The Creative Connection Class Photo Recap

Well, for my very first teaching experience ever, I’d have to say that if they all go this great, I just may have a new career! I LOVED teaching and I ADORED each and every woman that graced my classes at BlogHer Handmade/Creative Connection Event last weekend in St. Paul, Minnesota. The size of each class was small and I think for a first-timer it was PERFECT! I had a chance to gab with everyone just to know how special they all were. (Would you believe I sat next to 3 of my students on the flight in? Two of them own this awesome shop! I mean, what are the odds?!)

My classes were:

I talked about each project, shared a bit about all the little vintage pieces in their kits and gave some suggestions for assembly of the projects. Then it was an at-your-own-pace free-for-all. It was really fun watching everyone add their own style and touches to the projects.A big shout out to Plaid for sponsoring my classes with Mod Podge, and to Amy Anderson of Mod Podge Rocks for making it happen- Thank you!

I wasn’t able to snag shots of everyone, but I did get most of them with their finished or nearly finished projects. Somehow I forgot to get a shot of the last class as a whole (sorry ladies!) But here are the first two.

I am indebted forever to sweet Melissa Will. An angel sent when I needed one most. My sincerest gratitude for helping me through a class change crunch! Thank you Melissa!!!!And finally, my roommate for the weekend was the beautiful Charlotte Lyons, a new friend for life. She was teaching her delicious projects in the next classroom. I kept sneaking over to watch. What a wonderful experience. Thank you to all who made my first series of classes an exciting success!

Disclaimer: I should admit that there was one unexpected incident in the Reverse Canvas class involving self-proclaimed non-crafter Tauni Everett. Shortly after receiving a “good job” star to the forehead for special craft achievement, there was an unfortunate explosion of finely ground mica dust covering her person (and down her blouse.) Luckily for the rest of us, she held still long enough for a multi-camera photo session.

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