovsky says:

    I would staple my life back together

  146. #145 - Lora says:

    My 40th birthday is at the end of the month and I’m crafting up a storm. I’d staple fabric mini-bunting onto bamboo kabob sticks for a classy, awesome drink stir-stick!!

  147. #146 - Cherri Peavy says:

    Love the stapler ! Mine got packed up when I retired and haven’t seen it since.

  148. #147 - kirthi says:

    i love stapling things. with the stapler, i would take photocopies of photos that are covered with clear tape and soaked in water and then peeled off to create a transparent layer and i would staple a few of these together to create a mini book that i would photograph (probably 200) and later animate. with the hand made object, i would give it away to a dear friend or someone i just met who has heart energy that reminds me of the wonder of radiance and kindness. thanks for telling us about these gloried art/office supplies!

  149. #148 - Elizabeth Holcombe says:

    OMG! That is one cutie patootie stapler! Your mini bunting is wonderful! I would perpahs use used vintage postage stamps to make a similar bunting!~~~Thanks for the wonderful give-away!~~~XXOO, Beth

  150. #149 - Brynne says:

    Love them! I just realized that I currently do not even own a stapler (gasp!). So, obviously, I need one of those!

  151. #150 - Celine says:

    ATCs! I am in love with them, and staples and ATCs are a great combination.

  152. #151 - Cindi M says:

    That stapler would be perfect for my journaling. I just took a book binding journal class and I need that stapler.

  153. #152 - Patti says:

    If I won the tiny stapler, I would use it for adding to my junk journals as well as attaching all kinds of fun things in my Mini Books!! TFS Patti

  154. #153 - norma says:

    I would use it to keep my unruly hair in place instead of hair spray! Just kidding. But really, what wouldn’t you want to leave un-touched with tiny staples such as those?!

  155. #154 - Paulina J! says:

    I would use it in my new home office since I will start working from hoem in two weeks. Eeeek! I’m so excited. I would like the slate or pink.

  156. #155 - Lucy says:

    I’d likely use them for lots of things, but am currently working on some miniature books and pamphlets that are just screaming for a smaller staple than the regular large ones. Thanks for letting us play along and introducing us to another fine resource.

  157. #156 - sylvia says:

    Oh, with such cute tarnished brass staples I think I’d make some cards that incorporate staples as a design element!

  158. #157 - Anita Tinlin says:

    I make these really fun Christmas tree ornaments out of vintage greeting cards, and this particular stapler would surely make them go together much more quickly.

  159. #158 - April Taylor says:

    If I were to win this stapler would go to the office (work) with me. I really, really dislike the stapler I have and I have even swapped with my coworkers.

  160. #159 - Carla says:

    I do so many papercrafting projects that I could think of a 100 uses! Also who wouldn’t want a pink stapler? 🙂

  161. #160 - Emma Bourke says:

    They are too cute!! I would use them for my scrapbooking pages 🙂

  162. #161 - laurie may says:

    I’m working on an art journal, it would be fun to staple bits and piece of paper and fabric, rather then gluing or stitching. I hope I win!!

  163. #162 - SuzyMcQ says:

    What an adorable stapler, Cathe! And, the colors are so, so cute!

    I would use mine, if I were fortunate enough to win, to staple orders together. You see I help to run an online dog rescue store and I have papers that I have to staple before I file them and well, I’ve been using an ugly black stapler. This one would be much more attractive.

  164. #163 - Mimi says:

    I would use it for homemade cards.

  165. #164 - Amanda B. says:

    Not sure if I’d bring it to school (work) or keep it at home for crafting and such. A stapler that didn’t jam would sure be great at work though for stapling homework, book orders, and newsletters! 🙂

  166. #165 - Lisa says:

    Those look amazing. Seriously. I fear that I would mostly just caress it through, rather than staple something. I can imagine how that colored section feels, matte finish and all. LOVE!

  167. #166 - Roberta says:

    Oh wow…I’d use these staples in my art journals and altered albums. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway 😉

  168. #167 - Kimberly Colliss says:

    This is such a great tool – how can you not love a mini staple. Great for all those TINI TINY Crafty projects. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Happy Scrappin’!

  169. #168 - Immi says:

    I think I’d be stapling everything in sight, much like I went crazy when I first got a labeler! Fun, fun, fun!

  170. #169 - Cindy Jo Grindle says:

    I would use the Petite European Stapler for all my upcoming Christmas crafts!!! They sound great!

  171. #170 - Toby Morris says:

    I love the colors of the cute Petite European staplers! I would use a stapler to make new crafts with toilet paper cardboard tubes. I have an idea for Valentine’s Day. Maybe I can use it for Christmas crafts, too. I know I can use it in my office. There are endless ways to use a stapler.

  172. #171 - Nancy G. says:

    It would be so great to have this cute and practical stapler. It would come in very handy in making handmade books and journaling. Also how about making an interesting border using staples in various directions and patterns. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  173. #172 - Connie F. says:

    I would use the stapler to make cute and/or manly accents on the cards I make. I think these staplers are really cool!

  174. #173 - Christy says:

    I would love to use it on 3×3 cards.

  175. #174 - kimberly says:

    oooh, i love it! and i love those petite tarnished staples! i would definitely use it to attach fun things to my mini books (and my husband would be happy if i relinquished control of his precious red stapler!)

  176. #175 - Wendy Orme says:

    I love to use staples on my handmade cards and scrapbook layouts. Thanks for a chance to win one of these…I’ve been frustrated with trying to find a GOOD stapler that doesn’t jam.

  177. #176 - Bridget says:

    I would keep it in my day tote so I could look cool at work or even stapling kids school papers together. And odds are my little one would steal it!!

  178. #177 - deb christensen says:

    okay, i’m not gonna lie. i would use it to hem my pants with.
    please don’t judge me.

  179. #178 - Carla says:

    i would staple ticket stubs, menus etc in my travel journal. Love the colors and small size

  180. #179 - April R says:

    I would use this stapler to help me keep up with homeschooling papers and my husband’s business invoices!! Using such a pretty stapler would make the jobs much more enjoyable!!
    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!!
    -April R

  181. #180 - Sherry Murray says:

    Cool stapler, cool etsy site! We’re making a scrapbook, “what I did on my summer vacation,” and those cute staples would look so great attaching all those precious little ticket stubs.

  182. #181 - Patty Absec says:

    I would use it to staple my kids lunch sacks closed (I decorate the brown ones!) so they can’t ‘sneak’ their dessert on the way to school!!

  183. #182 - Leslie says:

    Oh I’d use that for everything and anything!!! Tiny staples….I love ’em!

  184. #183 - michelleb says:

    I use a stapler a minimum of 5 out of 7 days per week. On my daughter’s brown paper bag lunch. She takes a lunch/dinner to work or school everyday. It’s the same lunch everyday. 1/2 PB sandwich, bag of carrots, bag of chips and whatever bite-sized chocolate is available. Because of it’s monotony, I have taken to decorating her lunch bag by stapling, tags, notes, pictures, ribbons, garland, flowers, etc. to the bag to dress it up and keep it closed. I have found that stapling just works better and looks prettier than tape or stickers. Tarnished brass staples would look so pretty the old-fashioned brown paperbags. I might add that this stapler would look lovely sitting on my desk that my husband and I just made from an old school door.

  185. #184 - Meghan Thimjon says:

    A stapler that never jams! Hmmmmm where won’t I use it! I have the Tim Holtz one and I love it but it jams a lot! So this will be used for my crafting experiments and I love the colors!

  186. #185 - Annie Pazoo says:

    I’d have to start with a mini-bunting, too, because I love your idea. But it wouldn’t stop there — the mini stapler is really cute!

  187. #186 - Sherry says:

    I’m a scrapper and crafter….this little baby would come in handy for sooooo many things…attaching lace to my scapbook layouts is the first thing that pops into my head…but the uses are limitless the fun you could have with tags and cards paper …. gotta go play so inspired right now.

  188. #187 - Tracey Ireland says:

    I would use it to finish up a little project I did for my son’s 8th grade graduation. And hopefully my little girl who’s 7 wouldn’t take it! She has a thing for staplers! Loves to staple everything! Can’t wait to go look at their Etsy site and blog!

  189. #188 - Linda says:

    What a wonderful little stapler…I would use it to attach things to my mail art envelopes!

  190. #189 - kristi says:

    Ahhhh office supplies. I love the different colors of the staplers – they’re fantastic. I’d use them for my new obsession with tags and then I’d use them for stapling together hand outs for the parents on my daughter’s soccer team. Shouldn’t everyone have something a little fun?

  191. #190 - Sara G says:

    What a cute stapler…hummm what would I use it for? Since the stapler looks small enough to carry in my purse, the one fantastic thing I would use it for is to staple small post-it notes to my list of things to do so I don’t forget to do something important. Post-it notes are great, but they do have a tendency to slip right of my lists, if I had the stapler I would be able to make sure my little important “reminders” are secure and won’t fall off of my lists. Thanks for the chance to win!

  192. #191 - Suzanne says:

    I would use it to make little miniature book props for the plushies I make.

  193. #192 - Laura L. says:

    Using this stapler would be great for my students’ journals. I’m making them at home before school starts and this would be really handy!

  194. #193 - Ty says:

    These staplers are so cute! One project that I would use them for is for paper decorations for my wedding reception.

  195. #194 - Krystal says:

    I might have to carry it around in my diaper bag for quick and easy fixes for EVERYTHING! (You laugh…unless you’re a mom, then you’re nodding your head in agreement.)

  196. #195 - Oona B says:

    Super cute stapler of my dreams! I would use it to make some blank books with my daughter, she loves to illustrate her own versions of Star Wars and Harry Potter 🙂

  197. #196 - Diane Dainis says:

    I would staple all around the edges of fabric to look like stitching on a journal page. Love it!

  198. #197 - Genevieve says:

    Very cute idea! I would use the stapler to make my daughter’s birthday banner look vintage! p.s. love reading your blog!

  199. #198 - Stephanie says:

    I’m a teacher and a card maker. These cute no jam staplers will be great for school and card making projects. I LOVE that it comes in green!

  200. #199 - Nancy says:

    These are great! I’d use one of these in making books.

  201. #200 - TeaDub! (Tina W.) says:

    These staplers are adorable! I would display it on the shelf in front of my craft desk so I can look at it and staple cute little sheets of paper of course! Thanks for a chance to win one of these cuties!

  202. #201 - Heidi Fisher says:

    I would use it for Christmas cards!

  203. #202 - Heidi Fisher says:

    I would use this cute stapler for Christmas cards!

  204. #203 - Nanette Hanks says:

    Just one thing?! My mind is spinning with all the things I could use this stapler for but at the top of the list would be to attach tags for my handmade jewelry.

  205. #204 - Kelly V says:

    I would make gift bows galore!

  206. #205 - Cathy Graves says:

    That stapler is too cute!! Everyone needs a good stapler around the house but mine seems to have disappeared!! I would particularly like to staple some things in my “SMASH” journal to mix things up between glued, taped, clipped and stapled. Thank you for offering this giveaway!!

  207. #206 - Danielle says:

    I just got my first teaching job, teaching science to PreK – 5th graders. Would love to use this for the new school year! I not only love teaching, but I’m also obsessed with school supplies!

  208. #207 - Kory M.K. says:

    Ohhhh! I would love one of these staplers! I would use them to fasten together the pages of these little matchbook style notebooks that I make at work…when I should be working. -kory

  209. #208 - Cathy Woods says:

    I would use the stapler to make a garland out of construction paper loops.

  210. #209 - NICCI says:


  211. #210 - Shelly says:

    Awesome giveaway -thanks! After I tried making a mini banner like yours, because it is tres fab…. I would use ti to attach the cover on a mini notebook!

  212. #211 - Jen says:

    If I had that stapler, I would staple up a super fantastic present for my sister! Wish I could come to your conference!

  213. #212 - Cat T. says:

    I would use the stapler to embellish cards!

  214. #213 - Nancy B says:

    This stapler is awesome! I would use it for everything and not have to borrow my husband’s stapler as he always acts like I’m not going to bring it back to his desk.

  215. #214 - Cass says:

    I need a stapler for smaller staples and this looks just right, it also looks easy to use for those of us with a bit of rheumatism.I would be using the staples to attach elements to scrapbook pages and cards.

  216. #215 - Wendy Dicranian says:

    I would craft cards, wrapping presents and making one of a kind embellishments with this great looking, versatile tool!

  217. #216 - Cheri says:

    How cute is that stapler! Should I be chosen to win, I will use it to give a fun, “industrial” edge to the cards I make for fam and friends. I think it’ll be a cool way to affix some of my decorative embellishments. Thanks Cathe!

  218. #217 - Katie says:

    cute color staple.I would use this to staple the hem on my kids clothing, since it looks easy to use. I would use in my Scrabooking, since it looks like it could reach into small places. I would use it to keep bills organized and together. I would display it proudly in my crafting area for all to see as a focal point. I i won this stapler i would even staple my kids to me so i would never loose them and tell all that family sticks together because of Petite European Stapler. yes i would really like to win this. thank you for the chance

  219. #218 - Wendy says:

    I would LOVE a stapler for my journal pages instead of my sucky little one that only works sometimes! 🙂

  220. #219 - Diane Hover says:

    Cute and fun staplers…I would use them for my distressed and vintage altered projects I do…!!

  221. #220 - Lori says:

    I would use that to attach ribbon to hand-made cards. Also to make the cute pennant banners!!

  222. #221 - Andrea Tyus says:

    I can see some little tiny bunting on a pretty package for up coming birthdays! Would love to get to try this out!

  223. #222 - Sarah says:

    I’m thinking pendant flags and fancy paper chains 🙂 I just love the look of that stapler and can imagine it’s greatness!

  224. #223 - Ashley K says:

    My sister is a medical student, so she does tons of papers and that yellow stapler would make her the happiest girl ever. She loves office supplies 😀

  225. #224 - Jill says:

    I would use it to make mail art for my college aged daughters! What fun!

  226. #225 - Barbara Dundas says:

    Sp cute! I would use it on cards.

  227. #226 - Kim Bennett says:

    With 4 kids in school, we use our stapler daily for lunch sacks, school work, etc! I would love one that never jams!!

  228. #227 - Jill Flory says:

    I can’t begin to say enough about Swan and Shears/McMaster and Storm. Definitely check out their blog and scroll down to see the post about their exciting upcoming event the end of September. I’m helping with this even plus setting up my own booth so I can say from ‘behind the scenes’ this is gonna be one fantastic event!
    I would love to have another stapler because everyone in this household loves it! we stapel EVERYTHING with this stapler. It is so cute and so much fun. If you don’t win -BUY ONE! You won’t regret it:)

  229. #228 - Lisa Leggett says:

    I would love to win one of these great little tools, please toss my name in the hat! I love the tiny Christmas bunting you made, I think I’d like to try my hand at that too, as well as to embellish Christmas cards and Halloween decor, oh yes, those holidays will be here before we know it!

  230. #229 - Sarah says:

    OH! I just love office supplies – I used to LOVE school shopping and I often read our supply catalog at work! I’d leave this fancy stapler at home and use it for anything I can think of: crafts, etc. (I do love that little mini bunting! Maybe I’ll do that for my mini Christmas Tree!)

  231. #230 - Gayle says:

    I usually make the name tags for our rug hooking events and it would be fun to use this stapler to assist with that project!

  232. #231 - Curtains in my Tree says:

    Oh my i could staple away if I had those. I just made a cicrle chain for my grandsons and we glued it the stapler would have made it much easier

    Grandma Jan

  233. #232 - Penny Nelson says:

    Well, a stapler that doesn’t jam! What a thought and accomplishment! My grandchildren love to staple all kinds of paper. And I am always finding my stapler jammed after they have been here. I think I would use the stapler for a larger banner. Thanks for the chance and most of all thanks for your sharing.

  234. #233 - Loribeth Robare says:

    I would use these on my little miniature journals!

  235. #234 - Ellen Crawley says:

    I would use that beautiful stapler to attach my cards (birthday, Christmas) to a garland and drape it over my living room mirror so I could enjoy them even more!

  236. #235 - Darlene says:

    I’m in the middle of cleaning up my studio this weekend. I would put this new stapler on my vintage work table.

    Thanks for holding this giveaway.

  237. #236 - Debbie says:

    I think I might staple myself to a happy oblivion with this stapler… cards, swatches, endless things to attach to one another!

  238. #237 - Sue D says:

    I have a church card ministry and would use the stapler on cards we make–esp to hold twine.

  239. #238 - Jennifer (mom of 4) says:

    That is a really neat stapler. I would use for my J Design thank you happies that I include in orders. It usually consists of ribbon and a cute tag etc.

  240. #239 - Ellen says:

    The metallic pink stapler is calling my name! I would use it for making mini books. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  241. #240 - Monica says:

    Omgosh this is soooooo pretty! I would love to use this to staple the tops of little favor bags for parties among other things!! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  242. #241 - Heidi says:

    I’d use it to bring some cheer to my desk at work (my workplace is in DIRE need of cheerful, cute stuff!)

  243. #242 - Chelsea says:

    Oh my goodness, that must be the cutest thing ever. I could think of a million things to use it for. So excited that your going to teach at SPARK!!!!

  244. #243 - Annette says:

    I neeeeed one of these desperately and can’t believe I’ve lived without one for so long! Card making, scrapping, letter writing and more. I think I’ll put it on a chain around my neck so it’ll be handy! 🙂

  245. #244 - DixieG says:

    I would love to use this in papercrafting…i’m even wondering if i could -use this on some of my cupcake picks…thanks for the give-away.

  246. #245 - Valerie says:

    I would use this stapler in my packaging for my Etsy items! Looks like so much more fun than the one I have….which is always jamming!

  247. #246 - nancy smith says:

    I would love a mini stapler…for banners it would be great!

  248. #247 - Bonnie says:

    Oooooh! I love these bitty staplers! I’d use one to attach anything to ATCs…and lots of other things too! I love the tiny bunting, Cathy!

  249. #248 - Karla says:

    Oh! Oh! Oh! I want! I want! What a great little stapler! I’d probably wind up using it in the classroom where I work but I am sure I’d find a million other reasons to staple something onto something just to use this thing.

  250. #249 - patty says:

    i L*O*V*E a good stapler and a “no jam” one…heaven!
    i especially love mini staples…i would use it to staple on all kinds of paper crafts, scrapbook pages, photos…
    thanks for the chance to win!

  251. #250 - Margi Laipply says:

    Very cute. I would use it to attach those cute little tickets to tags and bookmarks and a thousand other things!

  252. #251 - Janet C says:

    I would love a non-jam stapler! I’d use it to craft with 🙂

  253. #252 - Barb Buckton says:

    I’d love to use this stapler with crafting cards and gift tags!

  254. #253 - Tammie Freeman says:

    My stapler just died and I “borrowed” my sweetie’s…I thought I could return it without him knowing it but accidentally broke it too! Anyway..there are a million things to staple starting with stapling the office tranparencies to the stamped cardstocked to store my clear acrylic stamps! I’d love to win. Tammie

  255. #254 - lynne Weinberger says:

    I’d use this sweet stapler for many projects, especially with vintage papers and ironed plastics. The bonus: just looking at it makes me smile.

  256. #255 - Lorinda says:

    Neat stapler – I’d use on my scrapbook and rubber stamping projects – no doubt I could use this immediately!

  257. #256 - Nanette says:

    My daughter is getting married in September and we have thank you bags for her guests that require stapling. This would be an amazing help to us!

  258. #257 - Joan Stroh says:

    I’m kind of a stapler fool. When I started work in 1972, I was issued a stapler that I used for over thirty years. One morning I came in and it was missing. (someone probably thought it was a piece of junk). I never found my old treasured stapler, but a girlfriend bequeathed her old one to me at the time of her retirement. I am still using that old stapler.. If I had a new little cool one like this, I’d be in stapler heaven.

  259. #258 - Resa Dance says:

    If I had one of those wonderful little staplers I would use it to staple all of my son’s college documents and copies of documents before I heartbreakingly send him aaaalllll the way to the other side of the country to attend college. Then I would use it to craft special loving, trendy notes to him while he is away. In the meantime, I would use the stapler with my 4 year old twin daughters….they LOVE creating! (Of course, I would guard my new stapler and would not actually let them use it…..they could just “help” me use it.)

  260. #259 - Margaret says:

    That has to be the pretties stapler I have ever seen.
    If I were lucky enough to have one I’d use it to embellish cards and tags but I’d also love to make a tiny fabric book for the Tilda doll I’m making

  261. #260 - Terase says:

    I make mini cards and books and I think this wold be a great tool! I love mini things!

  262. #261 - Gina says:

    I have begun art journaling and would love to have a mini stapler to fasten some of the tiny bits that I have collected and want to use as tabs, decorations and fastners. They are too cute!

  263. #262 - Donna Bowes says:

    Probably some kind of banner! Thanks for the giveaway!

  264. #263 - Susan McMenamin says:

    What a joy it would be to play with the stapler! Papercrafting, scrapbooking and collage would all play a role in it’s use. Thanks for the link to their blog!

  265. #264 - Michelle L. says:

    Ooh…to be able to staple jute, or fold over flaps, or distressed embellishments….texture is what it is all about! Pick ME:-)

  266. #265 - Sunnee Rakowitz says:

    I am a teacher just getting ready to go back next week, so there are hundreds items to staple, prepare and sort. Hundreds of other things to fasten to the walls – staples again, just don’t let them know… told you!

  267. #266 - Wanda H says:

    A stapler that doesn’t jam… I would LOVE one!!!! Especially the pink one, lol. I could staple all kinds of things… papers, ribbon, things to tags… the list could go on and on.

  268. #267 - Alice says:

    I love Swan & Shears…..they have wonderful treasures!!
    I hope I win!!

  269. #268 - Anne Thompson says:

    Hmmm…with this stapler in hand, I’d probably staple everything within reach! What a cool tool! Anne, yourmainestamper

  270. #269 - Sue says:

    I like the idea that the staples are of brass, hope I win. Thanks for thinking of us!

  271. #270 - Sue says:

    I forgot to say what I would use it for, oops. I like to make ornaments for Christmas and a stapler would look cute as hardware on clothing.

  272. #271 - Diane Standish says:

    What a unique and lovely stapler-It would be a perfect addition to my craft room-the perfect stapler!!

  273. #272 - Jamie Wallace says:

    With school starting these little staplers would be perfect for leaving a little notes for my boys in their lunches without the hassle of a big bulky stapler. Plus, they are just cute. 🙂

  274. #273 - Cate Talbot Ashton says:

    I’d keep this in my sewing room and use it to develop palette samplers when I’m shopping for quilt fabric to extend my stash for a particular project. I’d also like to make banners to decorate the room with fabric scraps from projects, and this would make that idea more manageable than how I was thinking about doing it! plus, it is just cute — I love all things petite 🙂

  275. #274 - Carole Derflinger says:

    This is wonderful! Great for handmade cards, nametags, tacking material to a board,almost everything. Love it!

  276. #275 - Sunny says:

    How adorable! Gosh, I’d just walk around the house with this cutie in my hand… but seriously, I’d close up my little glassine envelopes of vintage map stickers with it, and make petite booklets of scrap paper stock with it, too!

  277. #276 - Kimber says:

    These would be so cool for adding a border to a journal page – could staple it right in!

  278. #277 - Vianna says:

    The Petitte European stapler is no longer available at Swan & Shears – and I am devastated! Do you know how I can purchase one elsewhere? I used to have a small Swingline in the early eighties that took those small, 1/4 inch special staples … but the company no longer makes either stapler or staples, and the Tim holz one frankly is still too large for my needs. This is perfect! Please, please help – and thank you.

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  280. #278 - eileen hull says:

    Cool stapler and love the colored staples. Does it work any differently than a regular one? Does the thinner bottom do special things a normal stapler could not do? What are it’s superpowers? Thinking about buying one. Thanks Cathe!