Antique Auto Clip Art

I came across this gorgeous vintage automobile image recently and couldn’t wait to share it. You can click on the image above for the free black & white vecor-based PDF download. Then tell me… what would you do with this?

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20 Responses to Antique Auto Clip Art

  1. #1 - cath says:

    ooooh, I have a brother who buys and restores vintage cars, I can see something with his name on it with this image. Thanks so much, when I make something for him I will sure to send a pic and give credit to you.

    Thanks again.

  2. #2 - Veronica says:

    My son would love this image in his bedroom!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. #3 - Jackie DuChene says:

    I made Birthday cards for all the guys at work, I’m sure some of them would love this.

  4. #4 - christine hutton says:

    thank you, this is good to make a card for a man love from christine in italy xx

  5. #5 - Nancy says:

    I just love these vintage car and travel images! A while back I found a old travel case on etsy. It was pretty beat up on the inside, so I used fabric and redid it. On the inside of the cover I glued cork board. Of course I have to decorate the outside with a travel theme. So I’ve started gluing vintage images on it, cars, trucks, airstreams and signs. I’m still not done, so this image will make it on my collage! My inspiration for this project came from a sewing box I saw in a recent Create and Decorate magazine. But my case will hold projects I’m working on. I love it!

  6. #6 - Cass says:

    Having a lot of male relatives that are into cars, this is going on birthday cards.

  7. #7 - Andrea says:

    Definitely make male cards with this and image transfer it onto a canvas.

  8. #8 - Mary Ann Potter says:

    I love this, Cathe! Thanks for making it available. I use lots of vintage images; this one just might be the basis for a collage. I have a few ideas already. I have lots of copies of the old children’s magazine St. Nicholas for Children dating back to the late 1800’s and into the twenties and thirties(worth looking up on the web when you have the time!). I scan some of the images and clip out others. The paper is very old, of course, and some of the issues I purchased are just for cutting. Others are kept as pristine as possible. This marvelous antique car image seems to ask for ephemera like this.

  9. #9 - Rosita says:

    This is beautiful! I’m using it to make a card for my prospective interest.

  10. #10 - Dawn says:

    Hello Cathe, I just came to JSIM from, where I was downloading their Christmas Tags, and one of them was from your web site. I am a lifelong lover of paper crafting, among other crafts, and soft arts, so I already love your site. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, yes, I almost forgot; I will use the vintage car for a framed piece for my husband for Christmas. I’ll send a picture when it’s finished. Thanks again, Cathe. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Dawn

  11. #11 - julia says:

    One of my work friends is leaving to take a job selling cars… this will make a great leaving card for her.. thank you for sharing. xx

  12. #12 - Kaaren says:

    Nice to know there are still those that share freely. Thank you so much! I think I’d like this car on a pillow for the guys room. Thanks again

  13. #13 - Kyra says:

    We run Alzheimer care communities, and it’s really important to have images around of things that our residents remember and relate to. This car is perfect for a puzzle that they can do and then reminisce about their old cars. Their oldest memories are the strongest, so images like this car are perfect! =)

  14. #14 - Bev says:

    Great for making those hard to create Masculine cards…..quick and easy it will be.

  15. #15 - Linda Primeaux says:

    Thank you for supplying a free clip art of this lovely vintage car. When I saw it….I knew just what to do with it.

    During the summertime, our community holds a “Classic Car & Hot Rod” event with a dinner gala to follow. Each table must go with the same theme…..Vintage Cars! Again thank you for your giving heart.


  16. #16 - Miss G says:

    Thank you, I will be using this on a scrapbook page for my son, who loves old cars and trucks.

  17. #17 - Johanna says:

    Thanks so much!! I’m going to use this on my dad’s Father’s Day Card! shhh don’t tell. 🙂

  18. #18 - Beverly Johnson says:

    Plan on making a scrapbook page with this image on it. Thanks

  19. #19 - Johann C.M. Laesecke says:

    Hi Cathe,
    I discovered your website when I was looking for a b+w Prohibition era automobile that I could scale down to use as a dingbat (or printer’s ornament) symbol between sections in the chapters of my first book, an historical fiction novel titled “The Roaring Road” which can be seen in my website. Some of the story takes place here in Napa/Sonoma wine country. I tried it by snipping just the automobile out and scaling it down to about 3 or 4% and it is just perfect as a printer’s ornament. I hope this is an allowed use, if so I will credit you in my acknowledgements page. Thank you for sharing it. Interestingly, my female main character is named Laure which will be pronounced like Lori, although in French the name would be pronounced differently.

  20. #20 - theresa says:

    Decor boys room.